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14 Best Golf Games for Android in 2024

Experienced golfers and newbies alike love the chance to practice their skills with the best golf games for Android. Many other players just want the relaxing experience of tee-offing on a beautiful and well-landscaped green. In this ranking, there’s a golf game for Android for you, no matter what it is that you’re after. Imagine yourself on the PGA tour or just play a round of golf — alone or with friends. Sometimes, this will happen on wild and imaginative mini golf courses that could exist in a virtual world. 

Ranked from worst to best, here are the 14 best golf games for Android. Any one of these apps could offer the virtual golf experience that you’re after. 

14 Best Golf Games for Android, Ranked

We’re starting with our last pick and moving up to the top of the best


Flick Golf Extreme 

Flick Golf Extreme 
Image: Full Fat Productions via HGG
  • Teen
  • Too difficult, some say
  • Easy controls

Ready to play golf in some of the most unusual and remote places on planet Earth? That’s just what you’ll do with the first app in our ranking of best golf games for Android. In Flick Golf Extreme, you’ll tee- off at the Grand Canyon, among other far flung locales. Wherever it is you find yourself playing, it’s rendered in beautiful 3D graphics.

Add extra excitement with flaming golf balls and other special effects. Invite your friends to play along, and track your progress on the Google Play leaderboard. We like how well the ball can be controlled as well as the new and  improved game engine.

This is a fun game, though there are too many ads, based on feedback. If you played the earlier version of Flick Golf Extreme, you may find that not much has changed, which is a good thing, according to most. The nostalgia trip is enjoyable, nonetheless. The graphics are very good, and some new levels — even though some must be purchased — keep the game interesting over time.


OK Golf 

OK Golf 
Image: Okidokico Entertainment & Playdigious
  • Challenges escalate well
  • Harder than real golf
  • Inaccurate shot arc

Just aim, drag, and release — that’s all that’s required in the next golf game for Android we reviewed, OK Golf. In the game, no clubs are required. There are also well-known golf destinations to visit as beautiful nature sounds accompany gameplay. A good selection of new golf courses are always able to be unlocked. Or instead, secret locations at which to tee-off.

Switch up the game mode for an added challenge. Otherwise, the game is fun and mellow to play. It will definitely keep your attention, though — a whole lotta game in one little package.

We otherwise like the detailed dioramas with which each prime golfing location is depicted. It’s the perfect blend of mini-golf and pro golf, according to fans. Some club selection might be nice, though. The controls are good but a bit fidgety, and the game could use an update. It’s also a little laggy on Android 11.


Desert Golfing 

Desert Golfing 
Image: Blinkbat Games via HGG
  • Everyone
  • Some were forced to reinstall
  • Some sound issues on recent updates

When you think of golfing, chances are you think of a lush green golf course. In our next app, though, Desert Golfing, the scene shifts to a dry and arid climate. With minimalist design, the landscapes are randomly generated so there’s always something new to explore.

Through the game, you’ll experience the satisfaction of scoring a hole-in-one. Or instead, watch the ball bounce just right for an easy “gimme.” Swing the club with just a swipe of your finger. Fans call the game impressive, minimally designed, and impossible to put down. 

The Desert Golfing mechanics are otherwise simple with no ads at all in the paid version. The game is frequently described as “relaxing,” by those who’ve played it. There’s no pressure to make in-app purchases.  There are no high scores, no goals, and no menus of any kind. Some do wish it recreated the real golfing experience better, though.


PGA Tour Golf Shootout 

PGA Tour Golf Shootout
Image: Concrete Software via HGG
  • Everyone
  • Ads/In-app purchases
  • Some unrealistic wedge and irons distances 

The next app in our list is PGA Tour Golf Shootout. In the game, you’ll tee-off at virtual TPC (Tournament Players Club) golf courses from the real PGA tour. We like the freedom to play with friends or join in on an actual tournament.

There’s a total of 85 holes across 5 golf courses, each one rendered in 3D.  You can also start your own club house and invite all your friends to join. As far as the actual golfing, the controls are intuitive and easy to learn. With a little practice your shots will be accurate. 

There are also some really cool golf clubs to earn and collect, and some even have special powers — why not golf with a club that can be set on fire? Fans recommend joining a club, adding the rewards will make it worthwhile. When it comes to truly realistic ball/spin physics the game does get mixed reviews, though.


Birdie Crush: Fantasy Golf 

Birdie Crush: Fantasy Golf
Image: Com2uS via HGG
  • Teen
  • Ads/In-app purchases
  • Swing bar a bit “herky jerky” in recent updates

Set in the magical Delion Bridge golf school, Birdie Crush: Fantasy Golf blends narrative elements with the mechanics of a golf simulator. You’ll follow Jenny, a new student at the school. Or instead, play another character — each one, highly customizable. The golf itself is realistic, from single tap shots to a hole in one.

There are in-game tournaments and golfing field trips. Each golf course is uniquely designed. Once your skills are perfected, compete in a global live match and craft tournament strategies with other club members. Or instead, take on other golf clubs one-on-one.

Overall this is a really fun game with lots of different modes and challenges, we learned. The challenges are just that — challenging, too hard some say. Overall, the controls are simple. Spending money is not required to have fun. If you do choose to spend a little up front, though, you’ll get the best gear right away.


Golf Master 3D 

Golf Master 3D
Image: Doodle Mobile via HGG
  • Everyone
  • Crashing reported with recent updates
  • Accurate course view 

The next golf game we reviewed, Golf Master 3D, might be the best choice for anyone specifically looking to go one-on-one with a friend. Or instead, challenge a stranger in multiplayer mode. Otherwise, you’ll tee-off on beautiful golf courses, with easy-to-learn controls. That’s true even for those who’ve never played golf.

As gameplay goes on, courses offer more of a challenge as your skills improve. There are power-ups to use and collect, as well as tournament rounds to compete with for even bigger rewards. The 3D graphics are realistic, and the in-game physics also feel real.

You do have to watch ads to get tokens, we found out. And some of the sound effects do get a little annoying, according to some. Overall, though, Gold Master 3D earns high marks for good graphics and a game that feels like you’re playing real golf.


Mini Golf 3D Multiplayer Rival 

Mini Golf 3D Multiplayer Rival 
Image: Mobile Sports Time via HGG
  • Everyone
  • Daily challenges
  • Issues with abrupt ball movement

Golf games for Android are not for just pretending you’re Jack Nicklaus on a par 4 in the PGA tour . Up next we have a great pick for anyone seeking the simple joys of mini golf. In Mini Golf 3D Multiplayer Rival, there are more than 200 virtual putt-putt courses to explore.

Each has its own set of challenges. Overcome obstacles both funny and difficult, like slopes, spinning bars, holes, or loops. You can play solo or in PvP mode. Have you ever imagined golfing with a basketball or some other unusual object? Collect enough coins in Mini Gold 3D and find out just what that’s like.

Otherwise, we like the freedom to challenge players from all over the world. And that fans of the app call it the best mini golf game available. The graphics and putting control are both good. And the upper levels really do present a challenge.


Super Stickman Golf 2 

Super Stickman Golf 2 
Image: Noodlecake Studios via HGG
  • Everyone
  • Preferred over many console games
  • Bluetooth/local-wifi multiplayer missing from current version

The award-winning Super Stickman Golf is among the most well-known golf apps ever made. The sequel, Super Stickman Golf 2, improves on the original. The update offers 20 courses, a whole new selection of power-ups, and other achievements. The game can be played in online multiplayer mode, with obstacles like portals and magnets. We like the new characters to choose from — each highly customizable. Switch things up with unlockable “hats,” each one giving a different ability to the player when worn. Some hats are quite rare and seeking them out is one of the most fun aspects of the game. 

On average, Super Stickman Golf 2 gets four stars for fun level design, great gameplay, and cool collectibles. Watch the ads to earn in-game currency and other types of rewards. The upper levels are nearly impossible, based on feedback. The in-game physics also get mixed reviews. 


WGT Golf 

WGT Golf 
Image: Chad Nelson, YuChiang Cheng & WGT Media via HGG
  • Everyone
  • Good golf gear selection
  • Upgradeable golf clubs and balls

Golf fans have all likely dreamed of playing a round at Pebble Beach, Bandon Dunes, or Kiawah Island. WGT Golf, the next golf game for Android in our ranking, lets players do just that — at least virtually. In the game, go head-to-head with chat and leaderboards. Or instead, go it alone and play 18 holes all by yourself. The golf physics in WGT Golf are realistic, with the ability to choose your shot, and read and adjust to different golf lies.

‘There are also virtual tournaments to compete in. And we like how the WGT Pro Shop offers virtual gear from all the biggest golf brands, like Callaway and TaylorMade among others.

This game takes actual images from actual golf courses. Overall it feels a bit like a simulator, which was not to everyone’s liking. Many more players like the game just for this quality, though. Either way, this is the best golf app ever, according to one report.


Golf Rival 

Golf Rival 
Image: Zynga via HGG
  • Everyone
  • Bit heavy with ads
  • Smooth game play

For as close-as-possible to a real-life golf experience, we recommend Golf Rival. All that’s required to play is swiping your finger across the screen. And the app lets you play with highly realistic pro golf gear. There’s tournament mode with any number of online players all over the world. Or if you’re new to golf, there’s a strong tutorial to help you get started.

With high-end graphics with dynamic courses and immersive sound effects you’ll feel like you’re really out there on the course. Nicely, courses have stages of difficulty which can be unlocked as your skills improve.

Those rewards can also be used to upgrade your equipment, we learned. Some say the realism the game prides itself gets lost a bit in the upper levels. Players you come up against at that point use upgraded equipment. Nonetheless, Golf Rival is fun and addicting and an overall great golf game. 


Golf Star 

Golf Star 
Image: Com2Us & gamigo AG via HGG
  • Teen
  • Good tutorial
  • Simple controls

Another good pick for realism is Golf Star. The app simulates actual gameplay. You’ll learn and practice pro technique. That’s while up to 70 real-life variables must be accounted for such as humidity and impact angle, while chips, draws, and fade shots also come into use. There’s both multi and single player mode with weekly world championships to participate in.

Golf Star also integrates a guild system that lets you test your skills against players from all over the world. We like the seasonal missions. Complete them all and earn extra points. 

None of those missions compare to the rewards earned in the World Championship Match, though — win them all for a grand slam. Fans love the graphics and gameplay, but swing dynamics could be better, based on feedback. Breaks and speed are also inconsistent while putting, and recent updates are a bit buggy.


Golf King – World Tour 

Golf King – World Tour 
Image: Rising Wings via HGG
  • Everyone
  • Not much tutorial
  • Useful updates

Third pick in our list of the best golf games for Android is Golf King – World Tour. This is probably the best of all choices for multiplayer mode with customizable characters. The courses you’ll tee-off on are beautifully rendered in 3D. The shot controls are also highly intuitive — just swipe and release to hit the ball.

Gear is always upgradeable, from drivers to woods, and from rough irons to sand wedges, among other options. We like the PvP Golf duel mode, as well as weekly leaderboards tracking your progress against friends or against other players from all over the world. 

One of the most fun aspects of the game is how detailed you can make your character, caddie, and clubhouse. Feedback on the game calls it fun and realistic. The trophy system is a particularly strong aspect. The wind physics could be improved, according to some players. Otherwise, though, this is an insanely addictive golf app.


Golf Battle 

Golf Battle 
Image: Miniclip via HGG
  • Everyone
  • Some crashing issues reported
  • Earn, unlock, make progress without spending money

Just ‘cause it’s mini golf it doesn’t mean that it should be any less competitive. With more than 120 courses, Golf Battle earned second best in our list for one-of-a-kind obstacles like crazy loops, rivers, jumps.

This well-reviewed app can be played one-on-one, or with up to six Facebook friends. Everything is able to be upgraded such as golf clubs and even your golf balls. And more and more difficult obstacles are unlocked the longer your play and the more that your skills improve. The graphics are 3D and courses range from the Rocky Mountains to Mayan jungles. Participate in the Lucky Shot Challenge for even further rewards.

All that’s offered in this incredibly fun golf game can otherwise be accessed without spending much money, we found out. Some aspects of the ball physics get mixed reviews, but overall, there are easy controls, nice vibrant graphics, and competition is fair.


Golf Clash 

Golf Clash 
Image: Playdemic via HGG
  • Everyone
  • Network connection required
  • Some issues with wind consistency 

And finally, the best golf game for Android we reviewed is Golf Clash. We liked the app for its mix of realistic in-game physics, among other aspects of actual gameplay. Some of the golf courses, though, are exotic and could only exist on a digital landscape.

There are many ways with which the game can be enjoyed, from real-time multiplayer to all on your own, and even in quick-fire duels. Or instead, tee-off with up to six of your Facebook friends. The game is truly challenging, with new clubs and golf shots able to be unlocked for added accuracy, spin, and curl. Chatting with your friends and competitors is now easier than ever before. 

We like that new courses are consistently added. Join a Golf Clash clan for even more rewards Golf Clash call it fun and addictive, though not without its issues (no app is). In the opinion of many (including us) this the best golf game for Android available. 

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Have you played any of these games? Feedback is always welcome! And if you have a golf game for Android that didn’t make our list let us know in the comments below. As always, happy gaming, and – FORE!

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