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Optimizing the Best Stud Farming Methods in LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

Update: Our Stud Farming guide now features a second section on how to optimize stud farming in LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga.

LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga is an open-world game filled to the brim with collectibles to find and gather. Whether it’s the useful kyber bricks or the classic mini kits, there’s never a shortage of things to find! One of the most important, however, is studs. This is why knowing the best stud farming methods is crucial.

Studs are the primary currency in LEGO Star Wars, needed to purchase characters, ships, and many other important things. You’ll need to collect a lot of them in order to purchase everything and achieve 100% completion.

In this article, we’ll be showing you the best methods for farming studs fast!

The 4 Best Stud Farming Methods in Lego Star Wars

Without any further delays, let’s get right into the walkthrough!

1. Stud Multipliers

Acquiring Studs
Image: TT Games, Warner Bros. Games, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

Before you begin using any of the best stud farming methods in LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, you should first activate any and all stud multipliers you have available. These allow you to increase the number of studs you collect whenever you pick them up. You can find them by opening the “Extras” tab in the holo-menu.

From here, you can purchase and unlock up to fix stud multipliers. They can all stack — if they’re all activated at once, you’ll gain a multiplier of x3,840! Unlike in past games, you can’t use cheat codes to activate them. You’ll have to do things the old-fashioned way.

In order to unlock each of these multipliers, you’ll need to get your hands on a data card. These are collectible items that can be found throughout the galaxy. Each collectible consumes one data card, so you’ll need at least five cards to get all the multipliers. You’ll also need plenty of studs — the x2 multiplier costs 1,000,000 studs on its own!

You’ll want to prioritize getting these multipliers ASAP, as they will make farming studs that much easier and quicker.

2. “Stay on Target”

Keep Playing The Level "Stay on Target"
Image: TT Games, Warner Bros. Games, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

The first and most obvious method to acquire LEGO studs quickly and easily is by completing the level “Stay On Target.” This is the fifth and final level of Episode IV: A New Hope, in which Luke Skywalker and the Rebellion attempt to destroy the Death Star before it can destroy their hidden base on Yavin 4.

It’s one of the easiest levels to get to in the game, as you can start playing Episode IV as soon as you start a brand new game. You can then breeze through the four previous levels to get to this one. Each of the previous levels is fairly short, so getting through them isn’t all that much trouble.

All you need to do to farm studs is shoot down the various TIE Fighters flying around, as well as the turrets guarding the Death Star. These will reward you with a decent amount of studs each. You can also earn studs by destroying several objectives later in the level.

This level is fairly easy to complete, and only takes about 7–10 minutes. Completing it just once nets you upward of 100K studs! Simply rinse and repeat as many times as you’d like to earn roughly 600K studs in an hour!

This is a good alternative to another common stud farming method — playing the level “A Skip and A Jump” and just destroying the objects in the level. This requires playing through all of The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi to unlock The Rise of Skywalker. It is a good method, but we recommend starting with “Stay on Target” since it requires you to play through much less content in the meantime.

3. The Rancor Method

The Rancor Method
Image: TT Games, Warner Bros. Games, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment via HGG

This is probably the most enjoyable method, in my opinion. It’s a lot of fun running all over the place as a rancor, destroying everything in your path.

To do this, you’ll first need to unlock the rancor. You can do this by plaything through the original trilogy all the way up to Episode VI: Return of The Jedi. You just need to complete the opening level for this episode: “A Plan to Save Han.” Follow this level to its end, and you’ll have a boss fight with the rancor from Jabba’s Palace. Defeat him and the level will end, and you’ll unlock the rancor!

The rancor can be purchased from the character screen in your holo-menu. He costs exactly 500,000 studs — quite the investment, but well worth it for this stud farming method.

Next, you’ll need to head to an area densely populated with lots and lots of LEGO objects. When you smash them, they give you lots and lots of studs. This is where the rancor comes in. You can use this massive beast to go on a rampage through the galaxy, smashing large amounts of objects in a single sitting!

You don’t even need to attack the objects — just run through them. The rancor is big enough that just stepping on them will break them. Its hitbox is very wide, giving you lots of space to destroy objects.

As for where you should do it, you have a few different options. The most popular one I’ve seen is Cloud City, which is located on Bespin. In order to unlock Bespin, you need to play through Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. An alternative to Bespin is Courasant, which also features a wide-open area with lots of objects.

4. Kill the Three Stormtroopers

Kill The Three Stormtroopers
Image: TT Games, Warner Bros. Games, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

Now for my personal favorite stud farming method in LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga. To do this, you’ll need to play Episode IV: A New Hope and head to Mos Eisley on Tattoine. Instead of going into the cantina, head right. You should see three Stormtroopers standing around, one with an icon of Greedo above his head. He has a quest to give you, but don’t take it just yet.

These three Stormtroopers can be killed, and will drop studs when they die. What’s more, they instantly respawn after dying! This means that you can keep killing them again and again and again for an infinite amount of studs.

To make this method really efficient, you should use a bounty hunter character and upgrade the ability “Hidden Bounties.” This ability gives you a large number of studs upon killing a character as a bounty hunter. Upgrade it as much as you can before starting this method.

Once you are at the location, you can optimize your time efficiency by aiming for the head to kill them as soon as possible. Hitting them on the head will make their helmet fly off, allowing you to shoot their exposed head. They should only die in two hits. When one dies, quickly swap to the next one and repeat the process again. If you happen to have stud multipliers, don’t forget to toggle those on!

Be warned — once you complete the quest offered by these Stormtroopers, they’ll despawn when you leave the area and never come back! I highly recommend using this stud farming method to get all of the studs you want before doing their mission.

Optimizing the Stud Farming in LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

Section Authored by Ethan Erekson

Optimizing the Stud Farming in Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga
Image: TT Games, Warner Bros. Games, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment via HGG / Ethan Erekson

There’s a lot of fun and adventure to be had with the 380+ characters and 120+ ships in LEGO Star Wars. Unfortunately, this can come at a high price — many characters cost 200K studs, and some ships cost five million studs! How are you going to come up with all of that?

Above, we discussed some surefire and accessible ways to earn studs quickly, from destroying everything in sight to farming especially lucrative levels and killing Stormtroopers. Now, we’re going to take all of that to the next level with tips and optimizations to guarantee you’ll never be strapped for cash again.

Let’s get started!

General Tips and Tricks

Image: TT Games, Warner Bros. Games, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment via HGG / Ethan Erekson

As we stated before, the end goal for stud farming is to obtain all five stud multipliers. Once you do that, you’ll have no trouble earning money, no matter what method you use. As such, try to avoid spending your hard earned studs and instead save for the multipliers. You can always buy the Death Star later.

Also, if you have a problem with falling and losing studs, you can actually make it so you keep your studs, no matter how many times you fall. Just head into Gameplay Options and turn on Fall Recovery. You’ll still lose studs when you die in other ways, though.

Another thing to keep in mind is that there’s a really easy way to double the amount of studs you’re earning. Just play with a friend. This works particularly well with the Rancor Method, as there isn’t a limit to how much you can earn smashing stuff on Bespin. Twice the rancors means twice the cash.

Best Upgrades

There are a couple upgrades you can get to help you earn and collect studs faster. Bounty hunters, astromechs, and protocol droids all have upgrades that grant them studs when they complete certain tasks. It may not always be a lot at a time, but it adds up as you play through the main game and complete side quests. You should also make sure to get the “Attract Studs” upgrade, which causes nearby studs to fly to you. This way, you won’t leave any stud behind.

Best Characters and Classes for Stud Farming

Best Characters and Classes for Stud Farming
Image: TT Games, Warner Bros. Games, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment via HGG / Ethan Erekson

One of the best characters for stud farming is the wampa. Like the rancor, the wampa smashes just about everything in its path, so all you need to do is run around and smash stuff until you have all the studs you need. However, the wampa has a key advantage over the rancor — they’re considerably faster.

To unlock the wampa, you’ll need to complete the “Hoth and Cold” mission in Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back and find Luke Skywalker. Once you’ve completed this mission and are back at Echo Base, you’ll need to complete the “Wampa Wanderer” side mission to unlock the character. Find the wampa that’s hiding in Echo Base and escort it out of there without any of the rebels noticing. If you have trouble finding the wampa, you can purchase the necessary rumors to speed up the process. Once you complete this mission, you can purchase the wampa for 500k studs and start smashing.

Bounty hunter and villain characters also work pretty well, since their grenades can deal damage over a decent area. Stormtrooper commanders are particularly great at destruction, and their heavier blasters can quickly send destructible objects into oblivion.

Best Locations

Best Locations for Stud Farming in Lego Star Wars
Image: TT Games, Warner Bros. Games, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment via HGG / Ethan Erekson

Coruscant’s Federal District is home to many things, such as the Jedi Temple and the Senate Building. It’s also the primary setting for the prequel trilogy. But what makes Coruscant perfect for stud farming is that there’s a seemingly endless amount of stuff to destroy, and there’s plenty of space, so you can move around freely and smash stuff at peak efficiency.

This method works best with characters such as the wampa or rancor, but there are other options if these characters are a bit out of your reach. Around Coruscant’s Federal District are several walkers, which you can use to pretty much the same effect. Just hop in and start walking around, and everything you step on will instantly be destroyed. However, walkers can’t sprint or jump, so it’s generally better to get and use the wampa or rancor when you get the chance.

Alternatively, you can head to Cloud City on Bespin and do your money farming there (not to be confused with the money laundering that Lando Calrissian does). Like Coruscant’s Federal District, Bespin has plenty of open space and a ton of destructible objects. If you want a change of scenery or haven’t unlocked Coruscant quite yet, then Bespin is the place to go. 

Stud Farming in Space

Stud Farming in Space
Image: TT Games, Warner Bros. Games, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment via HGG / Ethan Erekson

The bulk of galactic stud farming comes from two things — stud comets and events/encounters. Both are somewhat random, and as such, aren’t recommended as being a primary method for stud farming. However, if you’re in space anyway for side missions and character quests, you might as well take advantage of them and rake in those extra studs.

Stud comets show up every once in a while and net you 22,000 studs when you destroy them, which is a decent amount. However, the bulk of your space studs will likely come from encounters. These begin when a large ship jumps out of hyperspace, giving you the opportunity to fly over and take out the ship’s defenses. The escape pod is a great ship for this, as it has a high firing speed and plenty of maneuverability. It’s also just really fun to take out Star Destroyers with an escape pod. Alternatively, you can just use other ships with a high firing speed, such as X-wings, Naboo Starfighters, or the Millennium Falcon.

You’ll earn a decent amount of studs from this, so it’s definitely worth your time. And if the encounter is for a capital ship, then you’ll have an opportunity to board the ship and take it over. But for the bulk of your stud farming, you should rely on more reliable methods, such as the Wampa/Rancor Method on Coruscant or Bespin. You can also alternate that with levels such as “A Skip and a Jump” or “Stay on Target” — the most important thing is to have fun with it.

If you make use of these optimizations and techniques, you’ll have more studs than you could ever need in no time, giving you the opportunity to have all the characters and Death Stars you desire.

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