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The Sims 4 Doctor Career Guide

How to poke and prod your way to becoming Chief of Staff

With the Get to Work expansion, The Sims 4 gained three new careers: detective, scientist, and doctor. Unlike most careers where your sim disappears into a rabbit hole during work hours, these are active careers which allow you to control their actions throughout the workday. The doctor career is especially challenging as it requires diagnosing and treating patients. I’ll cover how to diagnose and treat each illness in this guide along with some tips and tricks to ensure your success as a doctor in The Sims 4!

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Traits and Aspirations for Doctors

If you know that you want your sim to be a doctor, there are a few traits and aspirations you can give them in Create-a-Sim that will benefit their chosen career path.

The Academic aspiration under the Knowledge category is ideal for getting your sim through university if you choose to go that route. Otherwise the Nerd Brain aspiration in the same category will suit your sim well, since they’ll be looking to acquire Logic and Handiness skills anyway.

The Ambitious and Overachiever traits are good ones for any career-oriented sim. Genius is useful for building your skills and getting into the Focused mood, which is the ideal mood for a doctor. When getting started you may find that traits like Outgoing are particularly useful for socializing with co-workers. They’ll also help with your sim’s bedside manner as you progress through your career.

How to Join the Doctor Career

As with any other career in The Sims 4, you can join the doctor career by using the phone, computer, or career panel (hotkey J) to select “Find a Job.”

If you have a university degree in Biology, you’ll start at a much higher career level: level 6 for a regular degree, level 7 for a distinguished degree or a degree with honors, or level 8 with a distinguished degree with honors. Otherwise you’ll start at level 1.

How to Level the Handiness Skill

The only skill you’ll be able to make much use of as a doctor is Handiness. It isn’t required to progress through the career, but it will allow your sim to upgrade and repair the hospital’s machines, which will make you much more efficient and productive.

The best way to improve your Handiness skill is by repairing and upgrading objects around your home and office. You can also purchase and read the skill books: Vol. 1 works for levels 1-3, Vol. 2 for levels 4-7, and Vol. 3 for 7-9. You can’t get the last level this way, however.

How to Get in the Focused Mood

Being in the Focused mood for work can boost your sim’s performance as a doctor. Before your sim can be in this mood, they’ll need to deal with any negative moods such as Sad.

There are many activities that can help you get Focused, but here are a few that are quick and easy for getting your sim into the right mental state for work:

  • Click on a computer and select “Browse Simpedia.”
  • Click on a chess table and select “Ponder Moves” or “Play Chess.”

To stay Focused at work, you can click on one of the hospital computers and select “Research Health Reports on Medical Journal.”

How to Diagnose Illnesses

Your goal as a doctor is to treat patients. You’ll be able to practice running tests early on, and then starting around level 4 (Medical Technologist), you’ll begin to see objectives relating to diagnosing and treating illnesses. You’ll be able to narrow down your diagnosis by running tests. In fact, it’s advisable to run as many tests as possible so that a) you complete as many objectives as possible and b) you can narrow it down and make a Guaranteed Diagnosis.

Sometimes your sim may run every available test and still find herself stumped. That’s when it becomes important to be able to recognize symptoms. Here’s an overview of the different symptoms that are associated with each illness. You’ll be able to spot symptoms by watching the patient closely.

  • Bloaty Head: headache, ear steam
  • Burnin’ Belly: stomach ache, headache, fever
  • Gas & Giggles: striped rash, stomach ache, laughing, gassy
  • Itchy Pumbob: striped rash, itching
  • Llama Flu: spotted rash, coughing, sneezing, fever
  • Starry Eyes: dizziness, swirled rash, cross-eyed, swatting at the air
  • Sweaty Shivers: swirled rash, spotted rash, fever, itching
  • Triple Threat: swirled rash, spotted rash, striped rash, dizziness, sneezing, coughing, itching

How to Handle Emergencies

There are a few emergencies and other special tasks that can appear while you’re working as a doctor. For one, you’ll sometimes be asked to make a house call. To travel to an available house call, interact with the front desk at the hospital. You’ll appear at the designated location and will need to treat any sick patients at the site.

Sometimes the hospital will be understaffed and you’ll be asked to do basic tasks such as mopping and making beds, regardless of your career level.

You’ll sometimes be asked to perform emergency analysis. This requires visiting the front desk to pick up the samples, running them through the analyzer, and entering the data into the computer.

Once you reach at least level 8 in the career, you’ll occasionally need to deliver a baby. This will pop up randomly as an emergency and is required to reach level 9.

Doctor Career Levels

Like most careers, the doctor career offers bonuses every time you are promoted. You’ll also have a regular schedule and pay rate based on your level. You’ll need to complete certain tasks in order to receive a promotion.

LevelTitleScheduleHourly PayPromotion TaskPromotion Reward
1Medical InternSMTxxFS
§18Attend an active workday at the Doctor Career venueN/A
§23Treat 2 Patients§192
Doctor Xavier Ray’s Display
Not So Blind Eye Chart
New clothes
3Medical AssistantSMTWTxx
§35Treat 3 Patients§256
X-Ray Machines at work
Give Medical Advice interaction
Give Bad Medical Advice interaction (with level 3 Mischief)
4Medical TechnologistxMTWTFx
§49Successfully Diagnose and Treat a Patient§312
Defeat the Darkness Surgical Light
Medical Treadmills at work
New clothes
5Assistant NurseSxTWxFx
§68Successfully Diagnose and Treat 2 Patients§384
Restless Thankless Medical Stool
Surgery Tables at work
Check Hotness interaction
§95Successfully Diagnose and Treat 3 Patients§576
Doctor of Medicine Diploma
Can determine baby gender on pregnant sims
7Doctor – General PractitionerSxTxTFx
§135Perform Surgery on 3 Patients§816
Seat of Health
New clothes
8Medical SpecialistSMxWxFx
§195Deliver a Baby§1136
The Diligent Doctor’s Desk
Sickness Resistance trait
§245Successfully Diagnose and Treat 5 Patients§1496
Skelly Sim
10Chief of StaffxMTxTFx
General Hospital styled room

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