Best Family Member in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

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Best Family Member in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

If you’ve been playing the recent indie game, you’re probably familiar with the members of the Slaughter Family in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Each member is a cannibalistic killer with unique strengths that let them hunt down and kill the tasty, tasty Victims. But naturally the question arises – which family member is the best killer in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre?

While each family member has their unique strengths, they’re not all on equal footing. Some of the killers are just more effective overall. Which is why we’ll be going over and ranking each member of the Slaughter Family to determine who’s the best killer in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

All Slaughter Family Members, Ranked Worst to Best

As a member of the Slaughter Family, the objective of the game is to track down Victims, attack them, bring back their blood to Grandpa to enhance his tracking abilities, and to keep them from escaping by executing them.

While your family will certainly be more effective working together, you can’t reasonably expect every player you encounter to be cooperative. To that end, sometimes it’s best to just focus on being the most deadly family member you can be and act as though you’re a sole killer. More meat for you that way.


The Cook
With an unexpectedly high Savagery rate, Victims will want to get away from the Cook as fast as they can.

The Cook is one of the two trackers in the family as well as one of the most lethal Killers to go up against. However, despite having a high Savagery attribute, Cook’s stamina and recharge rate is by far the lowest in the family.

He’s also unable to follow Victims through cracks or tunnels, which gives Victims a higher chance of escaping after being hit. This deficit is at least addressed with his unique perk, Prey Drive, which increases his stamina recharge for at least five seconds when spotting a victim. 

Fortunately, the Cook’s ability, Seek, helps him listen for noisy victims – highlighting and pinpointing their location for a short period of time. Additionally, his second Perk, Security Pins, makes added locks harder for Victims to unlock. 

  • Savagery: 35/50
  • Harvesting: 25/50
  • Endurance: 10/50

Overall, the Cook can be a lethal killer, but compared to the other tracking family member, he’s not as effective overall. 


The Hitchhiker
Using traps, the Hitchhiker will snare his Victims before pursuing them relentlessly, even through small gaps.

The Hitchhiker is a tricky killer for Victims to go up against. With his slim frame, he is one of two family members who can navigate gaps and crawl spaces and is the quickest at doing so. Once he’s on your trail, Victims will find it near impossible to outrun him, having to rely instead on hiding or environmental obstacles — especially with his unique Perk of Wire Frame

His ability is, Trap, which grants him the opportunity to set traps on the map. These will ensnare and injure any victims who step on them. His unique Perk, Venom, also increases damage of traps as well.

That being said, depending on the map, Victims have a better chance of seeing traps and also have the opportunity to disarm them. 

  • Savagery: 15/50
  • Harvesting: 22/50
  • Endurance: 28/50

While the Hitchhiker is a decently impactful Killer, there are a few other family members who can be more destructive. 


Sissy - Best Killer Family Member in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Don’t let her low Savagery fuel you — Sissy knows how to take Victims down and will do it while laughing and singing.

Despite having the lowest Savagery attribute, Sissy is a Killer that can be a relentless force when wielded correctly. She is particularly effective in disorienting Victims and is capable of pursuing them through tunnels, adding further pressure and making it harder for Victims to escape her grasp. 

Her special ability, Bane, allows her to blow clouds of poison in the path of Victims to block their paths and lace their useful items. She also has four unique perks that grant additional strength to her power, heightening her impact on Victims. 

Sissy also has the highest harvesting ability, which makes it easier for her collect and bring blood back to Grandpa — who is the biggest ally and asset to the family. As Grandpa levels up, Victims have to remain still or else have their locations revealed, and at a certain level, there is no opportunity for Victims to hide. 

  • Savagery: 10/50
  • Harvesting: 38/50
  • Endurance: 23/50

Even though she’s not the most traditional Killer, having Sissy on your team will have numerous benefits. 


Johnny - Best Killer Family Member in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Johnny’s ability to hunt down Victims and dole out damage makes him a ruthless Killer to go up against.

In a family full of brutal killers, Johnny is one of the most lethal of them all. With his Savagery and Endurance tied at the same skill level, Johnny’s melee attacks deal out high damage to Victims while also giving him a quicker recovery time to attack again. 

His special ability, Hunt, allows him to track the movement of Victims while searching for any footprints left behind. This makes it near impossible for most Victims to hide when they’re around Johnny, which adds increased pressure to the game. Especially with his unique ability, Patience, which reduces his ability’s consumption rate when standing still.

  • Savagery: 30/50
  • Harvesting: 16/50
  • Endurance: 30/50

While he doesn’t offer much in term of team support — he has a low harvesting skill despite his high savagery — Johnny will always be one of the biggest threats to Victims. 


Leatherface - Best Killer Family Member in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
The original chainsaw wielder, Leatherface comes in at number one.

It’s no surprise that Leatherface ranks number one in terms of killers. Nearly every game has a Leatherface on the family team, and due to how beefy his ability and attributes are, he is the biggest terror to go up against. 

Leatherface’s ability is Maim, which uses the chainsaw to cause terrible injuries, as well as destroying obstacles in his way. He also has a unique set of five Perks, which add further damage to Victims, regenerate stamina, let him burst through a latched door instantly, and highlights himself to family members. 

  • Savagery: 40/50
  • Harvesting: 13/50
  • Endurance: 35/50

His only disadvantage is a lack of maneuverability and incompetency in harvesting blood for Grandpa, but he makes up for it with the ability to use his chainsaw to saw and bash through obstacles in pursuit of Victims. While some of his Perks are more useful than others, he is a force to be reckoned with regardless of what he chooses.

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