Wayfinder – Best Solo Class, Ranked

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Wayfinder – Best Solo Class, Ranked

Wayfinder is a dungeon crawling, boss fighting MMO that recently entered early-access, and players are already having a ton of fun with it. But as is the case with most MMO-style games, the question arises – can you just play alone? Luckily, the answer is yes – which is why we’ll be going over the best solo class/character options in Wayfinder!

Foreword on Wayfinder and Soloing

Wayfinder is different from most MMOs by not picking a class in the traditional sense. Instead, you pick a character with set base stats, four special abilities, and a unique passive. While each character has a starting weapon, you can wield any type of weapon on each character. So if you want to be the shadowy rogue wielding a giant flaming sword, go for it.

How you play the game ultimately comes down to your weapon choices, accessories, echoes, and affinity – all of which are universally accessible by any character.

While you can play the game by yourself with any of the six available characters, some are naturally going to be better at going it alone than others.

Best Solo Class in Wayfinder, Ranked Worst to Best

With all of the above in mind, we’ll be mainly looking at the skills and passives of each character/class when it comes to ranking them for solo play in Wayfinder.


Senja - a strong tanky character that's better off in group content.
Image: Airship Syndicate via HGG / Joel Stadler

Bringing up the rear on this list, we have Senja – the showboating gladiator. We mean that literally – she showboats when using her skills to trigger her passive (Crowd Favorite).

  • Crowd Favorite gives her the crowd’s favor (indicated by a meter) whenever she showboats, increasing her attack and ability power. While showboating, she is immune to stagger and takes less damage.
  • Gladiator Pummel has Senja punch the enemy before letting you charge the ability by showboating. If you charge up the ability fully, you’ll drastically boost the damage of the followup punch.
  • Gain Favor is a hold-to-showboat ability that upon release taunts nearby enemies and buffs Senja and her allies.
  • Lightning Grasp pulls all enemies in large frontal cone towards Senja.
  • Grand Finale is Senja’s ultimate, which has her charge forward and punch an enemy for massive damage as well as maxing out the crowd’s favor.

You might have already guessed why Senja is in last place for soloing. Her abilities are simply too group focused, namely that of Gain Favor and Lightning Grasp. While the buffs from Gain Favor and ability to reposition enemies are nice, both abilities lose a lot of their effectiveness and value without allies to take advantage of them.

Senja can still be an effective solo character, but she’s just so much better in a group setting, earning her the number 6 spot on this list.


Kyros - very strong DPS, but better suited in group content where he's not drawing aggro.
Image: Airship Syndicate via HGG / Joel Stadler

At number 5 on this list is Kyros, the dark mage who is the second edgiest Wayfinder (just try and tell us otherwise). We’re not trying throw any shade (Kyros does enough of that on his own), but just take a look at his skills.

  • Savage Rake strikes all enemies in front of Kyros with a kickass shadow claw animation. It also can be cast for free using arcane fragments (which we’ll cover in a moment).
  • Siphon Radiant is an AoE cast around Kyros that hits all enemies, reducing his cooldowns and giving him an arcane fragment.
  • Arcane Fragments is Kyros’ passive. Whenever you have a fragment, you can cast Savage Rake for free. You get arcane fragments by either using Siphon Radiant or landing combo finishers.
  • Arcane Focus is an AoE that marks enemies. As you hit enemies, the mark builds up and eventually explodes, dealing a lot of damage.
  • Hand of Reckoning is Kyros’ ultimate ability, which is just a straightforward high damage AoE.

So with all these awesome looking high-powered skills, why are we putting Kyros second-to-last for soloing potential? The simply answer is survivability (or his complete lack of it).

In most MMOs, you have the holy trinity of roles (tank, healer, and DPS). However, Wayfinder doesn’t really have these roles. You have characters with taunts and healing abilities, but Kyros has none of that – only pure damage.

As such, Kyros struggles to stay alive if you’re playing him solo. While his damage output can be insane, he really thrives in a team where he has the support to avoid aggro from enemies. Even with a rather nice dodge, it’s not enough to put him over the number 5 spot.


Venomess - not bad for soloing, but the other options do the job better.
Image: Airship Syndicate via HGG / Joel Stadler

Coming in at number 4 is Venomess. She’s known as The Alchemist for her mastery of toxins and tinctures, and that’s not just a boast.

  • Master of Venoms is her passive ability, letting her weapon hits apply Venom to enemies. This is a DoT effect that can be stacked up to five times. If she hits an enemy with five stacks of Venom, they’re removed and an AoE poison cloud is created. This poison cloud also applies stacks of Venom, however, Venomess can only create a poison cloud once every five seconds (so no going infinite).
  • Transfusion shoots poison needles that lock onto enemies and deal damage. Upon hitting an enemy, a healing needle will spawn and lock onto an ally. This heal is a HoT that scales with the number of Venom stacks on the initial target.
  • Vampiric Blast launches a bomb that absorbs up to five poison clouds. After a brief delay, it then explodes, dealing damage to enemies and healing allies based on the number of poison clouds absorbed.
  • Venom Thrusters is a line AoE where you dash and leave behind a trail that deals damage and applies Venom stacks to any enemies who touch it.
  • Deep Breath is Venomess’ ultimate ability. It’s a damaging AoE that applies five stacks of Empowered Venom, which is just a better version of regular Venom. It also counts as additional stacks of Venom for her Master of Venoms and Transfusion abilities.

Venomess has strong moves that synergizes well with a range playstyle, allowing you to kite enemies. This is incredibly nice for survivability, especially as your nasty DoTs steadily chew away your enemies’ health.

However, her healing abilities are largely wasted without allies to benefit from them. While she’s not bad for soloing, the rest are simply better at doing so.


Silo - Third Best Solo Class in Wayfinder
Image: Airship Syndicate via HGG / Joel Stadler

Silo, the high-tech Robin Hood gets the number 3 spot on this list.

  • Strategic Advantage, Silo’s passive ability, gives him damage buffs against enemies who are debuffed.
  • Fire Bomb is a ranged AoE skill that places a DoT on enemies and can cause a chain reaction with his next skill, Oil Bomb.
  • Oil Bomb creates an oil slick in front of Silo that slows enemies and makes them take additional damage.
  • Proto-Clone causes Silo to dash back and leave a hologram clone behind. It not only draws nearby enemies in but also taunts them until the clone disappears.
  • Arc Nemesis is Silo’s ultimate ability, which is an electric AoE that does burst damage and also lingers in the area to apply a slowing DoT to nearby enemies.

Silo has good maneuverability and a ranged playstyle that uses debuffs to great effect. This makes for an even more viable kiting strategy than what Venomess can do, especially with all of the slowing effects Silo has. Naturally, this makes Silo one of the best solo characters/class in Wayfinder.

Plus, Proto-Clone is such a great panic button. You move away from enemies and aggro them to your clone? Which you can then bombard with your bombs? Simply beautiful. Silo definitely deserves the number 3 spot on this list.


Niss - Second Best Solo Class in Wayfinder
Image: Airship Syndicate via HGG / Joel Stadler

The edgy rogue Niss gets the number 2 spot on this list. And no, this is not favoritism just because she’s the Wayfinder I personally play.

  • Lingering Shadow, Niss’ passive ability, increases her attack whenever she dodges.
  • Shadow Step is a line AoE skill where Niss dashes in a direction and damages all enemies she passes through. It has two charges, each on its own cooldown.
  • Umbral Aura grants Niss a buff where her next three dodges will hit a nearby enemy with a large shadow spike, causing a surge of damage.
  • Vengeful Shade gives Niss an invincibility window where she dodges back and throws shadow darts at her enemies. It’s worth noting that you can chain Vengeful Shade into a dodge to either gain even more distance or to gain some aerial mobility to reposition yourself optimally.
  • Gloom Shroud is Niss’ ultimate ability. She’ll become invincible while doing some hand-signs, after which Shadow Step becomes free to cast for several seconds. This might not seem like much, but it’s quite strong (and fun) to non-stop zip across the battlefield, hitting all enemies in your erratic path.

When it comes to survivability, all of Niss’ abilities (except Umbral Aura) let her avoid hits. Plus, her arcanist archetype grants her the best dodge in the game.

If you use her base weapon (daggers), you can build up a meter with your light attacks to improve your heavy attacks. One such improvement is granting your heavy attack an invincibility window.

To sum it up, basically everything Niss does helps her avoid getting hit, giving her an absurd amount of survivability if you play her correctly. That being said, if you do get hit, you will take a LOT of damage and could easily die to one or two lucky hits.

If it weren’t for the number 1 Wayfinder being much easier to play, Niss would be the best solo class in Wayfinder.


Wingrave - Best Solo Class in Wayfinder
Image: Airship Syndicate via HGG / Joel Stadler

The number 1 solo class in Wayfinder goes to none other than Wingrave! It’s only fitting that the leader of the Wayfinders should take the top spot, and it’s well deserved.

  • Healing Pulse, Wingrave’s passive ability, heals himself and one ally whenever he hits a melee finisher.
  • Righteous Strike continues the healing train by slashing an enemy and causing a burst of healing to himself and allies.
  • Radiant Pulse creates a barrier in front of Wingrave that block projectiles and increases the defense of allies standing behind it.
  • Judgement marks nearby enemies, and anyone who hits a marked enemy heals themselves.
  • Divine Aegis is Wingrave’s ultimate ability, which creates a large golden dome that grants invincibility and HoTs to any ally standing within it.

It was a tough call, but we had to give Wingrave the number one spot over Niss because of ease of play. Both have great survivability, but Windgrave is a lot less likely to die if you mess up a dodge or a mistime a skill.

And while we love Niss’ ultimate ability Gloom Shroud (it’s just so much fun), it’s hard to beat Divine Aegis. The invincibility and healing are great and will get you out of many a tough situation. But that’s not all. Divine Aegis is a DPS ability in disguise as well.

While you’re invincible, enemies will continue to try and hit you, and you can just stand there and hit them back. No need for dodging or moving. It’s just an opportunity to focus on pure DPS.

Thanks to Wingrave’s raw tankiness and lower skill floor than Niss, he gets number 1 spot as the best solo class in Wayfinder.

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And that concludes our ranking of the best solo class/character options in Wayfinder. While any of them can be played solo, our top picks definitely make the adventure easier.

Let us know what you think of our rankings and whether or not a certain class/character deserves to be higher ranked. And don’t forget to subscribe to the High Ground for more gaming content!

Happy soloing Wayfinder!          


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