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The 5 Best Mouse Bungees

The devil is in the details. And when you get right down to it, all it takes is one little slip of the mouse to lose a match. Enter the best mouse bungees, your very own cable management buddies.

If you ever experience a slight drag when swiping your mouse, or if your mouse cord sometimes just plain gets in the way, a mouse bungee is an excellent solution to such problems. Not only does it prevent these things from occurring, but it also promotes smooth and seamless mouse movement by keeping your mouse cord taut. This ensures greater accuracy of all your mouse movements, even the fast-twitch ones. High-sensitivity settings players will especially love the aid of a bungee, as any pull will likely ruin their aim.

In this article, we examine the best mouse bungees on the market. Ready for less slippage and more pro plays? Let’s take a look.

Zoom Out: A Comparison Table of the 5 Best Mouse Bungees

In order from least expensive to most expensive, we’ve curated this list of the best mouse bungees on the market. For more detailed specs, have a look at the Zoom In section below.

1. Cougar BunkerRubber arm & vacuum seal base3oz💰
2. Razer BungeeSpring arm & non-slip, weighted base8.6oz💰
3. Thermaltake BungeeMagnetic arm & non-slip base7.5oz💰💰
4. BenQ Zowie CAMADESpring arm & non-slip, weighted base8.5oz💰💰💰
5. ENHANCE BungeeSpring arm & non-slip, weighted base7oz💰💰💰

Zoom In: A Closer Look at the 5 Best Mouse Bungees

As far as mouse bungees go, there are a few different options out there. So in this section, we’ll focus in on the top mouse bungees by giving a detailed summary of each one’s top features and specs.

1. Cougar Bunker Bungee

Cougar gaming CGR-XXNB-MB1 Cougar Bunker Gaming Mouse Bungee

Cougar Gaming took the standard mouse bungee and added their own unique twist. This particular model is a heavy unit with a compact base that is space-efficient. The arm that secures the mouse cable is constructed with rubber, offering an excellent balance of flexibility and durability. 

With all that said, the true magic of this mouse bungee is in Cougar’s patent-pending vacuum technology (functional suction lever). This vacuum seal prevents the bungee from budging in the heat of battle, firmly rooting the circular base to your desk surface. If you play FPS games and flick your mouse around left and right, otherwise giving it a lot of abuse, this one should be at the top of your list.

High Ground Overview:

  • Support mechanisms: Rubber arm & vacuum seal base
  • Style: Black or black w/ LEDs
  • Bonus features: Extra compact & lightweight

2. Razer Bungee

Razer Mouse Bungee V2

The new and improved Razer Mouse Bungee has a simple yet effective design. It naturally assumes the sleek Razer aesthetic, sporting a shiny black look. It offers cord control of up to 3.2 mm via a spring arm and boasts anti-slip feet that help it stay completely stable during the swiftest of swipes.

How’s it work? The arm holds the mouse cord in place, preventing any tangling possibilities by keeping your mouse cord suspended and away from any desk clutter. This bungee also helps eliminate the feel of uneven drag that happens when your mouse cord gets hung up on objects or edges of your desk. In the end, this functionality facilitates a more consistent, “smoother” mousing experience.

High Ground Overview:

  • Support mechanisms: Spring arm & non-slip, weighted base
  • Style: Black
  • Bonus features: Drag-free experience

3. Thermaltake Bungee

Thermaltake Bungee

Clean. Sophisticated. And an almost menacing scorpion-like form. That’s the Thermaltake Bungee at a glance.

But look a little deeper, and you’ll find a detachable magnetic head that clasps onto your mouse cord for perfect unrivaled performance. Throw in the non-slip gri[p feet and superb flexibility, and you’ve got one of the best mouse bungees on the market.

High Ground Overview:

  • Support mechanisms: Magnetic arm & non-slip base
  • Style: Black
  • Bonus features: Simple setup & uncluttered design

4. BenQ Zowie CAMADE Bungee

BenQ Zowie CAMADE Cable Management Device Mouse Bungee for Esports

A black and red mouse bungee with minimalist appeal, the BenQ Zowie CAMADE is another excellent choice. This particular bungee features a spring & rubber arm, and a stainless steel base that offers a strong foundation for gaming.

Another feature we like about this mouse bungee is that you can remove the top red part at any time, allowing you to clean the silicone head easily. This is the component that will see the most amount of action, so cleaning out any dust or grime buildup will help maintain consistent performance.

High Ground Overview:

  • Support mechanisms: Spring arm & non-slip, weighted base
  • Style: Black & red
  • Bonus features: Highly adaptable w/ removable grip

5. Enhance Bungee

Enhance Bungee

This mouse bungee accurately represents its name. If you want to play better and look extra hardcore, this model by Enhance is an excellent piece of equipment to encourage that look further. If you are tired of mouse drag and pull, this will solve your problems equally as well as the others on our list.

And that’s not to mention the LEDs and USB ports that put this bungee at the top of our list! Plug in all your favorite devices and bask in the glow as you annihilate enemies left and right. A fantastic choice.

High Ground Overview:

  • Support mechanisms: Spring arm & non-slip, weighted base
  • Style: Black & silver w/ LEDs
  • Bonus features: 4 USB ports and multi-color lighting

Mouse Bungee Guide Part I: What is a Mouse Bungee?

mouse bungee is a desktop accessory that secures and supports your wired mouse. It works by hooking onto the cord and keeping it taut while maintaining your mouse’s full range of movement. This keeps your desktop clutter-free and your mouse free from drag or slippage. A huge boon in competitive gaming.

Cougar Bunker Bungee In Use

Mouse bungees are particularly useful if your mouse came with a braided cable. That’s because braided cords cause more friction with surfaces than regular cords. The reason mouse manufacturers still use braided material is that it holds up better over time, but that also makes it susceptible to friction issues. The best mouse bungees solve this issue while providing a number of other advantages.

Mouse Bungee Guide Part II: Advantages of Mouse Bungees

Here are the most prominent advantages of utilizing a mouse bungee.

  • Consistency. Placing your mouse cable in the loving arm of a mouse bungee will prevent it from dragging or getting stuck. And a consistent mousing experience results in consistent performance.
  • Increased Accuracy. Mouse bungees aid in reducing cord drag, and you will have a uniform set up wherever you decide to game. The result? A smoother operation for better accuracy.
  • Better feel. You’ll feel as if you’re using a wireless mouse, there’s so little drag. Plus, you don’t have to deal with the weight or charging issues that come along with the best wireless mice.
  • Cleaner (and cooler) look. Your desk will look more organized with all those unwieldy cables under control. Plus, you get the added bonus of extra desk bling.
  • Additional USB Ports. That’s right! Some of the best mouse bungees have a spot to plug in your peripherals. How’s that for added convenience?

Mouse Bungee Guide Part III: What to Look for in a Mouse Bungee

You’d be mistaken to think that all mouse bungees are alike. While the best mouse bungees on our list are all guaranteed to enhance your gaming performance, they each go about it differently.

Enhance Bungee On Desk

Let’s take a look at the top considerations you should take into account when choosing a new bungee.

1. Support mechanisms
The best mouse bungees use different types of mechanisms to secure your mouse cord. The most common? Spring-loaded, rubber, or plastic arms that grip the cord and relay tension. As for the base? Today’s most popular bungees feature weighted bases with suction cups or non-slip grips to maintain a steady grasp on the desktop. Together, these provide a snug fit for all types of mouse cables and surfaces, ensuring excellent performance for casual and pro gamers alike.

2. Style
Your accessories don’t have to be boring. And that includes mouse bungees. Add a little flashiness to your desk by choosing one with a few pops of color. Or better yet, pick one that features RGB LEDs to add some lighting effects to the mix.

3. Bonus features
Upon their introduction in 1994, mouse bungees were designed with just one task in mind: making your setup clean and easy to use. But ever since they entered the gaming scene back in 2010, you can now find bungees that boast perks like USB 2.0 or even 3.0 ports. This makes connecting and using all your essential peripherals simpler than ever.

We hope you enjoyed our roundup of the best gaming mouse bungees.

Happy Gaming!

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