TFT: How Does Tome of Traits Work | Best Emblems to Choose

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TFT: How Does Tome of Traits Work | Best Emblems to Choose

Teamfight Tactics is a strategic and complex auto-battler in which League of Legends Champions are transformed into chess pieces and separated into classes. Each class has a specific trait that gets stronger as you add more Champions of that class to the board. If a key Champion isn’t a member of the class you’re trying to build, don’t worry! You can always add them to the class by acquiring the Tome of Traits in TFT.

The more traits you unlock across your team, the stronger you’ll be. Each patch brings a new set of trait buffs and nerfs, though, so which ones are the best to battle with? In this article, we’ll cover what exactly the Tome of Traits is in TFT, how to get it, and which traits are best. You’ll be climbing your way to the top of Monsters Attack! in no time!

What is Tome of Traits in Teamfight Tactics?

Tome of Traits in TFT is a buff that can appear in an augment stage, or in a loot orb. Once you choose it, an open book icon will appear on your bench. Selling it allows you to choose a trait emblem from a list of random traits, which you can then add to a Champion to get that much-needed trait bonus.

Say you have seven Spellslingers and three Hearts on your team. If you get the Tome of Traits and happen to get a Spellslinger trait, you can give it to one of your Heart Champions that doesn’t have Spellslinger. 

Eight Spellslingers unlocks the highest trait bonus, and therefore gives your team an enormous amount of increased magic damage and bonus Ability Power. Conversely, if you get a Heart trait, you can give one of your Spellslingers that doesn’t have the Heart trait. Four Hearts unlocks a higher trait bonus, and gives your team more stacking Ability Power. 

The Five Best Trait Emblems in Teamfight Tactics

As you can see, Tome of Traits can be extremely valuable, and can easily turn the tide of a game, depending on your build. So then the question is, which traits do you want to stack on your team? Now that we’ve covered the basics of the Tome of Traits, let’s get into the best trait emblems in TFT!



Brawlers gain additional maximum health, which can go all the way up to +99% if you field eight Brawler Champions. Brawlers make your team incredibly tanky, and protect higher-damage, long-range Champions like Ashe or Kayle. While Brawlers hold off Champions in the front lanes, your long-range champions can remain untouched and melt the enemy from afar. 

If you’re trying to build a Brawler team, a Brawler emblem can give you the maximum trait bonus or that extra health that you may need to squeak ahead and stay alive long enough to earn a spot in the top four. Just make sure you have Champions in the back that can deal heavy damage, because a full Brawler team with no poke damage won’t last long.


Anima Squad

Although Anima Squad Champions are tough to build and pretty weak in the early game, they crush the competition late game and guarantee a top four spot if you can get enough of them on the board. In addition to bonus health after every kill, Anima Squad members gain bonus attack damage and ability power. 

The more kills your team gets, the tankier they become. If you manage to collect seven, your team will have 60% attack damage and 60 Ability Power. These buffs, when coupled with your increasing health, make you extremely powerful and unkillable. If you get an Anima Squad emblem from Tome of Traits in your first or second augment, you’ll definitely want to pick it up.

You will want to pair your Anima Squad team with some Duelists, which give you more attack speed, and Brawlers, which make you harder to kill. With the added attack speed and health, you will be able to swiftly take out your opponents and have most of your team left standing.



The Underground trait is also hard to win with early game, but it shreds enemy Champions in the late game if you can get the right loot. If you happen to get an Underground emblem early in the game, you can get loot that can make your team stronger and keep you one step ahead of everyone else. 

The loot is random, so you might not get what you want, but it often gives you what you need to have an advantage over your opponents. An Underground emblem is extremely good because the more stacks you have, the faster you unlock loot. The loot can contain rare items, Champion duplicators, and gold. The more loot you get, the faster you can upgrade and buff your Champions, and the stronger you will be late game.

An Underground team can be tough to pull off sometimes, since it mainly relies on items and gold. But if you build Brawlers with it early, and later attack speed and crit, then it can steamroll the competition.



Spellslingers deliver massive amounts of magic damage and shred tanks. Every five seconds, Spellslingers also fire a magic orb at a random target that explodes for 50% Ability power as magic damage. 

The more stacks you get, the more Ability Power your team earns. Spellslingers can be weak early game, and difficult to survive with if you can’t find any to stack your Ability Power with. However, if you manage to get a Spellslinger emblem early, and get to four stacks fast, you’ll sweep most of your enemy’s team.

If you are able to get eight Spellslingers, your team will be very difficult to defeat in the late game. Just make sure you have some tanks in your front two lines so your Spellslingers last long enough to melt the enemy team from afar. Star Guardians, which give you more mana, and Hearts, which supply you with even more Ability Power, will make a Spellslinger team even more powerful late game.


Laser Corps

Laser Corps Champions each have a drone that deals magic damage to the enemy, and that magic damage increases with each stack. If a Laser Corps Champion dies, their drone moves to the nearest living Laser Corps Champion. So if there’s only one Laser Corps Champion left (usually an Ashe), and you have seven Laser Corps total, that one Champion will have seven drones melting down the remaining enemy team.

This can be a hard carry build or a complete flop depending on what classes you pair with it. Since Laser Corps Champions like Ashe and Senna are quite squishy, you’ll need Brawlers, Mascots, or Defenders placed in front of them so that they can absorb most of the damage. In the late game, you will need some more tanky Champions that continue to build health as the game progresses, such as Admin or Anima Squad champions.

Laser Corps Champions can deal up to 99 magic damage, and acquire a second drone if you get nine of them on the board. Even seven can easily secure you a spot in the top four if you know how to protect them long enough for them to wipe the whole enemy team. Laser Corps is definitely one of the most fun, yet challenging classes to battle with, but once you figure out which classes go best with it, you’ll be winning games left and right.

Join the High Ground!

If you are lucky enough to get Tome of Traits in a game of TFT, you will have a great chance at landing a spot in the top four. Which traits do you think are the best in Monsters Attack? Let us know in the comments, and don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter for more content like this. 

Happy gaming!


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