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The Sims 4 Grafting Guide

Bestow a green thumb upon your sim

Grafting is a technique used by gardeners to grow two plants from one root system by joining a cutting from one species to a fully grown plant of the other. As a fun fact, this is the way most apples are grown today, as it ensures genetic consistency that isn’t possible otherwise. In The Sims 4, grafting is a great way for sims with green thumbs to save time and space. It also lets you grow some plants that you can’t access with normal seeds. I’ll guide you through the process in this grafting guide for The Sims 4!

Taking Cuttings

Before you can graft plants, your sim will first need to have a level 5 Gardening skill. Once they have reached level 5, your sim will have the option to Take Cutting when interacting with a plant. This will add a Spliced Garden Shoot to your sim’s inventory. You can hover over a shoot in their inventory to see what plant it came from.

If you take a cutting from a spliced plant (a plant that has already been grafted), the type will be determined by the base plant – the plant that you originally grafted to. You will see a spliced plant’s base type as the first name in the list when you hover over it.

Grafting Plants

Your sims with a level 5 Gardening skill will also have the Graft… option when interacting with a plant. Using this option will open a dialogue where you can select a shoot from your inventory to graft to the plant. This will create a new Spliced Plant.

Regardless of which plant you cut and which one you graft onto, you will still get the same result from the combination. However, the growth speed, season, and quality of the Spliced Plant will all be determined by the base plant (the one you graft onto, not the cutting). So keep that in mind when you decide how to go about your grafting.

You can graft just about any two plants together and create a Spliced Plant that will grow both types of items at the same rate. You can even graft cuttings from a Money Tree to grow more simoleons! Some combinations will also yield a third, completely new item that you may not be able to get any other way besides grafting. You can also graft multiple additional plants onto the same one, but keep in mind that you will only be able to harvest 10 items at a time from each plant and their types will be randomly divided between all of that plant’s types.

Grafting Recipes

Here are all of the new plants you can breed through grafting. You can graft either of the origin plants to the other and get the same result, but I’ve organized the table to help you graft onto the fastest growing of the two plants.

PlantTypeGraft this……to this
Bird of ParadiseRareTulipChrysanthemum
Bonsai BudsRareDaisyStrawberry
Bonsai BudsRareRosesGrapes
Cow BerryRareDragonfruitSnapdragon
Death FlowerRarePomegranateOrchid


The Cowplant is the most unique plant in The Sims 4. This carnivorous plant is grown from a Cow Berry, which is a very rare seed but can be obtained by splicing together a Dragonfruit and a Snapdragon. The Cow Berry itself is pretty valuable, selling for 900 simoleons.

A Cowplant must be fed and cared for almost like a pet. If not fed regularly, it will try to lure sims with a cake trap, and if they fall for it, it will devour them. A Cowplant that has eaten a sim can be milked, which will net you an Essence of Life that can extend your sim’s lifespan. A Cowplant that does not eat will eventually die.

Death Flowers

The Death Flower is another special plant in The Sims 4. Like the Cowplant, this plant can also help you extend your sim’s lifespan. You can give a Death Flower to the Grim Reaper to save a sim from death. You can also use the flower to make Ambrosia, a special food that will reset your sim’s current life phase to its beginning.

To get a Death Flower entirely through grafting requires three steps. The first two can be completed at the same time:

  • Splice an Apple and a Cherry to get a Pomegranate
  • Splice a Lily and a Snapdragon to get an Orchid
  • Splice the Orchid and the Pomegranate to get a Death Flower

You’ll then be able to grow more Death Flowers and achieve your dream of (s)immortality.


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