All Map Changes in Apex Legends Season 13

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All Map Changes in Apex Legends Season 13

Apex Legends launched its thirteenth season earlier this month, along with a brand new batch of content! Included with this content are some upgrades for the tropical map Storm Point. Considering how unpopular Storm Point has been with fans, these improvements are much appreciated!

With a brand new POI, a new way to gather loot, as well as numerous other small changes, there is plenty of new content for us to cover. That is why in this walkthrough, we’ll be going over all of the significant map changes made to Storm Point in Apex Legends Season 13.

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All Map Changes Overview

Without any more delays, let’s get straight into this guide for all map changes in Apex Legends season 13!

NEW POI: Downed Beast

downed beast- map changes in apex legends
Image: Respawn Entertainment, Electronic Arts via HGG

Let’s start by talking about the most exciting change that has come to Storm Point: a brand new point of interest known as Downed Beast. You may recognize this area from some of the recent trailers.

This new POI is described as being an “organic combat zone,” as the main “structure” of the POI is a washed-up sea creature that has met its demise on the beaches of Storm Point. You can climb on top of the corpse for a good vantage point of the surrounding area. But the most interesting aspect of this POI is what you’ll find inside.

Being a high-tier loot zone, you’ll find good gear all around the area. But the best and most valuable loot can only be collected from going inside the monster and through its ribcage! If that sounds too gross for you, you’ll still find plenty of items on the outside. There are several buildings featuring good loot and lots of opportunities for close-quarters engagements.

IMC Armories + Spectre Bots

IMC Armories + Spectre Bots
Image: Respawn Entertainment, Electronic Arts via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

One of my favorite aspects about Storm Point are the PVE encounters. While many players may find them annoying, I personally like that they make the gameplay less repetitive and offer some great rewards. Respawn has expanded on this aspect by introducing a new type of enemy you can find on the map — Spectres!

These are menacing humanoid robots that were originally speculated to come to the game in Season 5. Now, eight seasons later, they’re finally here! You can find them in one of four different locations scattered around the map. They’re locked away inside of a new structure added to the map, known as IMC Armories (shown in the image above).

Upon approaching one, the hatches will lower and allow you and your squad to enter. You can then activate a console found at one end of the building, and waves of Spectres will start to rain down on you and your team! Survive the wave for one minute, and you’ll gain access to some special loot tailored to your loadout.

After you’ve finished the fight, you can exit through the hatches or fire off into the sky using the gravity cannon in the center of the room.

Other Smaller Changes

As well as the new POI and the IMC Armories scattered throughout the island, you’ll find a number of smaller changes have been made in order to improve the overall gameplay experience for each match.

Respawn has added several new props around the map, specifically in the areas surrounding prowler dens, such as rocks. These new props have been placed in order to make the combat more engaging, as now there are more obstacles for both prowlers and players to maneuver around. Speaking of prowler dens, a new one has been spotted near the Cenote Cave on the western side of the map.

As for map rotations, King’s Canyon has been removed for this season. This means we will only be able to play on Olympus, World’s Edge, and Storm Point. The time it takes for a map to be rotated has also been reduced. This was changed because according to Respawn, the old rotation time “…could span the whole play session for some people.”

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Happy gaming!

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