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Moon Pod Crescent Review

Note: This is a review of the Crescent + Super Moon Pod. You can find our original Super Moon Pod Review here.

If you read our Super Moon Pod review, you know it didn’t exactly end with a glowing recommendation. So it was with no small amount of surprise that I found another Moon Pod branded box on my doorstep without any forewarning or fanfare. 

Being the cautious D&D veteran that I am, the first thing that I did was check for traps.

To my surprise, there were no traps within. But there was a Moon Pod Crescent, factory wrapped and ready for me to round out my Moon Pod reviewing experience.

In the weeks since the initial review, my perspective on the Super Moon Pod has mellowed somewhat. Now that I have the Crescent, it seems like the perfect time to revisit my thoughts and add a few new ones.

Shall we?

Contents May Settle with Time

Let me lead off by saying that no, they aren’t paying me to change my tune. Nor am I so easily swayed by being given another product to review. Perhaps I simply needed more time to settle into the Super Moon Pod — become accustomed to its eccentricities, as it were — to gain a better appreciation of it.

Moon Pod Crescent Review 1
Mitch Gentry / High Ground Gaming

Many of my complaints still stand: I find myself frequently sinking straight to the floor when plopping into the beanbag, the price is way high, and the marketing seems misleading regarding use cases.

That said, I’ve found myself and my family using it more and more. 

I even wrote the majority of my latest Oldschool Runescape guide from the Super Moon Pod while watching the fifth Pirates of the Caribbean film. You might notice the careful positioning of the Super Moon Pod in the above images — one of my children decided to fetch a stick of butter from the fridge and decorate one side of it during a Doc McStuffins marathon. Despite the ease with which we were able to remove the cover and wash it, there are still a few spots we’ll need a Tide pen to take care of. 

Mood Pod Crescent

The addition of the Crescent Pod squashes any lingering complaints about use cases I may have had. And to Moon Pod’s credit, the marketing imagery does show folks using the Crescent in many instances. I still think the combined asking price is a bit excessive, but boy is the Crescent comfortable. The two of them together are perfect for gaming, watching movies, and everything in between. I still can’t figure out a good configuration for multiple people though. 

crescent hero - charcoal - moon pod crescent review
Crescent Pillow Standalone (Image Credit:

The Crescent is made of the same material and stuffed with the same beans as its larger sibling. Complete with a removable cover that’s just as washable. However, the smaller size means it’s more firm, packed tightly, and guaranteed to provide that lumbar support you’re aching for. It’s fully capable of being your go-to pillow for book nooks and lounging around as well – the Moon Pod Crescent might be worth considering as an independent purchase. 

While I may have had some complaints about the Super Moon Pod I can’t quite find any for the Moon Pod Crescent. It’s still rather expensive, but it does its job very well. So it was that one day as I was enjoying the Moon Pod Crescent and Super Moon Pod that I had a bit of a revelation. There’s still a piece to this puzzle we have yet to cover.

crescent with moon pod
Moon Pod + Crescent Pillow (Image Credit:

Service with a Smile

I think all of this illustrates a more noteworthy and subtle point of consideration for any purchase. Can you guess what I’m about to highlight? My experience with the Moon Pod and the company’s response illustrates something I call good customer service.

That’s not easy to come by these days. 

Let’s take Apple for example. You likely have opinions on the company and their products. So do I. But I’ve had iPhones for almost a decade now, and I have no plans of switching back. An equivalent Android phone would sure be cheaper. Perhaps even with features Apple doesn’t offer. But Apple has that special mix of quality construction, ease-of-use, and good customer service down to a science. 

I’ve read plenty of Apple customer service horror stories. However, I’ve interacted with them a good deal and never once had a bad experience. Not even a mediocre one. Every experience has further cemented my decision – and likely future decisions besides – to stick with the iPhone. And all this despite being a Windows/Linux fanboy in the desktop computing realm. That’s how potent good customer service can be.

Moon Pod didn’t get defensive about my review. I haven’t gotten any angry e-mails (yet). But without even asking for a follow-up, they sent me the Crescent. In a box that wasn’t even booby-trapped. And I feel like that speaks volumes about the company.


The Super Moon Pod is made from top quality materials. In use, it doesn’t work exactly like the marketing images. You’ll likely need to prop it up against a couch or employ pillows for the best gaming/movie-watching. 

It’s easy to clean thanks to the removable cover. Sometimes sitting down in it puts you a single thin layer of beans off the floor, and sometimes it seems like trying to escape the moon’s gravitational pull when extricating yourself.

The price is high for the Moon Pod alone — and even higher if you consider coupling it with a Crescent for the ideal setup. I’ll admit that it’s been growing on my family and me even before the Crescent arrived. I won’t say that I was too harsh on it before. I will say that now I’m probably going to play through Halo Infinite from the Pod.

But you know what? Moon Pod has some fine customer service. And I don’t know about you, but that’s worth big points in my book.

Zoom Out: Verdict


Out of 10







Customer Service





The Crescent is an expensive back cushion, and if you’re going to go for one of Moon Pod’s companion bean bag chairs, your wallet is going to feel a whole lot lighter. That being said, the Crescent is made from top-tier materials and provide a solid experience — whether this justifies the price, only time and your personal experience will tell. Moon Pod’s products are not without sticking points, but they’re likely to see some good use, especially in a family with kids. Just try to keep butter away from the cover.

  • Easy to get stuck in when combined with Super Moon Pod
  • Very expensive, especially if you get the Super Moon Pod and Crescent together
  • Beans either support you, or they don’t
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