How to Find Silver Ore in Subnautica

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How to Find Silver Ore in Subnautica

The ocean in Subnautica is a big, big place. It’s full of amazing sights, hostile creatures, and more importantly… Valuable resources! One of the most valuable of which is silver ore. This precious mineral is not only worth a lot of money back on Earth, but it’s also incredibly useful as a crafting material.

But that begs the question… Just how do you find silver ore in Subnautica?

What is the best place to get it reliably?

And what crafting recipes can I use it in?

I’m glad that you asked. We are going to be covering all of that in this shorter guide about silver ore in Subnautica.

Subnautica Silver Ore Mini-Guide

With our introduction out of the way, let’s get right into the article!

Where to Find Silver Ore in Subnautica

Silver is a fairly common mineral that you can acquire easily during the first hour of a new game. Here are the best places to find silver ore in Subnautica.

To find silver, look for the Sandstone Outcrops. These are little rocks made of sandstone that spawn in a great majority of biomes in the game. You can crack them open by interacting with it. Upon opening them, you will get one of several different minerals. Silver has a small chance of being one of these minerals. So be sure to crack open any Sandstone Outcrops that you see!

kelp forest to find silver in subnautica
Unknown Worlds Entertainment via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

Another great place to get Silver is through natural deposits of them. Deposits of silver can be found in specific biomes of the game, such as Underwater Islands and Dunes. For a full list of all the biomes that silver deposits can be found in, feel free to check out this link here.

Last but not least, You can also find silver in Subnautica, in barnacles. These special creatures can only be found nested on Reefback Leviathans. Keep your eyes peeled for them and interact with their barnacles for a small chance at some silver.

What is it Used For?

This valuable mineral is incredibly useful in all sorts of crafting recipes! First, you can use it to craft a Medical Kit Fabricator. This is a very handy item that you can set up inside your base. It will automatically craft you a med kit once per day!

What is silver used for in Subnautica
Unknown Worlds Entertainment via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

You can also use silver to make Wiring Kits, which are valuable items used in building underwater bases.

There’s also the High Capacity Oxygen Tank. Crafting this will allow you to breathe underwater for a much longer period of time. This is incredibly nice to have especially in later parts of the game where you will start to spend more of your time deeper and deeper under the water, such as in caves.

Overall, silver is an incredibly valuable resource that all players should try to get a hold of.

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Happy gaming!


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