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Dead By Daylight: Wesker Build Guide

Tips and Tricks to playing as Resident Evil's, The Mastermind.

Following in the Nemesis’ footsteps, Albert Wesker is the second killer to be featured from the Resident Evil franchise. 

Wesker is categorized as a “moderate” Killer, which means that some of his mechanics are similar to other easier Killers in the game, making him a more approachable Killer to learn. 

His power of the Uroboros and personal perks give Wesker a surge of speed to grab Survivors while also highlighting his strategic mind. This formidable combination makes Wesker a challenge for Survivors to outthink — and outrun. 

In this guide to the best Wesker builds in Dead By Daylight, We’ll cover everything you need to know to master Wesker’s play style. 


A high ranking official in the Umbrella Corporation, Albert Wesker’s ambition was his downfall. Believing himself to be the best test subject for the Protoype virus, Wesker exposed himself to it, giving himself superhuman strength. 

After faking his own death, Wesker began a new plan to expose the world to the biological weapon Uroboros, which aimed to eliminate the weak and leave only the strong. When he was confronted about his plans, Wesker again made himself a test subject — offering his body to Uroboros and evolving in ways not even he could have imagined. 

Power: Virulent Bound

Wesker is a Killer who uses force and dexterity to attack Survivors. He uses his power of Virulent Bound to barrel forward and infect Survivors with the Uroborus Virus or leap over any obstacles in his path. 

 When Wesker wants to attack, he’ll slow to prepare his assault, bounding forward when its readied. The duration of this attack is 0.5 seconds and has an approximate range of slightly under 7 meters.  

Three things are possible when the attack hits:

  • The Survivor is afflicted with Infection.
  • An already afflicted Survivor will have their infection increased.
  • Crashing into something during the attack will slam the nearby Survivor and cause damage, or the Survivor will be thrown and lose a health state if thrown into any solid object. 

Survivors will also be unable to leave through the exit gate when hit with Virulent Bound while the Mastermind’s power is on cool down. 

Wesker also has the option, similar to the Nurse, to chain his bounds together, initiating a second one. There is a two second window that Wesker can initiate the bound and that chain duration lasts 1 second and has an approximate range of slightly under 14 meters. 

Although, the Survivors who do use this spray are opening themselves up to vulnerability as each spray briefly reveals the Survivors’ location to the Killer. 

Special Affliction: Uroboros Infection

The Uroboros Infection builds over time in Survivors. A Survivor that reaches the critical infection point will suffer from the Hindered status effect and have their movement speed reduced by 8%.

If Wesker slams a critically infected Survivor with Virulent Bound, he will automatically begin to carry the Survivor. 

However, it is possible for Survivors to cure themselves from the Uroboros Infection by using a first aid spray on themselves or others. A limited number of these sprays can be found in the six supply cases around the map, and each spray can be used two times. Although, the Survivors who do use this spray are opening themselves up to vulnerability as each spray briefly reveals the Survivors’ location to the Killer. 

Wesker can vault over any vault or dropped pallet with an unparalleled speed, making him relentless in a chase.

Special Ability: Bound Vault

Along with an increased speed to close the distance between Survivors, Wesker can vault over a dropped pallet or window while using his power. This makes him relentless in pursuit, and a real challenge for looping Survivors to go up against.

Wesker Perks

The Mastermind also has three unique Killer perks that help him maneuver the field, surveil nearby Survivors and heavily damage Survivors when the Exit Gates are powered. 

Superior Anatomy

When a Survivor Performs a Rush Vault action within 8 meters of you, your vaulting speed increases the next time you vault a window.

  • Tier 1 (Yellow): Vaulting speed increases by 30%. 
  • Tier 2 (Green): Vaulting speed increases by 35%. 
  • Tier 3 (Purple): Vaulting speed increases by 40%. 
With Awakened Awareness, Wesker can see the auras of Survivors that are close to him, making it impossible for Survivors to hide just out of sight.

Awakened Awareness

While carrying a Survivor, the auras of all other Survivors within a set radius are revealed.  

  • Tier 1 (Yellow): Survivors are revealed when within 16 meters of your location. 
  • Tier 2 (Green): Survivors are revealed when within 18 meters of your location. 
  • Tier 3 (Purple): Survivors are revealed when within 20 meters of your location. 


This perk activates when the Exit Gates are powered. All Survivors who are either injured, dying or hooked will immediately suffer from the Broken status effect until the Exit Gates are opened. 

  • Tier 1 (Yellow): This effect lingers an additional 20 seconds after the Exit Gates are opened.
  • Tier 2 (Green): This effect lingers an additional 25 seconds after the Exit Gates are opened. 
  • Tier 3 (Purple): This effect lingers an additional 30 seconds after the Exit Gates are opened.

Best Add-ons for Wesker

The best add-ons for Wesker are the ones that impact Survivor infection rates and his speed or strength when using Virulent Bound.  

Unicorn Medallion: Common. Extends the duration of the first bound by 20% but reduces the duration of the second bound by 20%.

Uroboros Tendril: Common. Increases the movement speed of the Mastermind while charing Virulent Bound by 5%. 

•Loose Crank: Uncommon. Increases the movement speed of the Mastermind during the Chain Bound Window by 8%.

• Lion Medallion: Uncommon. Increases the throw distance of grabbed Survivors by 30%.

Portable Safe: Rare. Survivors injured by Virulent Bound suffer from the hemorrhage status effect until fully healed.

Maiden Medallion: Rare. When a Survivor becomes critically infected they suffer from Blindness for 60 seconds. 

• Dark Sunglasses: Very rare. When a Survivor becomes critically infected you gain the undetectable status effect for 20 seconds. 

Green Herb: Very rare. Increases the infection gain when grabbing a Survivor mid-bound by 30%.

Helicopter Stick: Very rare. When a Survivor uses a first aid spray reveal their aura for 8 seconds.

Uroboros Virus: Very rare. When a Survivor becomes critically infected, reveal their aura for 4 seconds. 

• Iridescent Uroborous Vial: Ultra rare. Survivors start the trial infected with Uroboros. Survivors suffer from the Exposed status effect for 30 seconds when becoming critically infected. 

Best Builds for Wesker

The best builds for Wesker are the ones that elevate his perks, making it easier for him to find and viciously pursue Survivors as well as keep them locked in the trial when the Exit Gates are powered.  

Beginner Wesker Build

For players who are either new to the game or new to Wesker, this is a build that not only helps you start the game with an advantage, but gives you more ability to find your next target as you’re preparing to hook a Survivor. 

Lethal Pursuer (Nemesis) will reveal the aura of all Survivors for at least 7 seconds at the start of the trial, as well as extends the duration of a Surviver’s aura being revealed by 2 seconds. When you bring in Corrupt Intervention (Plague), which blocks the three furthest generators from you at the start of the trial, you’re pushing the Survivors all closer in your direction. 

When bringing Awakened Awareness into the  mix you can keep the surveillance up throughout the game by revealing auras of Survivors within your location after picking up a Survivor. 

Finishing up the build with Terminus can also help give you an added boost as the Exit Gates are powering up, leaving anyone who is injured, dying or hooked a broken status until the Exit Gates are opened — giving you another shot to kill any remaining Survivors. 

Pallets aren’t going to be a problem for Wesker during chases.

Chase Wesker Build

With Virulent Bound as Wesker’s power, it only makes sense that a chase build could work in his favor. This will help you in the actual pursuit of Survivors, cutting off loops and amplifying your natural abilities. 

Superior Anatomy works well with Bamboozle (Clown) to help you vault and block windows, making it easier for you to catch up to Survivors and down them. While Superior Anatomy gives you a speed increase when you vault a window in pursuit after a Survivor who uses the window too, Bamboozle steps in to block that window for the next 8 seconds as well as gives you an additional speed increase. 

Other fun perks to include to help bolster your chase build involve pallets. Dissolution (Dredge) gives you an advantage after your first hit, allowing more opportunity to down the chased Survivor. After injuring a Survivor, 3 seconds later if that Survivor attempts a fast vault over a pallet while in your terror radius, the Entity will break the pallet. This perk lasts for at least 12 seconds, giving you more time to catch up to the survivor. If you know you’re focusing more on pallets and chasing, including Enduring (Hillbilly) can help negate the possibilities of getting stunned; the perk reduces pallet stun duration by at lest 40%. 

While this build is fun and helpful for pursuing and chasing down Survivors, it’s still on you to make the hits you need to down Survivors, which is why it may better serve players who are more familiar with Wesker’s play style. 

An example of throwing a Survivor when using the power of Virulent Bound.

Best Wesker Build Overall

For more experienced Wesker players, a build that combines the joy of chasing down Survivors with a hard pivot once the doors are powered open, is considered a favorite by many Wesker mains. 

Superior Anatomy and Bamboozle are involved in this one as well — giving you an extra boost every time you vault windows and also blocking them to Survivors you’re chasing.

Where this build differentiates is in endgame. Terminus activates when the Exit Gates are powered. Any Survivors who are injured, dying or hooked will immediately suffer from Broken status until the gates are opened, making it easier for Wesker to down them. Terminus will activate the same time as No Way Out (Trickster), which will make a loud noise notification whenever a Survivor interacts with an Exit Gate and the Entity will block both switches for 12 seconds plus an additional 6 seconds per every token you gained through hooking a Survivor for the first time — which could amount to at least 36 seconds where Survivors can’t exit the trial while spending most of that time with the broken status effect. This gives you plenty of time to track down those unsuspecting Survivors and hook them. 


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