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The 10 Best Shooting Games for iOS

It’s easy to believe that shooters belong strictly in the realm of console and PC gaming. After all, mobile games don’t have a reputation for being fast-paced and high tension.

But as it turns out, mobile platforms have a lot to offer when it comes to quality shooting games. iOS, in particular, boasts a wide range of shooting titles that incorporate mechanics from other genres alongside FPS or TPS combat.

For this roundup, I’ve collected the top ten best shooting games for iOS, focusing mostly on free-to-play options. If you’re looking for some quality FPS fun or a way to shake up your shooting gameplay, feel free to read on!

Top 10 Best Shooting Games for iOS

Let’s start at #10 and work our way down to the #1 best iOS shooter.

10. Cover Fire

Cover Fire

The best realistic FPS for iPhone

  • Developer: Genera Games (Spain)
  • Size: 701.5 MB
  • In-App Purchases? Yes
  • Release Date: July 2017

Cover Fire is a FPS shooting game that encourages players to push themselves, improving every aspect of their gameplay until they can confidently claim the title of master sniper. The game’s single-player offline mode offers players an immersive campaign in which they can command their own elite resistance force, as well as various challenge modes where players can test their skills against the clock and other enemies. Online tournaments pit snipers against each other, giving players the chance to show off their superior skills.

Cover Fire boasts intuitive controls, improved aiming and cover mechanics, and a wide arsenal of realistic weapons that draw players deeper into the game. Consider checking it out if sniper-style shooting catches your eye!

9. Pixel Gun 3D: FPS PvP Shooter


The best iOS shooter game for competitive players

  • Developer: Cubic Games
  • Publisher: Pixel Gun 3D (Cyprus)
  • Size: 1.7 GB
  • In-App Purchases? Yes
  • Release Date: May 2013

If you enjoy the competitive multiplayer action of custom Minecraft servers but want a gameplay experience more optimized for the FPS genre, Pixel Gun 3D is the game for you. Players can join forces with their clan to explore the game’s massive, rotating selection of maps and prepare fortresses to survive even the most intense sieges from NPC enemies and rival clans.

Pixel Gun 3D is an FPS shooter and battle royale title that offers players ten different game modes, ten fun-filled mini-games, and a wide range of weapons, tools, and other items that can give players an upper hand in battle. With all the choices and skins available, the game is highly customizable and ensures players can climb the ranks using their own signature style.

8. Sniper Strike: Shooting Game


The best first-person shooter (iOS) for high-stakes action

  • Developer: Mobile Gaming Studios (United Kingdom)
  • Size: 236.8 MB
  • In-App Purchases? Yes
  • Release Date: November 2017

Sniper Strike is a 3D fps shooting game that provides a fast-paced experience for players who enjoy the action of a triple-A shooter. With three distinct gameplay modes and both cooperative and competitive multiplayer options, players have many ways to experience the game and find the play style that best suits them. Team up with a clan or duke it out in online duels!

Sniper Strike delivers a high-quality, immersive experience in the form of detailed environments and strategic rescue missions. Players can upgrade their weapons and other gear, giving them an edge as the missions steadily increase in difficulty. 

7. Modern Combat 5


The best FPS game for iPhone

  • Developer: Gameloft (France)
  • Size: 1.6 GB
  • In-App Purchases? Yes
  • Release Date: July 2014

The latest installment of the Modern Combat series takes players to the next level with both a compelling single-player campaign and intense, fun-filled multiplayer. Players must keep their wits about them as they fight through an anarchist world in an effort to bring down the mental mastermind behind it all.

Modern Combat 5 offers players nine distinct character classes to choose from, which they can further upgrade with class-specific skills. Players can also level up in single-player or multiplayer mode, unlocking new weapons and abilities through successful missions and mastery of lower-tier items. Overall, this is one of the best games for iOS on the market.

6. Gangstar Vegas


The best adventure shooter for iOS

  • Developer: Gameloft (France)
  • Size: 2.2 GB
  • In-App Purchases? Yes
  • Release Date: June 2013

Gangstar Vegas lets players leave their mark on the City of Sin. Players can explore a vast, open-world map based on the infamous city as they complete up to eighty high-octane missions of theft and assassination. The game builds on previous installments of the Gangstar series with all-new weapons, vehicles, and costumes to further customize the gameplay experience and immerse players in the world.

In addition to the compelling story mode, Gangstar Vegas offers several engaging challenges that will keep players on their toes, including robberies, auto races, and many other mini-games.

5. Sniper 3D Assassin: Gun Shooting Games

Sniper Assassin

The best sniper game for iOS

  • Developer: Fun Games For Free (Ireland)
  • Size: 324 MB
  • In-App Purchases? Yes
  • Release Date: November 2014

Sniper 3D stands out among other sniper-style shooting games by merit of its expansive mission list. What the game lacks in a cohesive story-based campaign, it makes up for in a wide and continuously-updated selection of thrilling missions that ensures players always have something new waiting for them when they pick up their phone.

Sniper 3D boasts realistic graphics and impressive animation, thirteen unique environments, and a considerable number of different weapons to unlock and enjoy. The game also features limited time events in which players can kill new types of enemies and improve their skills.

4. Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile

The best shooting game for iPhone

  • Developer: Activision Publishing, Inc. (USA)
  • Size: 2.1 GB
  • In-App Purchases? Yes
  • Release Date: October 2019

For fans of the Call of Duty franchise on PC and Console, Call of Duty: Mobile offers the same action-packed fun for gaming on the go. Players can jump into iconic maps and modes from the series, enjoying console-quality gameplay, graphics, and sound right from their iPhone.

Call of Duty: Mobile supports competitive and cooperative play, even hosting text and voice chat through the game. It’s also highly customizable, offering players the option to change up their controls, skins, gear, and other features for the best gameplay experience possible. What else would you expect from the best FPS for iPhone on the market?

3. Fortnite

Fortnite Sniper

The best iPad shooting game

  • Developer: Epic Games (USA)
  • Size: 236 MB
  • In-App Purchases? Yes
  • Release Date: March 2018

Fortnite boasts a nearly-perfect port to mobile platforms, including the same maps, modes, characters, and gameplay as its console and PC versions. Players can delve right into the game in its traditional Battle Royale mode, connecting with friends using cross-platform play and in-game voice chat, or spend time flexing their architectural skills using the vast possibilities of Creative Mode.

Despite its simpler graphics, the mobile port of Fortnite is just as free-to-play as its console counterparts. Not only that, but iPad players can still pose a significant threat to their controller and PC opponents, with some mobile players winning big in online tournaments. That, combined with its regular updates, makes Fortnite for iOS one of the best shooting game for iPad,

2. Armed Heist

Armed Heist

The best TPS for iOS

  • Developer: SOZAP (Sweden)
  • Size: 2.2 GB
  • In-App Purchases? Yes
  • Release Date: August 2018

As suggested by the name, Armed Heist is a third-person shooting game that focuses on armed robbery of banks and armored trucks. The game offers over seventy unique challenges where players face off against cops in an effort to get away with their stolen goods. 

Armed Heist uses dynamic scenarios to stay a step ahead of the game, changing missions based on players’ in-game choices to ensure there’s always something waiting around the corner. With the help of the game’s 3D crime map and its large selection of highly customizable weapons that can be purchased, reskinned, and modded, Armed Heist promises constantly engaging gameplay.

1. Johnny Trigger


The best platform shooter on iOS

  • Developer: SayGames (Belarus)
  • Size: 324 MB
  • In-App Purchases? Yes
  • Release Date: December 2019

Johnny Trigger combines shooting and side-scrolling platformer mechanics to deliver a complex and fun-filled shooter experience. The game features a vast number of unique weapons that each have their own gimmick to add to the dynamic gameplay.

The game offers a subscription option that gives players access to additional weapons and funds, ensuring that they get the full VIP treatment at all times.


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Thanks for checking out our list of the top shooting games for iOS! If you have any thoughts or would like to recommend a few other games for the High Ground team, feel free to leave a comment.

Happy gaming!


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