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10 Best Gaming Chairs Under $100

Want to upgrade your gaming setup, but on a limited budget? Ditch whatever heap of junk is causing you discomfort, and treat yourself to something worthy – without breaking the bank. The best PC gaming chairs under $100 can get you started on a dime, and you don’t have to sacrifice on too many features.

No matter what budget you’re working with, there are a variety of ergonomic seating options on the market. From $50 rockers for cozy console gaming, to $75 racing chairs with those iconic head and lumbar pillows, a decked-out gaming setup (and a more enjoyable playing experience) is closer than you think.

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This article takes you through the 10 best gaming chairs under $100 so you can join the ranks of elite gamers without spending a fortune. Ready to roll? Let’s get started.

Zoom In: The 10 Best Gaming Chairs Under $100

Starting with our favorite pick, let’s check out the top gaming chairs under $100.

1. Furmax Gaming Chair

Furmax Office Gaming Chair

The best gaming chair under $100 overall

Manufacturer: Furmax | Type: Racing | Material: PU Leather | Weight: 35 lbs | Weight Capacity: 280 lbs | Recline: 125° | Colors: 4 | Price: 💰💰

Looking for a racing-style gaming seat with all the bells and whistles? The Furmax Gaming Chair packs tons of ergonomic specs and costs just over $50.

Though new to the industry, Furmax went all-out on this gaming chair. It boasts a 5-star base with 360° swivel, thick padded seating, and PU leather craftsmanship. And that’s on top of its universal casters and respectable 280-pound weight limit.

Still, we’d be remiss not to mention a few caveats. The Furmax’s PU leather does begin to crack over time, and the armrests are non-adjustable. But the Furmax Gaming Chair is the best selling gaming chair in 2019 for a reason, and we highly recommend it to players on a budget.

  • Easy 15-minute setup
  • Fantastic back support
  • Sleek look that fits in anywhere
  • Non-adjustable armrests
  • PU leather cracks over time
  • May be too tall for shorter players

2. THE CREW FURNITURE Classic Gaming Chair

CF Rocker Chair

The best gaming chair under $50

Manufacturer: THE CREW FURNITURE | Type: Rocker | Material: Vinyl | Weight: 11 lbs | Weight Capacity: 200 lbs | Recline: 135° | Colors: 5 | Price: 💰

Rockers are all the rage in the console gaming scene. That’s because they’re compact, easy to move, and perfect in front of the TV. We’ve sorted through all the options to bring you the Classic Gaming Chair from CREW FURNITURE.

This stylish rocker comes in 5 different colors, ranging from black to neon green. The ergonomic design features a convenient vinyl cover that rests atop thick, polyurethane foam. As for the frame itself? The center of the rocker boasts a robust wooden support that arcs ever-so-gently for a soothing playing experience.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: aren’t rockers just for kids? Absolutely not. The Classic Gaming Chair is also suitable for small to midsize adults under 200 pounds, and some users claim they’ve gone even higher – with no sacrifice in comfort. Just be sure to let it air out for a few days before use, as it gives off an unpleasant chemical scent leftover from the factory.

  • Affordable price
  • Bold two-tone design
  • Comfortable rocking motion
  • Unpleasant chemical odor
  • Not suitable for large adults
  • Some users suggest more cushioning

3. Homall Gaming Chair

Homall Gaming Chair

The best PC gaming chair under $100

Manufacturer: Homall | Type: Racing | Material: PU Leather | Weight: 42 lbs | Weight Capacity: 300 lbs | Recline: 180° | Colors: 7 | Price: 💰💰💰

The Homall Gaming Chair is the Holy Grail for players on a quest for top-notch quality under $100.

For starters, this racing-style chair features that classic gamer aesthetic, complete with head pillow and lumbar cushion. Look a bit closer, and you’ll find quality PU leather fabric, wide bucket seats, and several adjustment mechanisms. As for durability? The Homall boasts a steel frame with rugged rubber wheels guaranteed to roll over 10,000 miles.

Though the Homall could use more cushioning in the seating region (and maybe some padded armrests), it’s still jam-packed with ergonomic features that deserve to sit at the Round Table itself.

  • Durable steel frame
  • Classic design looks fantastic
  • 3D adjustability w/ Class 4 gas lift
  • Armrests are not padded
  • Needs a bit more cushioning
  • PU material lacks breathability

4. BestOffice Office Gaming Chair

BestOffice Computer Chair

The best office chair under $100 for gaming

Manufacturer: BestOffice | Type: Office | Material: Mesh Fabric | Weight: 20 lbs | Weight Capacity: 250 lbs | Recline: 125° | Colors: 5 | Price: 💰

Let’s be perfectly clear: the BestOffice Office Gaming Chair is not the most feature-rich seat on the market. Not by a long shot. But at $40, this mid-back task chair offers nearly unprecedented bang for your buck.

First, you get to choose between several color options, from black and white, to pink and blue. From there, it’s all groovy. The engineering team was meticulous with the design, and the breathable mesh backrest combined with soft foam contour beautifully to the shape of the human body. Tack on 2D adjustability (height and swivel) and 125° of tilt, and you’ve got some next-level comfort.

Users rave about the back support and airy design, though they’re less vocal about the armrests and amount of seat padding. But despite its design quirks, the B/O Office Gaming Chair is second to none at this price point.

  • Fantastic pricing
  • Excellent back & lumbar support
  • Breathable (and adaptable) design
  • Lack of padding on the seat
  • Stiff, non-adjustable armrests
  • Surprisingly difficult assembly

5. OFM Essentials Gaming Chair

OFM Essentials Collection Racing Style Bonded Leather Gaming Chair

The best racing chair under $100

Manufacturer: OFM | Type: Racing | Material: Bonded ‘SofThread’ Leather | Weight: 37 lbs | Weight Capacity: 250 lbs | Recline: 125° | Colors: 9 | Price: 💰💰

Where other gaming chairs fall short, the OFM Essential Gaming Chair delivers. Why is that? It all comes down to the chair’s thoughtful construction and functionality-first design.

To start things off, this chair boasts PU leather, 3D adjustment mechanisms, and battle-tested durability. But it also offers extras like padded flip-up armrests for added support and nearly 10 different colors options for hotrod locks that’ll liven up any gaming room. Heck, this chair even comes with a lifetime warranty against defects.

That said, what goes up always comes down. There are a few quirks in the OFM’s design, including cushions that compress way too quickly and a frame that’s prone to QC issues. But at well under $100, it’s one of the best sub $100 gaming chairs on the market.

  • Sleek, adjustable design
  • Supportive cushions w/ SofThread Leather
  • Lots of thoughtful ‘extras’ like padded armrests
  • Slightly wobbly armrests
  • Cushions compress too quickly
  • Frame is prone to alignment issues

6. X Rocker V Gaming Chair

X Rocker V

The best console gaming chair under $100

Manufacturer: X Rocker | Type: Rocker | Material: Vinyl | Weight: 29 lbs | Weight Capacity: 275 lbs | Recline: 135° | Colors: 5 | Price: 💰💰

When it comes to console gaming chairs, there’s no better brand than X Rocker. They offer cutting-edge designs outfitted with the latest immersion technologies and specs. The X Rocker V Gaming Chair is no exception.

The Rocker V boasts 2 speakers and a dedicated subwoofer built directly into the headrest. How cool is that? It also contains a media control panel that consists of a headphone jack and bass/volume control knobs for quick adjustments on the fly. Simply connect the chair to your Xbox One or Playstation 4 (wired or wireless), and play like never before.

Oh, and we can’t forget about ergonomics. It is a chair, after all. The Rocker V is incredibly comfortable thanks to its oversized “rocker” design complete with vinyl cover and padded headrest. Though some users complain about a lack of lumbar support, a small cushion solves the issue just fine.

  • Powerful speakers & bass
  • Comfy headrest & vinyl cover
  • Ideal for kid and adult gamers
  • Occasional audio lag
  • Could use extra lumbar support
  • Connecting to your console can be challenging

7. Big Joe Milano Gaming Chair

Big Joe Milano

The best bean bag gaming chair under $100

Manufacturer: Big Joe | Type: Bean Bag | Material: SmartMax Fabric | Weight: 5 lbs | Weight Capacity: 200 lbs | Recline: N/A | Colors: 8 | Price: 💰

A bean bag? Really?

Look – we get it. But before you dismiss Big Joe, think about it for a second. The Milano is a giant sack of beans designed explicitly for lounging around. Comfort is in its DNA.

And so are beans. This chair is stuffed with UltimaX Beans that conform to your body like a baby in a blanket. Not only that, but Big Joe’s proprietary SmartMax Fabric is durable, easy to clean, and ever-so-soft. Plus, it comes in 8 vibrant colors that’ll match your setup and add a pop of flare. Who says bean bags are just for kids? Think outside the box, and give Big Joe a shot.

  • Made in the USA
  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • Comfy UltimaX Beans and SmartMax Fabric
  • Inconsistent stuffing
  • Requires costly refills
  • Beans flatten over time

8. Vitesse Gaming Chair

Vitesse Gaming Chair

The best $100 gaming chair

Manufacturer: Vitesse | Type: Racing | Material: PU Leather | Weight: 47 lbs | Weight Capacity: 300 lbs | Recline: 180° | Colors: 6 | Price: 💰💰💰

The Vitesse Gaming Chair isn’t just comfortable – it contours to your body like a cloud. And with all the studies coming out about the benefits of ergonomic seating, this could save you lots of aches and pains down the line.

What makes the Vitesse exceptional? Its high backrest and extra-thick cushions combine with a curved steel frame to deliver the full package. You get neck, back, and lumbar support that’s complemented by a steel frame and Class 3 gas lift. Case in point? This baby holds up to 300 pounds, no problem!

Unfortunately, such an emphasis on support leaves the Vitesse lacking in other areas. It’s a relatively bare-bones chair compared to other popular models near its price, and setup takes about an hour. But if you’re looking for superb comfort and support, this is the best $100 gaming chair for the money.

  • Padded armrests
  • Deep & wide bucket seat
  • Supportive design w/ 180° recline
  • Armrests are not adjustable
  • Frustrating setup takes about an hour
  • QC issues with non-matching hardware

9. AmazonBasics Adjustable Gaming Chair

AB Swivel

The best adjustable gaming chair under $100

Manufacturer: AmazonBasics | Type: Recliner | Material: Cloth | Weight: 13 lbs | Weight Capacity: 200 lbs | Recline: 135° | Colors: 4 | Price: 💰💰

Amazon’s PC chair isn’t the only piece of furniture suited for the game room. The AmazonBasics Adjustable is perfect for console-oriented gameplay on a budget.

At just over $50, this beaut’s got everything you need in a compact seat. We’re talking a suave linen cover that comes in 4 distinct colors, luxurious foam filling that supports your body with ease, and an adjustable design that’s perfect for smaller spaces. Plus, it’s got a swivel base with 135° recline. How cool is that?

Users rave about the chair’s functionality, and there are frequent mentions of it supporting full-grown adults well over 200 pounds. Sure, the base looks a little funky. But that won’t matter much when you’re demolishing the competition in CoD from your swanky perch.

  • Comfortable padding
  • High-quality craftsmanship
  • Adaptable design & small footprint
  • Boring colors
  • Low weight limit
  • Strange-looking design

10. Homall Recliner Gaming Chair

Homall Recliner

The best recliner under $100 for gaming

Sit back, relax, and kick it old school with the Homall Recliner Gaming Chair.

This comfortable gaming chair is exactly what it looks like: a sleek PU leather seat that reclines 155° for some extra-chill gameplay. Just lay back in the chair, and bam! An extra foot of space pops out to offer some additional support. The best part? The whole chair is covered in thick, durable foam that’ll keep you safe and protected as you destroy your in-game enemies. 

Depending on where you purchase the recliner, the Homall may be slightly over budget. But if you can spare a few extra dollars, you won’t find a better chair for console gaming.

  • Doubles as a napper
  • Firm, ergonomic support
  • Extremely comfortable design w/ footrest
  • A bit narrow
  • Scratches easily
  • May run over budget

Zoom Out: Gaming Chairs Under $100 Comparison Table

More of a visual thinker? We’ve organized our top 10 picks above in price ascending order.

ImageGaming ChairTypeThe BestPrice
1. THE CREW FURNITURE Classic Gaming ChairRockerGaming chair under $50💰
2. BestOffice Office Gaming ChairOfficeOffice chair under $100 for gaming💰
3. Big Joe Milano Gaming ChairBean BagBest bean bag gaming chair under $100💰
4. AmazonBasics Adjustable Gaming ChairReclinerReclining gaming chair under $100💰💰
5. Furmax Gaming ChairRacingBest gaming chair under $100 overall💰💰
6. OFM Essentials Gaming ChairRacingRacing chair under $100💰💰
7. Homall Gaming ChairRacingPC gaming chair under $100💰💰💰
8. X Rocker V Gaming ChairRockerConsole gaming chair under $100💰💰💰
9. Vitesse Gaming ChairRacing$100 gaming chair💰💰💰
10. Homall Recliner Gaming ChairReclinerRecliner under $100 for gaming💰💰💰💰

Buyer’s Guide: Gaming Chairs Under $100

Let’s walk through the 3 primary considerations for choosing the best gaming chair under $100 for your setup.

Best Gaming Chairs Under 100 Buying Guide

1. Price

Naturally, price comes first. Gaming ain’t cheap, and the top chairs on the market can run upwards of $1,000. But for those of us with slightly lower budgets, we can make it work.

Under $50, you’ve got a few options: entry-level office chairs, bean bags, and rockers. These are an affordable way to get started. For PC gaming, we highly recommend the BestOffice Office Chair, and for console gaming, we dig THE CREW FURNITURE Rocker.

When you get to the $50 – $75 range, racing-inspired models and recliners come into play. Our #1 best gaming chair under $100 falls in this range (the Furman), and it boasts all the comfort-oriented features you could ask for in a day-long PC or console gaming chair.

When you hit the $75 – $100 mark, your options open up even further. This is where classic gaming chairs with bucket seats, head & lumbar pillows, and formidable ‘executive’ backs enter the scene. If you’ve got all $100 to spend, we wholeheartedly recommend the Homall.

2. Type

While any seat can be adapted for video games, there are 5 primary types of chairs built specifically for gameplay:

Types of Gaming Chairs Under 100


When you think of gaming chairs, what comes to mind? If you’re like me, it’s racing-style gaming chairs with high ‘executive’ backs, large wheelbases, and flashy color palettes. Over the past decade, racing chairs have become synonymous with the PC gaming scene. This reputation is largely begotten by excellent marketing campaigns from brands like DXRacer, Secretlab, and Maxnomic, who produce quality ergonomic chairs for players around the world.


Ah, the tried & true office chair. When PC gaming first became a thing back in the 90s — and up until the early to mid-2000s — office chairs were the only PC gaming chairs.

Why? Racing chairs weren’t a thing yet, and people were already using office chairs at their computers. Not to mention, office chairs are usually pretty cheap and ergonomic. Think about it. You can adjust their height, move them around, and swivel in your seat. To this day, they’re still a natural fit for PC gaming.


Rockers are less than ideal for PC gaming, and much more suited for the laptop and console gaming scene. Why is that? Their frames sit perfectly on the floor, ideally resting in front of a large TV or monitor. This design isn’t so much a limitation as it is a feature. When situated on the floor, rockers gently arc to and fro, providing better blood flow, less fatigue, and increased comfort while gaming. A major win!

Bean Bag

Bean bags are the quintessential gaming chair: big, comfortable, easy to move around, and perfect for lounging. What more could a gamer ask for?

It’s true — they’re not particularly ideal for full-size desks. But if you’ve got a laptop, or a few friends over for some console co-op action, there’s no better gaming seat around.


What’s so great about recliners for gaming? They’re the ideal console gaming chair! Kick back and relax in front of the TV and enjoy hours of fatigue-free gaming in supreme comfort! Even for under $100, recliners offer enough plush foam and cozy upholstery to melt away the stress of your intense Warzone matches. Plus, many of them come with extras, including cup holders, side pockets, and even backrest massagers (yes, seriously).

3. Ergonomics

Racing chairs are the most ergonomic PC chairs under $100 (and the most costly). They offer superb adjustability, including tilt/height/swivel, and tend to be the most comfortable seating solution for computer-based play. If you’re seeking something a bit more affordable, office chairs are less expensive, but they boast a somewhat limited spec sheet compared to their bigger brothers.

Both office and gaming chairs feature top-notch PU leather and mesh fabric materials for warmth and breathability respectively, but their designs vary. While racing chairs boast tall “executive” backs with full lumbar and neck support, office chairs usually end mid-back. If you play for extended periods, a racer is a must.

In terms of console gaming chairs, the most prominent models include rockers, bean bags, and recliners. Our favorite of the three is the rocker, which combines a lightweight design and curved frame for unbeatable comfort (they also often include extra perks like built-in speakers). Meanwhile, bean bags are perfect for gamers seeking the most cushioning possible, and recliners are great for living rooms and laid-back play.

Our Process

For this guide on gaming chairs under $100, our writers spent 3 hours researching over 100 of the most popular gaming chairs under $100 from brands big and small (not to mention countless hours spent testing gaming chairs from our reviews section). After comparing this data, we then read over 200 user reviews (both positive and negative) and narrowed our list down to the top 10 gaming chairs under $100 on the market. All of this research adds up to recommendations you can trust.

We hope you’ve found the perfect model for your setup. Happy Gaming!

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