Wayfinder Guide: Best Two-Handed Weapons

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Wayfinder Guide: Best Two-Handed Weapons

For those who want to wield giant flaming swords, massive shredding maces, and cursed shadow-infused axes.

In the MMO Wayfinder, weapons are one of the key features of the game. Next to the wayfinder you choose to play as, they are the most impactful element of your build. And boy is impactful the appropriate word for this article. Because in this guide, I want to talk about some of the heaviest hitting two-handed weapons in the game. The two-handed weapon category covers scythes, two-handed swords, axes, and maces (at least at the time of this guide). They might add more mighty weapons to this category eventually, but in this guide I am going to cover a sword, axe and mace. So let’s get ready to go over three of the biggest names in big weapons.

Titan’s Bane

Speaking of big names… I couldn’t start this guide without talking about the undisputed king of big weapons, and that is Titan’s Bane. It’s no secret to Wayfinder players that Titan’s Bane is top tier when it comes to two-handed weapons. But to show just how good Titan’s Bane is, in a recent patch it got a huge nerf and is still considered one of the top weapons in Wayfinder.

Let us look at what makes Titan’s Bane so good, starting with its weapon ability. This ability is aptly named Molten Cleave. Molten Cleave is a line AOE that hits for massive damage and causes a short DOT effect by creating volcanic eruptions from the ground. This is the ability that used to delete enemies off the map and so had to be nerfed. Afterwards though, it still hits very hard and is great for laying on the damage.

However it isn’t just Molten Cleave that makes Titan’s Bane a formidable weapon. Titan’s Bane has a strong and very interesting stat line breakdown as well. Here are Titan Bane’s Base stats:

  • Instinct: weapon power and ability power both at 180.
  • Discipline: crit rating and crit power both at 194.
  • Focus: physical defense and magic defense both at 336.

What really stands out about Titan’s Bane’s base stats is that it offers flexibility between offense and defense. Titan’s Bane has a very strong DPS build. If you max instinct and discipline with it you get all the offensive stats boosted (other than break power) and you can just go to town on your enemies. The numbers are average, but you get weapon power, ability power, crit rating, and crit power. Pair that with the weapon ability Molten Cleave and it is not hard to see why this is a premier DPS weapon.

As much as Titan’s Bane is great for DPS, I’m sure you noticed that 336 physical and magical defense you can get from focus. these numbers are huge, and allow for this weapon to work great in a tank style build as well. If you decide to focus on focus, you can really boost your defenses, and you’ll still have either instinct or discipline to fall back on for some damage options. This can lead to a much more balanced playstyle as opposed to pure DPS. In this case, I would recommend instinct as your second affinity pick, as crit rating and crit power are generally better for weapons that hit faster rather than harder (i.e. daggers and some rifles) since more hits just means more chances to crit.


The next weapon I want to discuss is the game’s only (currently) two-handed mace. Juggernaut is a bit more of a straightforward weapon, but that does not mean it is any less devastating in it’s DPS potential.

To start the discussion about Juggernaut, let’s look at the weapon’s special move Upheaval. Charge forward, dragging the weapon along the ground in a line, ending with a massive uppercut swing. Deals additional damage for each level of Momentum consumed. This description from the weapon’s ability pretty much says it all. This is a high damage AOE that can reposition you. Not quite as strong as Molten Cleave perhaps, but with a nice reposition addition. Not much more to say with this weapon ability. It’s pretty straightforward…literally.

As good as Upheaval is, I personally think that it is Juggernaut’s base stats that really make it shine. Here they are:

  • Instinct: max health of 80 and ability power of 240.
  • Discipline: weapon power of 129 and crit power of 259.
  • Focus: Crit rating and break power of 202 each.

If you maximize your discipline and focus with Juggernaut, it can be a true DPS threat. As I said before, crit rating and crit power are best used with weapons that do a lot of attacks (such as daggers), not large two-handed weapons. However, that is not to say that the crit stats are bad on the slower weapons. And here we get a crit rating of 202 and a crit power of 259. This will lead to some devastating hits, and that 129 weapon power helps. If you want to go big bonk, then Juggernaut is the weapon for you. But I really think the star of the show is that 202 break power.

Break power is a stat that isn’t as obviously strong as the other offensive stats, but is arguably the best DPS stat in the game. Break power is especially good in boss fights. Each enemy in the game will have a second bar beneath their HP bar. This is their guard bar. Break power is the stat that determines how much damage you do to that bar when you hit an enemy. Once the guard bar drops to zero, the enemy’s guard has been broken. Once that happens, they will be stunned for several seconds before their guard bar fully recovers. It may not seem like much at first, but while the enemy is stunned you can pile on uninterrupted attacks with no need to pause for pesky things like dodging, blocking, or repositioning. The downside to certain powerful weapons like Night’s Edge (arguably the strongest daggers in the game), is their low break power, meaning you will almost never break an enemy’s guard with them. Once you break a boss monster’s guard for the first time, you will watch their HP drop at roughly the same speed as your jaw and you’ll see how strong this stat can be.

I also just want to point out that the playstyle for Juggernaut is perfectly on point flavor-wise. This giant two-handed mace will crush your enemies with raw power, and that’s usually exactly the kind of feeling you want with big two-handed weapons in an MMO. Juggernaut certainly doesn’t disappoint.


Finally I want to talk about a new star in town, Eclipse. Eclipse is a two-handed axe that was released with the most recent game expansion. With the new expansion, there are a bunch of new quests, including main story quest advancement. One quest added to the game can be gotten from Arsenal in Skylight and is all about helping her lost apprentice who was corrupted by a shadow-infused weapon. You guessed it, that weapon is non-other than the two-handed axe Eclipse. Completing the quest will reward you with the Eclipse Essence, one of the four pieces needed to forge Eclipse. You can also get the Eclipse Essence as a drop from defeating the Reaver King.

Let’s start off looking at Eclipse’s special ability Steel Vortex. With this move you throw Eclipse in front of you. It spins, hitting multiple times before returning to your hands. Each of those multiple hits deals additional damage for each level of Momentum consumed. This is pretty standard damage-dealing fair for two-handed weapons in Wayfinder. However, unlike the last two weapon special abilities which were line AOEs, Steel Vortex is a multi-hit spinning attack that can hit multiple enemies or just pile the damage onto one. Either way, Steel Vortex can certainly hit hard and keep up with the competition.

Eclipse also has a very interesting base stat line, that while not necessarily my favorite, is undeniably powerful. Here are the base stats for Eclipse:

  • Instinct: max health of 80, and weapon power of 240.
  • Discipline: ability power of 259, and magic defense of 215.
  • Focus: crit rating and crit power of 202.

Now, I definitely like focus giving both crit rating and crit power at 202. Maybe I’m just biased since I am currently running a crit build on my main, Niss. But getting them both with one affinity is quite strong. I am not thrilled about weapon power and ability power being split between instinct and discipline, but it’s really not that bad ultimately.

The base stat breakdown of Eclipse leads to some interesting options DPS-wise. First, if you want to make a crit build (or some version thereof), you can focus on focus and then have your choice of instinct for weapon power, or discipline for ability power. That choice will largely depend on which wayfinder you are playing. A wayfinder like Niss will benefit greatly from ability power, but Windgrave for example, would not, and would probably prefer weapon power.

If you want to ignore critting with Eclipse, you can always go instinct and discipline. With this option you get weapon power of 240 and ability power of 259. This is really powerful, and the 215 magic defense doesn’t hurt either. Eclipse is clearly a DPS weapon, so having two out of your four stats be defensive in nature is a bit rough, but on the other hand, having three out of your four stats be over 200 is huge. This makes the instinct and discipline option incredibly strong. But whatever you chose, Eclipse is definitely a powerhouse weapon worthy to be wielded by a hero of Skylight.


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