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Best Daggers in Wayfinder

In Wayfinder, which weapon you choose to wield is arguably as important as which wayfinder you choose to play. As every wayfinder can wield any type of weapon, you’re far less restricted in choices compared to other MMOs. In this article, we’ll be going over my weapon of choice – daggers. Specifically, we’ll be taking an in-depth look at three of the best daggers in Wayfinder.

How Weapons Work in Wayfinder

Slicer & Dicer - example of how weapons work.
Image: Airship Syndicate via HGG / Joel Stadler

Before we go over the three best daggers in Wayfinder, we should briefly go over how weapons work in the game first. That way, you can evaluate what makes a weapon good and understand how its stats and abilities work.

There are three primary things to evaluate when looking at a weapon in Wayfinder. The first two are fairly straightforward, that being the weapon category and what the weapon’s unique special ability is. For this article, we’ll only be covering the Twin Strikers category as that’s what daggers are classified as.

The third thing to consider is the weapon’s stats, and that’s where it gets a bit tricky. There are currently 9 different stats in Wayfinder, and your choice of weapon will affect those stats – but only through the affinity system (Instinct, Discipline, Focus).

Your weapons will give you varying bonuses that scale with your affinities, with certain stats being attached to a specific affinity. Additionally, the bonuses granted differ from weapon to weapon, and each weapon also has its own separate affinity score that you can upgrade for stronger boosts.

For example, having high Instinct might cause one weapon to give you extra Weapon Power, while high Focus will instead give you extra Magical Defense. Meanwhile, a different weapon will give completely different stat bonuses in relation to Instinct and Focus.

As such, it’s important to know how the stats of the weapon are grouped in regards to the affinity system. Now, let’s take a look at the three best daggers in Wayfinder.

The 3 Best Daggers in Wayfinder

Just to clarify, there is not a definitive answer for what is the best pair of daggers in Wayfinder. The game isn’t as strict of a DPS-race as other MMOs are, and your choice will ultimately depend on your playstyle and desire for survivability vs. more damage.

That being said, we will describe what each pair of daggers excels at in Wayfinder. Once the game implements the option to reset your affinity points, you should be able to switch between them as the situation demands.

Night’s Edge (Best for Pure Damage)

Night's Edge - Wayfinder Best Daggers
Image: Airship Syndicate via HGG / Joel Stadler

Night’s Edge is the first pair of daggers we’ll cover. Night’s Edge is the iconic blue blades that serve as the signature weapon of Niss, the original dagger wielder.

The special ability for Night’s Edge is Daggerfall. With Daggerfall, you create three daggers that you fire in an AoE. This move can deal a lot of damage and is incredibly useful for clearing out crowds.

Let’s look at the base stat breakdown for Night’s Edge.

  • Instinct: Weapon Power 239, Max Health 79
  • Discipline: Ability Power 180, Resilience 144
  • Focus: Crit Rating 180, Crit Power 180

Night’s Edge is Niss’ signature weapon for good reason. These daggers are a very straightforward DPS weapon. The best affinities to max out for Night’s Edge are Discipline and Focus. With this setup, you’ll boost the base damage of your weapon, critical damage, and critical chance.

Daggers have the fastest melee attack animation in the game, letting you get the most consecutive hits in. Even better, you get additional benefits for landing consecutive hits. Put all this together, and Night’s Edge churns out the damage.

Unfortunately, the downside here is that Night’s Edge doesn’t favor putting points into Discipline. This means that if you build this weapon optimally, you will not be boosting your ability power or defenses. This can be a bit risky, but if you want to go for a crit build or just prefer a straightforward DPS weapon, then Night’s Edge is the best dagger for you.

Venom (Best Balance)

Venom - Wayfinder Best Daggers
Image: Airship Syndicate via HGG / Joel Stadler

The next weapon we’ll look at is Venom, the poison daggers. Who doesn’t like poison blades when you’re playing a stealthy rogue-like character? Even if you’re playing a big bad warrior type, poison blades can still be cool.

Speaking of cool, look no further than Venom’s special ability – Viper Sting. Viper Sting is a gap closer that not only damages your opponent, but poisons them for the duration of your Blade Dance. The poison applies a DoT effect each time you hit them while in Blade Dance, stacking up to 10 times. Viper Sting is an incredible source of damage that will let you end fights right quick and is a big draw of using Venom.

Now let’s look at Venom’s base stats.

  • Instinct: Crit Rating 180, Weapon Power 180
  • Discipline: Crit Power 180, Magical Defense 300
  • Focus: Max Health 120, Resilience 144

The best affinities for Venom are Instinct and (unsurprisingly) Discipline. Having Magical Defense at 300 base is huge, especially when you consider that the highest stat Night’s Edge got was a 239 for Weapon Power. Discipline will also give you Crit Power on top massive Magical Defense. You can then focus on Instinct to get the Crit Rating and Weapon Power for some offensive boosts.

These stats are certainly nice but are a bit less focused in comparison to Night’s Edge. You also don’t have an option to boost Ability Power, so you can’t really capitalize off of Viper Sting (aka. abuse the hell out of it).

In the end, Venom still does a lot of damage but adds in some nice defense at the cost of going pure DPS. This makes it a solid weapon, with an even more solid ability, but it ultimately comes down to which playstyle you prefer.

Harvest Moon (Best for Team Play)

Harvest Moon - Wayfinder Best Daggers
Image: Airship Syndicate via HGG / Joel Stadler

The third and final pair of daggers we’re going to look at is a rather interesting one – the twin sickles known as Harvest Moon.

What makes this weapon so interesting (aside from the cool visual design) is its ability, Light and Shadow. You create two sigils on the ground, one each for light and shadow. These sigils damage enemies and imbue yourself with light and shadow. Additionally, any enemy (or ally) that steps on one of the sigils gets imbued with the corresponding element.

While the imbuement is active, you and your allies deal bonus damage to enemies of the opposite element. This is rather different from most other abilities that simply deal straightforward damage. It is fun though and unsurprisingly works really well for team play.

Harvest Moon’s base stats are very interesting as well.

  • Instinct: Weapon Power 119, Crit Power 239
  • Discipline: Max Health 79, Crit Rating 239
  • Focus: Physical Defense 300, Break Power 180

These stats are higher overall but are more spread out a bit in comparison to the other daggers. This gives you some interesting options in deciding on which affinities are best for Harvest Moon.

The 300 Physical Defense from Focus is really nice, no question about it. Going a high Focus will also give you Break Power, which is really useful. That being said, Break Power might not jump out at you as much as Crit stats or Weapon Power, but it can let you pile on the damage as well. With a high Break Power, you can easily break your opponent’s guard and lay waste to their health while they’re stunned.

Alternatively, if you max out both Instinct and Discipline, you get to benefit from the 239 Crit Power and Crit Rating, with a decent Weapon Power of 119 thrown in for good measure. This method of spending your affinity points allows for a nice Crit build, but it does mean you don’t get to take advantage of that sweet 300 Physical Defense stat.

Ultimately, Harvest Moon doesn’t lend itself quite as well to pure DPS compared to Night’s Edge and Venom. It’s more suited to providing a healthy mix of survivability and boosting your team’s damage. To that end, we ultimately suggest going Instinct and Focus to capitalize on the strengths of Harvest Moon.

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And there you have the three best daggers in Wayfinder. Ultimately, the choice of which one to use is up to you, and you still can take the time to craft all three. I’d say each one is equally viable, but if you want to focus on raw weapon hits over special abilities, then Night’s Edge is the clear choice.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, and don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter for more gaming content!

Have fun storming the gloom gate!


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