Where to Find Lead in Subnautica

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Where to Find Lead in Subnautica

Like many open-world crafting games, Subnautica features a huge amount of different materials for players to find and collect. These materials range from food items to plants to precious minerals. One of the most valuable items — especially in the early game — is none other than lead. In this guide, we’re covering where to find lead in Subnautica!

How to Get Subnautica Lead Guide

Without any more delays, let’s get right into the guide.

Subnautica Lead Location

First things first, let’s cover where to get lead in Subnautica. Lead is one of several minerals in the game that can be found inside of Sandstone Outcrops (see image above). These are small rocks that you can crack open with your tools to harvest the valuable materials inside. In a Sandstone Outcrop, you have a 25% chance of finding gold, a 37.5% chance of finding silver, and a 37.5% chance of finding lead. So sadly, there is a little bit of RNG involved.

However, getting lead from Sandstone Outcrops is still pretty easy to do. All you need to do is visit one of the biomes that they spawn in and go around destroying as many of them as you can to gain access to the minerals located inside. You can find Outcrops in nearly every biome in the game. If you are just starting out your journey in Subnautica, then you’re in luck as they spawn commonly in the Safe Shallows (the coral reef) and as well as the kelp forests around the map.

Subnautica Lead Uses

This special mineral is useful in a variety of different crafting recipes. As previously mentioned, it is a material useful for protecting yourself from radiation. One of the things lead is used for in crafting is the Radiation Suit. This is a piece of early-game armor that you need to craft in order to explore the wreckage of the ship that crash-landed onto the planet at the very start of the game.

Additionally, lead is also needed for the creation of the Seamoth, a special vehicle that you can use to traverse the map. Lead is also needed to create foundations, which are used in the construction of bases. For a full list of crafting recipes using lead, check out this Subnautica wiki page by clicking on the link here. As you can see, lead is useful in many many different things, both for the early game and well into the late game of Subnautica.

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