Where to Find Cave Sulfur in Subnautica

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Where to Find Cave Sulfur in Subnautica

Like many open-world crafting games, Subnautica is a game with a diverse set of resources. The game features everything from a variety of meats and plants to precious minerals and everything in between. However, one of the most important minerals that you can find in Subnautica is cave sulfur.

But just where do you find cave sulfur in Subnautica, anyway? How can you acquire it safely? What is the material even used for? These are all questions many new players have, and we’d be more than happy to answer them in today’s article.

Finding & Using Cave Sulfur in Subnautica

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How Do You Get Cave Sulfur?

How to Get Cave Sulfur in Subnautica
Image: Unknown Worlds Entertainment via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

The easiest and fastest way to get cave sulfur is by exploring the underwater caves found inside of the Shallows region of the map. One such cave entrance can be found just underneath your escape pod when you first start the game! Inside these caves reside Sulfur Plants, a strange alien flora. And nesting inside of these odd-looking plants is a hostile alien creature, the Crashfish.

Crashfish are sort of like creepers from Minecraft or Glyphid Exploders from Deep Rock Galactic. These are fast and aggressive creatures that will quickly swim up to you and explode. They can deal a good amount of damage if you aren’t prepared for the fight! Crashfish attack you automatically when you get near the Sulfur Plant that they’re currently nesting inside. A great way to deal with them is by using a Stasis Rifle to kill them from a safe distance.

Once you deal with them, you can approach the Sulfur Plant and interact with it to grab some valuable sulfur. The caves inside the Shallows are typically full of these plants, so you can get quite a lot by exploring deep inside them. I recommend crafting yourself an air pump and some pipes for it. You can place the air pump on the surface and use the pipes to give yourself some air while you are deep underwater. It’s a great way to explore freely without fear of suffocation.

What Is Cave Sulfur Used for?

How to Use Cave Sulfur in Subnautica
Image: Unknown Worlds Entertainment via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

Sulfur has a pretty limited number of uses, but the uses themselves are very valuable. Important things like repair tools require sulfur, which you’ll need just for day-to-day survival. You’ll also need sulfur for flares, which light up dark areas when you don’t have another light source. These are perfect for exploring at night or in deep, underwater caves.

Lastly, sulfur is useful for crafting laser cutters. These are really useful tools that every scavenger needs when coming across underwater wreckages or when exploring the crashed Aurora. With these things, you can get behind locked doors and access valuable goodies from the other side.

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