The Get Famous expansion brought the celebrity lifestyle to The Sims 4, as well as a new way to earn simoleons: the acting career. The first thing you do when joining this career path is choose an acting agency to support you. Your agency can be changed at any time, and each one offers unique benefits and some amusing quirks. Let’s take a look at each agency and help you decide which one is the best for you.

What’s the Best Acting Agency in The Sims 4?

Sims 4 Acting Agencies
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Each agency offers some unique flavor to your notifications as well as some differences in the types of roles you can audition for. Your sim can be successful with any acting agency you choose, so pick the one you like the most. We’ll tell you more about the perks and personality of each acting agency below!

A.I. Staffing Agency

Audition Passed AI Staffing Notification
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“Consider A.I. Staffing. [applicantName]! Our agents look forward to booking your unproductive time with work. Please enable notifications to stay informed on the latest [jobField] opportunities.”

This agency is one of the two that are immediately available when you join the acting career. A.I. Staffing is like a digital assistant sending you automated reminders that read as robotic form letters. They are the only agency without “talent” in the name, and it’s implied that they are more of a generic service that is not specifically an acting agency.

A.I. Staffing offers some very amusing notifications that promise to keep you humble as you ascend the career ranks. They don’t bring any unique benefits to the table, so unless you’re really interested in reading those notifications, any other agency will have more to offer.

Everyday Extras Talent Agency

Sims 4 Computer Find Job
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“Our team has put faces into every wide angle crowd shot this town has ever filmed. We will find you work, no matter how small the role.”

Everyday Extras Talent Agency is the other agency that is available right from the start of the acting career. Joining this agency will unlock auditions for daytime television at a lower level than normal. Over the course of your career, you’ll see more commercials and daytime television gigs in your auditions list.

This agency emphasizes that “no part is too small,” indicating they’re more focused on the smaller roles and probably not equipped to hander bigger stars. As a result, Everyday Extras is a good stepping stone for the first three levels of the career, but you’ll probably want to switch to one of the higher-tier agencies when they become available.

G.R.A.N. Talent Agency

Sims 4 Acting Career Gig Director
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“Join the Goldie Ruthfield family. Our team will provide you with the same care and guidance that Goldie provided to Silver Screen Legends such as Chesterfield Cupola and Ann Chaplet.”

The Goldie Ruthfield Acting Agency – G.R.A.N. – is one of the agencies that will become available when you reach level 4 of the acting career. This agency has apparently already supported some legendary actor sims, so it’s definitely got to be a step up from the other two.

Joining G.R.A.N. will unlock historical and musical roles at a lower level and give you more of both at the higher levels. This is the best agency for a stage actor who prefers musicals or Shakespeare to sci-fi and action flicks. As a bonus, this agency sends you flowers when you fail an audition.

Well Suited Talent Agency

Sims 4 Well Suited Talent Agency
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“Well Suited Talent represents only the best, who perform their best, and expect the best. YOu don’t become an icon without the sweat, some tears, and more wardrobe changes than a storefront mannequin during fashion week.”

Just like the G.R.A.N. Talent Agency, the Well Suited Talent Agency becomes available when you reach level 4 of the acting career. This agency seems to take the celebrity business very seriously. Their notifications are especially flattering, but they definitely come across as a big company interested mainly in raking in the simoleons.

Well Suited offers the widest variety of gig types at the lowest level, including prime time television, drama, and action roles, and they negotiate higher pay for these roles. If you’re looking to be a big movie or TV star, this will be the best agency for you.

How to Change Your Acting Agency

Sims 4 Hire a New Acting Agency
(Image: Maxis via HGG / Sarah Arnold)

You can change your acting agency at any time through the phone or any computer.

To use the phone, click the Phone icon in the bottom left corner, then click Business, then select Hire a New Acting Agency.

To change agencies through the computer, click on the computer and select Career, then Hire a New Acting Agency.

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