Wayfinder: Ryv’n the Devourer Guide

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Wayfinder: Ryv’n the Devourer Guide

It is time for the hunter to become the hunted... and get farmed for crafting materials.

In the MMO Wayfinder, one of the first things you will want to do aside from progressing the main questline, is chose a weapon to craft. This will have a big impact on your gameplay, and weapons are resource intensive to craft, so starting early is a good idea. But once you’ve picked a weapon you like and you’re looking at what you need to craft it, you’ll probably notice one item known as a Devourer’s Talon listed. You will likely need a lot of Devourer’s Talons in order to craft your weapon of choice. And when you check your handy dandy information tab to find out how to get a Devourer’s Talon you will be told to defeat Ryv’n.

Yes, Ryv’n drops Devourer’s Talons (sometimes). But who is Ryv’n? Where is Ryv’n? These are important questions, and the answers are a bit more involved than for most enemies in Wayfinder. And since Ryv’n is a crucial enemy to farm for weapon crafting, I am going to cover all of it in this guide.

The Lost Repository of Knowledge

The first time you will encounter Ryv’n is in the Lost Repository of Knowledge expedition. If you run this expedition there is a chance that Ryv’n will show up at the end. I have heard that you need to have a shadow imbuement on the hunt for this to happen, but I have also heard that you can do it without one, but that the shadow imbuement might help? Anyway, to be sure, I’d recommend using a shadow imbuement when you enter the Lost Repository of Knowledge. Then as I said there is a chance Ryv’n appears at the end of the expedition. Once you get him to show up, you will fight Ryv’n. But don’t get scared; this isn’t a real boss fight. You only need to bring Ryv’n to 60% health then he will leave. Once Ryv’n is gone you can leave too and you will have unlocked Ryv’n’s questline.

A Worthy Opponent, Whispers of the Wind, and The Lair of the Whisperer

Once you have exited the expedition you will go talk to the Huntmaster near Skylight’s west gate. He will give you the quest “A Worthy Opponent”. In order to prove your hunting skills, you will have to defeat three bosses in the Highlands. These three bosses are The Silent Butcher, Earth Shaker, and Tyran’s Bane.

After you have defeated the three bosses listed above, you can return to The Huntmaster and he will have a second quest for you. This quest is called “Whispers of the Wind”. For this quest you just need to return to The Lost Repository of Knowledge and face Ryv’n again. This time you get him to 50% health and he drops a piece of chipped armor. Bringing the chipped armor back to The Huntmaster will trigger the final quest in the chain.

“The Lair of the Whisperer” is your final quest. To complete it, you just need to go to an Echo Matrix and craft the gloom trace for Ryv’n. Doing so will unlock the hunt. In order to craft the gloom trace you will need two Glimmering Verdant Spectra, and five Alloyed Spectra. You will also need some gold as with anything you craft. And once this is all said and done, you will have unlocked the Ryv’n hunt and you will be ready to start farming those Devourer’s Talons.

Ryv’n the Devourer

The fight with Ryv’n the Devourer takes place in a big room next to a balcony. The floor is empty except for your large, toothy and clawy friend. You will already have gotten a preview of what Ryv’n can do in your first two encounters with him, but this is the real fight. This fight is soloable if you are mid to high level. Most of Ryv’n’s attack patterns are fairly easy to read. But of course, if you would rather go in with a full team of three to fight him, you can. Keep in mind that the recommend power rating for Ryv’n is 1467, and these recommended power ratings are usually fairly accurate. So use that to judge if you want/need help with him.

As doable as this fight is, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, while Ryv’n’s attack patterns are easy to read, they do a lot of damage. His main attacks are claw swipes in front and claw swipes that reach from the front to the back. He will also leap around a lot on the battlefield, so he will go from one end of the room to the other in an instant. If you play melee you will often have to chase him a bit.

Ryv’n also has two main mechanics you need to watch out for. The first is that two or three times during the fight (depending on your rate of DPS), Ryv’n will jump onto the ceiling. While he is on the ceiling you will not be able to damage him. Also, a bunch of shadow enemies of various types will spawn. Once you have defeated the two or three waves of shadow enemies, Ryv’n will drop back down and you can once again commence the whacking.

Ryv'n the Devourer Black and Purple Monster
Image: Digital Extremes / Joel Stadler

The second mechanic Ryv’n has is a rather nasty special attack. The first phase of the attack is that he marks one player with a circle. If you are the only player you will always get marked naturally. A few seconds after he has locked onto the player he will jump on them. This attack can hit you from anywhere in the room, so be ready to dodge. If Ryv’n hits you with this pouncing move you will not only take a lot of damage, but be pinned to the ground for several seconds while he unloads a lot more into you. I fought Ryv’n as Niss when I was around level twenty-five or so. Sure Niss is one of the lowest health wayfinders, but if I wasn’t at full health, that move would kill me every time it hit. So believe me when I say that it does a lot of damage.

Ryv’n definitely can lay on the DPS. However, as far as Wayfinder bosses go, Ryv’n doesn’t have a huge amount of health. A heavy DPS strategy is quite effective against him. And, as I alluded to earlier, if you pile enough damage onto him, you can bypass one of his jump onto the ceiling triggers and so only have to fight the waves of shadow enemies twice instead of three times. Ryv’n is pretty much all offense, so pile on the damage and make sure to avoid his pouncing attack and you should be fine. Of course the Devourer’s Talons aren’t guaranteed drops. Sometimes you can get two from one fight, other times you’ll have to hunt him three times just to get one. But once you have Ryv’n unlocked, it’s just a matter of farming him until you have all the talons you need for weapon crafting.


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