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15 Best Idle Games for Android

Idle or incremental clicker games are a great way to pass the time and earn in-game rewards. Best of all, there’s often no internet connection required, most are free, and gameplay can sometimes go on even while the app is closed. Despite their overall simple concept, there’s more to most idle games than what first meets the eye. And just because Android is your preferred platform doesn’t mean you should miss out on this fun and engaging game genre.

From fantasy kingdoms to the chicken coop, this ranking of the best idle games for Android has something for everyone. Let’s get started.

15 Best Idle Games for Android, Ranked

From worst to best, here are the fifteen best idle games for Android we reviewed. Get your tappin’ finger ready, because the fun is about to begin.


Run Godzilla 

Run Godzilla 
Image: Toho Games via HGG
  • Everyone
  • King Ghidorah, Rodan, and Mothra available for purchase
  • Unusual concept

Kaiju is the word for the genre of Japanese film featuring oversized monsters (like Godzilla), as well as the monsters themselves. In the first idle game for Android we reviewed, Run Godzilla, you’ll raise and race Godzilla and other kinds of Kaiju in a small village. What makes them stronger is prayer. Those prayers come from you while the app is open or from the NPC villagers when it’s closed — the more villagers, the better. Villagers are attracted with diamonds produced by your factory. But should your factory produce too much CO2…well, that’s when things start to get complicated.

Got it? Good. Fans of this idle app call it a fun and addictive time killer with simple mechanics. It is a bit ad-heavy, we found out. You can name and customize your Kaiju, which is cool. Overall, the game’s a great choice for fans of Godzilla.



Image: Jake Hollands & Devolver Digital via HGG
  • Everyone
  • Incredible visuals
  • Good narrative for a clicker

Purportedly based on a “misunderstanding” of Stephen Hawking’s book “A Brief History of Time,” Spaceplan is the next idle clicker for Android in our ranking. In the game, you’ll launch potatoes (yeah, you read that right) from a satellite in orbit around just one of many mysterious planets. Over time, and as you unlock up to fifteen potato-based projectiles, each planet’s secret will be revealed. When the very fabric of reality comes into question, the game really starts to get interesting. Or instead, you can just kill some time launching potatoes into space — what’s not to like about that? 

Spaceplan’s soundtrack is great, and there’s plenty of humor to go along with the strange concept. The UI is sleek and there are no ads at all interrupting the flow. Overall, it could be longer. For this reason, there’s next to no replayability, although it sure is fun on the first go-around.


Griddie Islands 

Griddie Islands 
Image: Pomelo via HGG
  • All ages
  • Top notch sound design
  • Adorable graphics

In Griddie Islands, “Griddie” refers to colorful creatures that, once matched, form together to create even larger and more colorful Griddies. Use the Griddies to fill up islands and attract fun little flea-like creatures. Merged Griddies make colorful shapes and designs and earn rewards. That’s about all there is to this fun and engaging idle merger. With more than fifty levels to explore, there’s always something new to uncover. It’s a simple game, but the interface adds depth. The graphics are great and the soundtrack only adds to the charm.

Otherwise, fans of Griddie Islands are surprised by how much strategy it can take to be successful, and there are very few ads early on. Things do start to slow down as gameplay goes on, and ads do become more prevalent. Overall, this is a fun mash-up of many different game genres, all in one idle clicker.


Clickpocalypse II 

Clickpocalypse II 
  • No in-game purchases
  • All ages
  • Fun and simple art style

Clickpocalypse II is up next in our ranking of the best idle games for Android. In this incremental/idle RPG, the concept is simple: choose a class, explore a dungeon, discover potions and weapons, learn spells, and develop other abilities while you level up. Parties can reach up to five players. Classes include fighter, rangers, and druids, among other options. In addition to dungeons, gameplay takes place in caves and mines, among a few other locations. Once you’ve gathered up treasure, you can buy farms and other properties. You can also play offline, which is nice.

If you’re familiar with previous game versions, you’ll be pleased to find out the screen rotation issue is fixed. Don’t expect much from the graphics. Otherwise, Clickpocalypse II is evocative of old- school dungeon crawlers. The ads truly are optional. Dungeon pathfinding could be improved, but this is overall a perfect phone game, based on feedback.


Om Nom: Merge 

Om Nom Merge 
Image: ZeptoLab via HGG
  • All ages
  • Good pick for kids
  • Too much ADV encouragement, some say

In a magical forest, too much fruit has taken over, and it’s up to Om Nom to eat the ecosystem back into balance. That’s the concept behind the next idle game in our ranking. It’s not just Om Nom who’ll come to the rescue, but also cute little friends called Nommies. As Nommies are collected, new forms emerge to assist in the urgent business of eating. Your Om Nom team will keep munching even while the app is closed. There are lots of locations to explore. Use an Om Nom spell to grow the fruit faster. The faster it grows, the more your Om Noms will eat, and the more rewards you’ll earn.

The graphics and audio design in the game are cute and gameplay is described as soothing by those who have played it. There’s not a lot of thinking involved, which is just what some people want from an idle game. It’s fun to play, with lots of cute characters and updates. If you like merge games, this might be the best. 


Dungeon, Inc. 

Dungeon, Inc. 
Image: PIKPOK via HGG
  • Everyone 10+
  • Wheel of Motivation offers exclusive bonuses
  • New soundtrack from Doomsday Clicker composers

Up next in our list of idol games for Android is Dungeon, Inc. Play Dungeon Inc.’s new production manager. The job is to maximize profits by building and expanding your dungeon and recruiting monsters to work for you. The bigger the dungeon, the more gold you’ll make. Just don’t let the Tax Knights or other monster managers take it all! Sabotaging other dungeons is a fun part of gameplay. So too is destroying your dungeon once it becomes a certain size, collecting the insurance money, and then starting over. Relics can be unlocked for an even more customized gameplay experience. There are also multiplayer events between managers.

Recent versions of the game have improved, based on feedback. If you’ve had issues with crashing in the past, those are now likely fixed. It’s a cute concept with cute graphics, but the game did grow stale for some. Persistence and luck, or just spending some money, is required to be successful. 


Realm Grinder 

Realm Grinder 
Image: Divine Games & Kongregate via HGG
  • Everyone 10+
  • Slow paced at first
  • No daily login, no forced ads

Assume idle clicker games don’t require much strategy? Realm Grinder will prove you wrong. In the game, you’ll grow your farm into a kingdom. Strategy comes in when you choose your faction: the elves or the demons — each one offering different advantages, so choose carefully. Otherwise, plenty of in-game upgrades are available, including different types of buildings to invest in, as well as spells and other achievements. It all goes on even when the app is closed. Players can collect achievements for even further upgrades. There are also frequent events, each with their own mechanics and sets of bonuses.

Fans of the game call it a perfect blend of idle clicker and RPG. It is free to play, but some items can be purchased. This feature can be turned off. Some glitches and bugs are reported, especially while ads are playing. Some feedback also reports better results with Realm Grinder on different platforms besides mobile.


Medieval: Idle Tycoon 

Medieval- Idle Tycoon 
Image: GGDS & Idle Tycoon Games via HGG
  • No internet connection needed
  • All-ages
  • Few lags reported

Idle Tycoon is one of the most popular series in the clicker genre. Medieval: Idle Tycoon puts a kings, queens, and knights twist on the usual formula. In the game, you’ll earn gold coins and cash. You’ll also build and upgrade your castles and villages. All that happens while you own and operate period-appropriate businesses to — you guessed it — score more loot! Investment opportunities are also available, and progress continues even while the app is closed. There are quests to complete, assistants to hire, and new medieval-era technology to develop. Altogether, gameplay is addictive, and a fair bit of strategy is required to be successful.

Feedback says more building choices could be added, and more variation between different locations might help gameplay stay interesting. The art is cute and the characters are fun, though. There’s a reasonable number of ads, and the rewards for watching them make it worthwhile. 


Tower of Hero 

Tower of Hero
Image: Tatsuki via HGG
  • Everyone 10+
  • Stay rewarding for hours on end
  • Fun core gameplay loop

Tower of Hero is another fantasy-themed idle clicker game we reviewed. The objective is to fight the monsters that fill up your tower. There are also abilities to gain and powerful gear to collect. Simple tapping on the screen is all that’s required for most aspects of gameplay. Once all monsters are killed, find the ladder and climb up to the next level to start all over again. The design is pretty simple, and it’s overall easy to take large leaps forward in the game. Put in the time, and more automation becomes available, as progress gets even easier.

On that note, progression in this game will keep you busy for hours, based on feedback. The mechanics are easy to understand, and gameplay is simple to get the hang of. There’s also a good amount of knights and enemies to encounter. Some extra time could be put into updates and development, though.


Almost a Hero 

Almost a Hero 
Image: Marvelous Entertainment & XSEED Games via HGG
  • Everyone 10+
  • Adorable characters
  • Responsive developers

Putting a fun and comical twist on the superhero genre, Almost a Hero is up next in our list. In the game, you’ll play an “almost” hero. Think superheroes that aren’t quite “super.” The objective is to help these characters reach their full potential. You’ll fight boss battles, explore, adopt pet companions, and learn more about the in-game world of magic and artifacts. Gameplay is great, with a solid sense of progression, and an overall appealing RPG vibe.  Although definitely idle with progression occurring even while the app is closed, there’s plenty to unlock while gameplay is active.

Other feedback reports fun character voiceovers and a strong tutorial that helps you get started. In-app purchases are worth considering, but not required to make progress. We wish there were fewer crashes reported. Otherwise, we might have put the game a bit higher up in our ranking. 


Idle Mafia 

Idle Mafia 
Image: DianDian Interactive Holding via HGG
  • Rated T for Teen
  • New skins available
  • A bit too repetitive, some say

You’re a mob boss in the next game we reviewed, Idle Mafia. You’ll run illicit businesses, rob unsuspecting townsfolk, form gangs of your own, and control your territory. It’s all done by collecting capos under your command. “Capo” being a mafia term meaning something like captain, or some of the most powerful and most dangerous criminals in the world. You’ll also earn the cash you need to run your criminal empire.

Be a good-hearted Robin Hood-style outlaw or a merciless mob boss — your choice. From street and capo upgrades to kingpin and player fights, there’s always something to do.

Otherwise, without spending any real money at all, you can earn diamonds and skins, which are a crucial part of gameplay, which we liked to hear. The graphics are cartoon-like, which suits the game well. The little cutscenes make the game that much more enjoyable. 


Idle Theme Park Tycoon 

Idle Theme Park Tycoon
Image: Codigames & Digital Things via HGG
  • All ages
  • Glitches reported
  • Some ad-viewing rewards don’t work

Keeping up the tycoon theme, the fourth pick in our list of the best idle games for Android is Idle Theme Park Tycoon. Through gameplay, you’ll build and control your very own theme park. Draw paying customers with new attractions like Ferris wheels or a haunted house. You’ll also manage the food court. Of course, the ticket booth needs to be carefully managed.

As the game goes on, you’ll hire security guards as your park expands. It’s overall a very easy and fun game to play, and progress can be saved to the Cloud.

Otherwise, there are challenges to keep gameplay interesting, with great animation and 3D graphics. The ad-free version is worth the extra cost, we learned. A reset progress button might be a nice addition. The waterpark does take too long to build, based on feedback. But this is still one of the best-reviewed idle games in our ranking. 


Penguin Isle 

Penguin Isle 
Image: HABBY via HGG
  • Rate E for everyone
  • Includes calming wave sounds
  • Won’t hold your attention, some say

The third spot in our ranking of idle games for Android goes to Penguin Isle. Gameplay is simple. Just attract your own population of cute and adorable little penguins. To do so, create and maintain their perfect habitat. You can add more than just penguins to your deep-freeze menagerie. A number of other arctic animals are also available.

Players can dress up their penguins in fun and whimsical ways. There are also hundreds of different ways to decorate the space you create. It all can be done without doing much more than tapping on the screen of your mobile device.

With relaxing music, some even use this calming game to manage their own anxiety, we found out. Otherwise, some appreciate that you learn about different types of penguins while you play. Recent updates include turkey badges with specific rewards and new habitat skin for seagull nests, among other additions.


Egg Inc. 

Egg Inc. 
Image: Auxbrain via HGG
  • “Nested” prestige system
  • Track progress on a leaderboard
  • 3D graphics

Keeping with the avian theme, Egg Inc. takes the second spot in our list. Set in the near future, chicken eggs have taken on a whole new meaning. You’re in the chicken business. The more you click, the more chickens you raise, the more eggs they lay, and the more money you make. And it all can be done with casual tapping in a laid-back incremental environment. You’ll face challenges, hire drivers, build chicken habitat, and acquire a fleet of delivery vehicles. Cooperative play is introduced later on. Ever considered raising chickens in space?  In this app’s advanced levels, you can.

Feedback on the game calls it a fun clicker that quickly moves beyond the limitations of the simple game formula. The ads are infrequent and voluntary but well worth watching, which we liked to hear. Overall, it’s a really good app that runs well and gets gradually more challenging as it goes on.


AFK Arena 

AFK Arena 
Image: Lilith Games & Farlight Games via HGG
  • Everyone 10+
  • Steady progress and leveling 
  • Constant updates and new events 

The top spot in our ranking of the best idle games for Android goes to the popular and well-reviewed app, AFK Arena. Choose from 100 heroes and battle the evil Hypogeans before they destroy the mystical realm of Esperia. Strategy will be required to be successful, but like all incremental games, you make progress even while the app is closed.

There are also strong elements of RPG. Maximize the unique advantage offered by each faction to which heroes belong, reach the King’s Tower, and explore the Labyrinth where you’ll uncover powerful relics. Other players can be battled in PVP Arena mode. 

The game earns overall high marks for graphics and art style, as well as strong character design. Otherwise, players call AFK Arena fun and addictive with a good amount to do, especially for a mobile app. The game is easy to understand, and therefore easy to play. Some understanding of tactics and basic math is required, though.

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