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The Witcher 3: Wolf School Gear Guide

Woof. I have been on a journey that stretched longer than I ever intended. One that took me to Kaedwen and Velen and Skellige and Toussaint. A journey that took me through wind and rain, to the highest peaks and the deepest catacombs, across forest and mountains and sea. I was beset by creatures magical and mundane, by men and monsters. But finally, I have emerged triumphant. 

I have returned with the grandmaster Wolf School gear set, and now I’m here to tell you how to get it yourself. 

Basic Wolf Armor

Wolf School Basic Armor
Basic Wolf School Armor

Beginning your treasure hunt in the wide world of The Witcher 3, Wolf School gear locations / Witcher 3 Wolf School gear maps should be an early priority. Lindenvale’s blacksmith will sell you some Slightly Torn Notes by Hieronymus on the Witcher Elgar (Christ, what a mouthful), revealing said locations. 

Blacksmith Trade Screen
The notes and the blacksmith’s trade screen

Fittingly, the trip will take you to the Wolf School’s fortress home, Kaer Morhen. Just south of the fortress lies a ruined signal tower, which currently houses all of the basic armor diagrams for the Wolven set. From the signpost at Kaer Morhen, proceed south along the road and take the first right you can. Continue this way until you notice a country track branching off from the main road. The track is unmarked on your map, so refer to the accompanying screenshot for visual reference. 

Forking Paths
The country track forks from the road here — follow it

Lighted markers dot the path. Follow it until you see the track fork, with a marker a few paces in either direction. Go left. The trees will thin out, revealing the ruins of the tower. Erynias circle the spire, but you can deal with them using Hybrid Oil and a close-range Aard blast (allowing for a quick coup de grâce courtesy of your silver). Quen is handy for sudden swoops, and crossbow bolts are an excellent way to down an erynia flying at midrange. 

Old Signal Tower
Map location of the old signal tower

You will need to operate the defunct portal inside the tower to find the diagrams. Take a polished crystal from inside the tower, then return to the bottom. From the entryway, climb through a gap in the wall and keep climbing until you reach a wooden scaffold. Mount this and seek out another crystal along the wall. Two portal mechanisms in the tower can now be activated with Aard, allowing you to leap through, depositing you in a cave where a battle with a wraith awaits. 

Use Specter Oil, Yrden, Quen, and judicious dodges to dispatch the wraith. Then you’ll be able to loot a skeleton in the cave and claim all of the basic wolven armor diagrams. You’ve taken your first step towards acquiring some of the most narratively fitting armor Geralt can wear in Witcher 3 — Wolf armor for the White Wolf himself.  

Wounding Wolves
White Wolf wounding wolves while wielding wolfish weapons

Your next destination is the Bastion. Wraiths haunt the area, so dispatch them as described above. There’s a skeleton trapped half-buried amid the burned rubble. Loot it for the steel sword diagram and be on your merry way. 

Basic Steel Sword Diagram Map
Map location of the basic steel sword diagram

Next, head to the Ruined Watchtower. Approaching from the fast travel sign, almost directly opposite you and up a small set of stairs, sits a skeleton. Among the bones are a journal and, more importantly, the silver sword diagram. 

Ruined Watchtower
Map location of the Ruined Watchtower

The diagram for the enhanced steel sword is also at the Ruined Watchtower, so don’t forget to pick that up before you leave the area. 

Enhanced Wolf Armor

Enhanced Wolf School Armor
Enhanced Wolf School Armor

Picking up the quest “Monster Slayer” will bring you near the enhanced trousers diagram. While following the trail of drowner corpses as part of the quest, search along the shore of the small island northeast of the Lakeside Hut. A chest in the water holds the diagram to the next piece of Witcher 3 Wolf gear.

Enhanced Trousers Diagram
Map location of the enhanced trousers diagram

As for the enhanced gauntlets diagram, head south along the road from Kaer Morhen. The map shows another break before another road picks up, bearing southeast towards a cave entrance. This is your destination. Bears and wolves are endemic to the region, so keep Quen and Beast Oil prepared for either possibility. Aard is especially effective against wolves, while Axii can open bears up to heavy blows. Show them who the real apex predator is. 

Within the cave, take the first right and drop down, then turn left, hugging the ledge and ascending to an upper chamber. Within, nearly buried and obscured by foliage, there lies a chest containing the diagram for the Enhanced Wolven Gauntlets. As mentioned above, don’t forget to pick up the enhanced steel sword diagram while in Kaer Morhen. 

Enhanced Guantlets Diagram
Map location of the enhanced gauntlets diagram

Velen is the next region of interest. The enhanced silver sword diagram lies in the caves below Crow’s Perch, accessible via the well in the garden. A water hag may attack — the Bestiary prescribes Northern Wind, Necrophage Oil, Quen, and Igni. I’d add that Dragon’s Dream is a good follow-up to Igni, and Dancing Star (if you’re able/willing to play grenadier, that is) is an excellent way to keep the creature flailing in agony. Finish it off and search the cave. 

Water Hag
Immolation of a water hag

The deed done, proceed to the cavern wall near the water’s edge, opposite the rock shelf from which you dropped earlier. There you’ll find a chest containing the enhanced silver sword diagram. 

Silver Sword Diagram Map
Map location of the enhanced silver sword diagram

For the next piece of Witcher 3 Wolf armor, head to Fyke Isle. Ghouls are liable to attack. Weaken and stun them with Axii and Black Blood, dispatch them with Necrophage Oil, and protect yourself with Quen. Rotfiends also wander the isle, and they’re susceptible to similar anti-necrophage tactics and the bombing approach described against the water hag. As with devourers, mind the postmortem explosion. 

Enhanced Armor Diagram Map
Map location of the enhanced armor diagram

Sail or swim to the small island southwest of Fyke Isle. From the ruined brickwork at the island’s southeastern edge, dive down, seeking out an iron-banded chest. Within is the enhanced armor diagram. 

Rounding out the list of enhanced armor is the boots diagram, which is found at the Grotto. Drowners inhabit the area, so be prepared with plenty of incendiary implements. It’s easiest to take the left path to the main chamber, then turn around. At the fork and beside a cluster of stalagmites is a chest containing the diagram. 

Enhanced Boots Diagram Map
Map location of the enhanced boots diagram

Superior Wolf Armor

Superior Wolf School Armor

It’s back to Kaedwen for this next part of the Witcher 3 Wolf gear guide. To reach the superior trousers diagram, take the road northwest from Kaer Morhen. As the road climbs up from the valley floor, harpies are likely to attack. Deal with these like you did the erynias, and you’ll be just fine. Proceed. Soon you will reach an Entrance marker, and Geralt will comment that he recognizes the cave as the place where the first Trials of the Grasses took place before Kaer Morhen itself was built. 

Superior Trousers Diagram Map
Map location of the superior trousers diagram

Continue into the cave system. Within, nekkers and a devourer will assail you. Quen is always your friend, and Ogroid Oil plus Aard (and the Northern Wind bomb, if circumstances are particularly dire) will work well against the nekkers. Necrophage Oil and the Black Blood potion address the devourer nicely — be sure to steer clear as the thing nears death, as it’s liable to explode on you. Exploding bolts from your crossbow are a nice way to stunlock devourers with burning and put good damage on them at a distance. 

After dispatching your foes, look for a table that prompts Geralt to comment, “Table for mutations… Like our Sad Albert, except even sadder.” There are a couple of these, but this one is beside a chest, two crates, and some shelves. Clusters of stalactites and stalagmites lie to the right of this area — among these is a chest containing the superior trousers diagram. Aard can clear away some of the rock formations, making the chest easier to find. 

Superior Gauntlets Diagram Map
Map location of the superior gauntlets diagram

Next, head south from Kaer Morhen towards the Iron Mine. Enter and be prepared for a fight with an earth elemental. Elementa Oil, Dimeritium, and Quen will help you with this fight. After the elemental is defeated, search for an altar and loot the chest that lies atop it. With the superior gauntlets diagram in hand, head to your next destination. 

From Kaer Morhen, travel east along the Gwenllech River, watching for drowners as you go. Should any accost you, strike back with Igni and Necrophage Oil. Their leaping attack will leave you dazed if you block it, but their standing swipes can be countered. A bend will take the river northward, and just beside a small island on the northern stretch is a cave entrance, where the superior boots diagram awaits. Enter. 

Superior Boots Diagram Map
Superior boots diagram map location

Endregas may attack, so prepare some Golden Oriole and Insectoid Oil. Once they’re slain, go back to where you dropped down into the main chamber. From there, hug the right wall and activate your witcher senses until you spy a chest lying among the stalagmites. Loot it and be on your merry way. 

Moving on to the Skellige Isles, make your way southeast of Arinbjorn. Down the road, you’ll find a collection of burial mounds. Enter the westernmost one and seek out a chest beside a large wooden tub. This chest contains the superior silver sword diagram. 

Superior Silver Sword Diagram Map
Map location of the superior silver sword diagram

Next, head to the ruined palisades to the southwest of Fyresdal. These are the remains of Fort Grymmdjarr and the current residence of a nest of harpies. 

Slay the harpies, bomb the nest, and find your way up to the rampart. To the right of the entrance is a ragged tent and a heap of rotting lumber — a good place to get up. On the eastern side of the rampart is a chest containing the superior armor diagram. 

Superior Armor Diagram Map
Map location of the superior armor diagram

The last superior Wolven diagram on Skellige, and rounding out this part of Witcher 3 Scavenger Hunt: Wolf School Gear, is southwest of Lofoten. An ice troll squats in these ruins, so be prepared to euthanize it with Ogroid Oil and healthy use of Quen. 

Drop through the hole in the ground, proceeding carefully to the passages below. Past a doorway, you’ll notice some corpses with some fungi sprouting from their flesh. Do not enter this room without Golden Oriole active in your system, as poison gas fills the chamber. Failing that particular alchemical countermeasure, clear the gas quickly with Aard or Igni. In the far left corner of the room is a chest containing the diagram. 

Superior Steel Sword Diagram Map
Map location of the superior steel sword diagram

Mastercrafted Wolf Armor

Mastercrafted Wolf School Armor
Mastercrafted Wolf School Armor

To begin your search for the mastercrafted Witcher 3 Wolf gear diagrams, head due west-northwest from Byways, back in Velen. Drowners prowl the shoreline, and they’ll fold under the tactics described above. The mast of a sunken ship marks your destination. Drowners also circle the wreck underwater, so be prepared with your crossbow. 

When you reach the shipwreck, swim belowdecks to the hold and check under the stairs. There, the mastercrafted steel sword diagram awaits. 

Mastercrafted Steel Sword Diagram Map
Map location of the mastercrafted steel sword diagram

A collection of elven ruins lie to the southeast of Byways. Wraiths are liable to spawn, so deal with them as discussed above. The Moon Dust bomb will also force them to remain in their corporeal form, making them considerably easier to hit consistently. Facing the ruined stairway, move past the statue on the left to an old fountain containing the armor diagram. 

Mastercrafted Armor Diagram Map
Map location of the mastercrafted armor diagram

Next, make for a Hidden Treasure marker southwest of Kimbolt Way. A fiend guards the area — be prepared with some Relict Oil and some Devil’s Puffball. Fiends also use their third eye to hypnotize their prey, and Samum can be a good way to disable this particular tactic. Otherwise, stay nimble, keep Quen active, and get your hits in quickly until the thing is slain. 

Mastercrafted Silver Sword Diagram Map
Map location of the mastercrafted silver sword diagram

When the area is secure, loot a nearby corpse and use the key you find to unlock the big wooden doors nearby. Inside is a chest with the mastercrafted silver sword diagram. 

Boxholm is your next Fast Travel destination. Devourers have overrun the place, so get rid of them as described above. A wandering cyclops may also cross your path — Ogroid Oil, Axii, and Quen will all help thwart the creature. Once any/all of these threats have been dealt with, head to the unmarked ruins of Kaer Nyssen. There, a forktail awaits your arrival. Golden Oriole, Grapeshot, Draconid Oil, and Aard are all effective countermeasures.

Mastercrafted Gauntlets Diagram Map
Map location of the mastercrafted gauntlets diagram

If you have the quest “Contract: Missing Son” active, the fiend Morvudd will guard the area instead. It can be dealt with in the same way as the fiend described above. Once any threats have been neutralized, head for the fort’s northwestern wall and clamber up the stonework beside an unlit brazier. To the right, abutted against the tower, is a chest containing the mastercrafted gauntlets diagram. 

Your next destination is the isle of Spikeroog. A group of bandits has set up camp at the Old Watchtower, and you’ll need to clear them out if you want the mastercrafted trousers diagram. Hanged Man’s Venom and judicious parries work well against human opponents, as do bombs and crossbow bolts. The Blizzard potion is also a great way to slow things down and employ highly effective crowd control. Then, from the Fast Travel marker, position yourself beside the ruined archway, just beneath a chest balanced upon it, then jump up and loot the diagram. 

Mastercrafted Trousers Diagram Map
Map location of the mastercrafted trousers diagram

Finally, head to the Dorve Ruins on Undvik. Seek out the structure furthest to the southeast of the Fast Travel marker. From said marker, follow the village road uphill until you reach a ruined archway. Cross through, move past the wrecked cart, and climb the small flight of stairs to your right. Turn right again, following the path until you come to the foot of a tower with a brazier to your right. Circle around the structure on this side, keeping an eye on the tower wall until you see a chest. Loot it for the Mastercrafted Wolven Boots Diagram. 

Grandmaster Wolf Gear

Grandmaster Wolf School Armor
Grandmaster Wolf School Armor

As with all grandmaster sets, you must head to Toussaint for the final steps of the process. After picking up Scavenger Hunt: Grandmaster Wolven Gear quest from Lazare Lafargue, head to the Termes Palace Ruins. Searching the camp there, go to the bench beside the fire and loot the box underneath it. These notes will point you in the right direction. As you progress through the woods, mind the wolves. Deal with them as described above. Or you could always be a conservationist and book it. Either way, seek out the entrance to the passages underground.

You should see a ruined doorway with a skeleton leaning against a rock shelf to the right. Loot the skeleton to open the magic barrier warding the entryway. Within, barghests will attack. Use Moon Dust, Specter Oil, Axii, and Yrden to defeat the creatures. Note that Geralt will pull out a torch as the barghests attack (citing poor lighting as he does so) even if you have Cat active, so be sure to swap it out if you don’t want to be weighed down during combat.

Giant Centipede
Using Cat to heighten his senses and Yrden to ensnare the creature, Geralt dispatches a giant centipede

Then turn left, move down the hallway, and blast down the weak wall you find with Aard. Once you reach a wide chamber, a giant centipede will attack. Insectoid Oil and especially Yrden are effective answers. From here, clamber up a series of ledges until you reach an opening in the cave wall. Drop down and be prepared for a fight with several wraiths and barghests. Once they’re defeated, take a left and loot the satchel just past the tomb of King Divethaf. This will net you the boots, chest armor, and trousers diagrams. To the right from the drop is a skeleton containing the remaining diagrams.  

Grandmaster Diagrams
Map location of the grandmaster diagrams

Finally, head to Lazare Lafargue’s workshop to forge the set. As discussed in our other gear articles, it’s best to prioritize the acquisition of crafting materials via dismantling and crafting as opposed to simple purchasing power. This will save a lot of coin for other investments. 

Witcher 3 Wolf Gear: On the Path

Wolf Armor Envy
The envy of all Beauclair

At long last, after following this entire Witcher 3 Wolf guide, you’ve acquired the grandmaster set! What to do with it now that you’ve picked it up? In all honesty, this isn’t the most powerful set you can acquire — the kind of damage that the Cat School gear provides is very hard to compete with. It can be a very convenient one, though, especially for those who dislike pausing the game to switch to a new oil every time a monster appears. 

The set allows you to apply three different oils to a sword at once, so if you like the idea of slathering your sword with oils and turning your brain off for combat encounters, this set’s definitely for you. And if the only reason you’ve picked this up is to fit Geralt’s Wolf School background, is that so bad either?

Whatever your motivations, I’ll leave you with the craziest parry/counterattack maneuver I’ve ever pulled off. 

Wolf Gear

A Howling Good Time

Thanks for reading! If you found this Witcher 3 Wolf gear guide helpful, please feel free to share it and subscribe to our email list for even more guides like this one.

With that, good luck on the Path! 


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