Dead by Daylight: Best Trickster Builds (2024)

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Dead by Daylight: Best Trickster Builds (2024)

Ji-Woon Hak, otherwise known as the Trickster, joined Dead by Daylight’s Killer roster in 2021 with Chapter 19: All Kill. This disgraced K-pop idol is a ranged Killer that takes down Survivors with his sadistic Showstopper, a rapid flurry of knives that slows their movement and downs them in six hits. Though he’s not the most powerful Killer in the game, he’s original and a ton of fun to play. To help you get a handle on his abilities, we’ve put together the best Trickster builds in DBD. These builds tackle different strategies you can implement to slay Survivors in style.

Let’s get started!

Out of Trickster’s three main perks, our recommended builds will focus mostly on No Way Out. This perk focuses on the end of gameplay, triggering when Survivors have repaired all their generators and are looking to make their escape. Whenever a Survivor interacts with an Exit Gate Switch, you will receive a loud noise notification. The Entity also blocks both Exit Gate Switches for 12 seconds.

For each Survivor that you hook for the first time, No Way Out gains one token. Additional time is added on per token, extending how long the Exit Gate Switches stay blocked.

  • Tier 1 (Yellow): An additional 6 seconds, with a combined maximum of 36 seconds.
  • Tier 2 (Green): An Additional 9 seconds, with a combined maximum of 48 seconds.
  • Tier 3 (Purple): An Additional 12 seconds, with a combined maximum of 60 seconds.

DBD Trickster Builds

Now that we’ve covered the best Trickster perk, let’s get into how to utilize it in a couple different builds. As a ranged Killer, the best Trickster builds focus on hunting Survivors from afar. This could look like stalking and downing when the Survivors aren’t obstructed by the environment, or holding out until the end of the game where you can truly shine. 

Beginner Build

For beginners, we recommend a build that gives an advantage on finding Survivors with Tinkerer (Hillbilly). Whenever a generator is repaired to 70%, this perk triggers a loud noise and reveals its location. It also gives you the Undetectable status for 12 seconds. Combine this with Bitter Murmur (General Perk) to reveal all Survivor auras for 5 seconds every time a generator is completed.

These perks should help you during the trial. Once the final generator is completed, your other two perks come into play. Hex: No one Escapes Death (General Perk) starts once the Survivors begin to make their escape. The perk activates if there’s a dull totem on the map, increasing your momentum by 2% and giving all Survivors a permanently Exposed status. It also reveals all auras of the Survivors within 4 meters of the totem, with that range gradually expanding to 24 meters over the course of 30 seconds. 

Although this hex is dependent on totems still being in play, it’s a powerful perk, especially when used with No Way Out. Not only can you see where all the Survivors are, you can keep them from escaping with the Entity blocking the gate.

Stalking and Downing Build

For more intermediate gameplay, this build helps you effectively stalk and down Survivors during the trial. It’s a more trial-focused build, but keeps No Way Out as an endgame strategy to block Survivors from leaving.

The perks for this build focus on revealing auras during specific Survivor actions, and can help you pivot to find your next victim. As mentioned above, Bitter Murmur is still a solid perk to help you find Survivors after they complete a generator. Alternatively, BBQ & Chili (The Cannibal) activates after hooking a Survivor and reveals the auras of all Survivor who are at least 60 meters away from the hook for 4 seconds. To sharpen your aura-reading ability, add I’m All Ears (The Ghost Face) to the mix. This alerts you anytime a Survivor performs a rushed action within 48 meters of you, and reveals their aura for 6 seconds. This perk can only be triggered every 60 seconds, but can be decreased depending on the tier level. 

Together, these perks make for a build that will keep you aware of the Survivors within your vicinity and make it easier for you to track them down. 

Best Build

Our pick for the best Trickster build is a well-rounded approach that still gives you an edge in the endgame. This build leans into Trickster’s strengths by adding more challenges to Survivors, while also working with his power of blade throwing.

With Lethal Pursuer (Nemesis), all Survivor auras are revealed at the start of the trial for 7 seconds, giving you a head start on chasing them down. This will come in handy as you start hooking Survivors and adding tokens to the No Way Out perk.

We also recommend adding Darkness Revealed (The Dredge), which reveals the auras of Survivors within 8 meters of any locker for 3 seconds after you search a locker. This is particularly handy because the Trickster only starts the trial with 44 blades, which are used up quickly when he attacks. You can refill your blades at lockers, which will also count for searching the locker, and activating Darkness Revealed. 

Finally, we recommend adding Blood Warden (The Nightmare). After you’ve used No Way Out, you can activate Blood Warden once to reveal the auras of Survivors standing in the Exit-Gate area and call upon the Entity to block the exits for 30 seconds. This could give you enough time to down and hook a Survivor with No Way Out, then potentially strike again with Blood Warden to hook more Survivors at the end of the trial.

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That’s it for our list of the best Trickster builds in Dead by Daylight — thanks for reading! If you’d like to share your favorite build or suggest a Killer for us to cover next, let us know in the comments. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter to stay up-to-date on all our content, including more Dead by Daylight guides.

Happy gaming!


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