Is Guild Wars 2 Worth Playing in 2024?

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Is Guild Wars 2 Worth Playing in 2024?

Now GW2 is over a decade old, one question remains: Is Guild Wars 2 still worth playing in 2024?

Guild Wars 2 is an MMORPG developed by ArenaNet and NCSoft. It’s the second game in the franchise and is set in a fantasy realm known as Tyria, which is home to several races, from the ingenious Asuras to the tenacious Charrs.

When Guild Wars 2 first hit the store, it was a total gamechanger. It was one of the first ever MMORPGs to feature a storyline where players could actually control the outcome with their choices and it also (and still doesn’t!) didn’t have a subscription-based structure. GW2 was also highly praised for its open-world gameplay, with all different realms and tons of hidden areas to explore.

But now the game is over a decade old, one question remains: Is Guild Wars 2 still worth playing in 2024?

Does GW2 Release New Content in 2024?

Yes! Guild Wars 2 has been consistently releasing new content every year, and as of 2024, there are four expansion packs available, including Heart of Thorns, Path of Fire, End of Dragons, and Secrets of the Obscure. Each expansion pack brings a new gameplay element and adds additional content (and new areas to explore!) for end-game players. 

As an example, Path of Fire brought with it mounts, unlocking whole new ways to traverse the map, as well as elite specializations for each profession.

GW2 isn’t set to slow down on its content release either — a new expansion pack is set to release in 2024, and another has been announced for 2025. 

Is GW2 Still Active in 2024?

Guild Wars 2 still has a thriving community. While its daily player count will never hit into the millions like certain games — ahem LoL — player counter sites estimate that the game has around 365k active players each day. And from my own experiences playing GW2, you’ll never struggle to get enough people to carry out meta events or other group activities. 

That said, the majority of the player base are veterans who have been around for a long time and maxed out their stats. They tend to focus on the end-game content and are usually in the higher-level areas. This means as a beginner, you may struggle to naturally “bump” into other players in the starting zones. However, you can always use the map chat to connect with other players and find a guild to join!

I’ve also noticed that a lot of players tend to hang out and socialize in the capitals of Tyria, like Divinity’s Reach and The Grove. You’ll often see roleplay sessions, casual guild events, and even musicians jamming it out (yes, you can play actual instruments in GW2 and it’s absolutely divine). 

For those not familiar with GW2, the capitals are always in the starting areas. So, if you navigate there as a new player, you’ll likely meet others who can help you out and introduce you to the game.

GW2 also still has an active PvP scene, and I honestly feel that it boasts the best combat mechanics out of any MMORPG. The combat is incredibly fluid and immersive, and you can engage with your environment and pull off flashy combos and strategies. 

gw2 pvp

Does GW2 Run Well in 2024?

Yes, Guild Wars 2 still runs well in 2024 and is compatible with any device fitted with a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 / AMD Radeon HD 7970 or above. While the game is old, the graphics don’t feel dated and the developers have put a lot of work into making every element look gorgeous. I mean, just look at Divinity’s Reach — it’s stunning!

Guild Wars 2 used to have a Mac-compatible client, but sadly as of 2021, this is no longer the case — Apple stopped support for the OpenGL graphics technology that Guild Wars 2 uses. If you wish to run GW2 on a Mac device now, you’ll need to use Boot Camp, a game streaming service, or a virtual machine.

You can find the full minimum system requirements here

Should I Play GW2 in 2024?

This is ultimately your decision, but don’t let fears of outdated graphics or an inactive player base put you off the game! Guild Wars 2 is still gorgeous, active, and brags an unrivaled combat system. Plus, there’s plenty more content still to come!

The best part about Guild Wars 2 is that you don’t necessarily need other players to enjoy the game. The main storyline is phenomenal and has some seriously touching moments — and no, I won’t mention any specifics, this is a spoiler-free zone! — and you can spend hours exploring the map itself. There are always tons of quests and events wherever you go, and there are even fun mini-games like jumping puzzles too. 

You should play GW2 if…

  • You enjoy open-world exploration 
  • You prefer an immersive combat system and love competitive PvP 
  • You want a subscription-free MMO 
  • You appreciate vertical progression in games

You shouldn’t play GW2 if… 

  • You want new content released regularly (new content is always in the works, but the release tends to be gradual and slow)
  • You want a balanced meta in PvP; the balance adjustments aren’t the best

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