Tecware Torque Competition Grade Gaming Mouse Review

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Tecware Torque Competition Grade Gaming Mouse Review

Hey everybody! So I’ve been testing out the Tecware Torque Gaming Mouse for the past several weeks. During this time I’ve been using it as my daily driver for everything from emails to long gaming sessions. I feel uniquely qualified to deliver a solid review, and I’m excited to tell you all about its performance. Let’s get going!

Zoom In: Specs

  • Sensor: Pixart PMW3310 (up to 5000 DPI)
  • Switches: Omron 20 million click switches
  • Buttons: 8 Programmable buttons
  • Polling Rate: 1000Hz
  • Tracking: 130 IPS / 30G acceleration
  • Lighting: 11 adjustable RGB color effects
  • Cable: 6 ft braided w/ Gold plated USB connector
  • Dimensions: 5 x 2.75 inches / 111g


Tecware Torque Competition Grade Gaming Mouse Review
  • Tecware Torque Gaming Mouse
  • Quick start guide
  • Extra set of mouse feet

Right off the bat I’m sold. I just love Tecware’s packaging, and the Torque’s boxing doesn’t disappoint. Front and center is a big picture of the mouse surrounded by eye-catching information and specs. Perfect contrast. The sides are minimal with a black and white color scheme. Flip the box over and there’s a more in depth look at everything the Torque offers. Beautiful!

Tecware Torque Competition Grade Gaming Mouse Review 2

Enough of the package. Let’s see what’s inside. I pop open the closing flap and a protective cardboard insert slides out. Groovy. I remove the cardboard and the mouse falls into my lap. As I pick it up the first thing I notice is the sleek profile. It reminds me of the Millenium Falcon with its formidable frontend design.

The other main thing I notice? It’s fairly light compared to what I was expecting. I understand that it’s a mouse, but I prefer some weight to my gadgets and gizmos. Not a big deal, and definitely not unusual. But important to mention.

As I continue to give it a thorough inspection, I become more and more impressed with the level of detail. The scroll wheel is suspended within a large channel, almost like a chasm, extending from top to bottom of the mouse. Just behind the wheel is a set of triangular buttons, all customizable depending on your gaming needs. The left side features another set of buttons before the mouse drops off in an cliff-like fashion. The right side features a more gradual slope downward, and together they offer an ergonomic grasp that captures the arc of my hand perfectly.

Alright, time to put her into action! I remove the velcro strip holding the braided cable together and plug the gold-plated USB into the port. The mouse lights up as the Tecware logo begins to pulse, and a luminous glow bursts from the bottom in a rainbow wave of color! It’s an impressive sight.

Tecware Torque Competition Grade Gaming Mouse Review 9
Tecware Software

Meanwhile, the driver download is instant. The mouse is ready in a flash. I pull up Chrome and start with some light web surfing. The cursor is moving at a snail’s pace, but I haven’t changed my sensitivity settings. Concerned, I begin playing with the mouse buttons. Sure enough, a click here and a tap there and I’m back in business. Interesting.

I pull up Steam and launch open Terraria, a classic favorite. The mouse is smooth and adaptive. As creatures pop onto my screen I’m able to take them down with precision each and every time. Mining, collecting resources, and kicking ass has never felt this good!

What about something more action packed? Fortnite beckons as I drop into battle. Whether it’s my mouse or just a newfound sense of confidence, I begin slaying my enemies at breakneck speed. Down they go as my cursor hits bullseye time after time. My shooting is sharp as the Torque propels me to victory.

Upon Closer Inspection…

The Tecware Torque ranks high in the comfort department. First off, it’s got an ergonomic profile with fantastic structure. The angles and grooves on the Torque are perfectly configured for long gaming sessions with intense movement. My hand rests gently but just firm enough to sit atop the mouse without any discomfort.

Tecware Torque Competition Grade Gaming Mouse Review 6
Ergonomic Shape Similar to Razer DeathAdder

It also has in-mold side grips with a minor ribbing pattern for security and proper gripping. I find this helps me keep a firm grasp on things. Plus, I feel better about moving and being more aggressive in gameplay. No slippage or mistakes, which is a must have for any competitive grade mouse.

The way it floats on my mousepad is also quite enjoyable. It’s like a cloud! Seriously, the gliding action of the Torque is a great experience. I almost forget I’m even using it! What more could you ask for?

The controls on the Torque score very high. The performance of this competitive gaming mouse is spot on thanks to it’s bespoke design and Omron switches. The mouse is sensitive to even the slightest movements, and it registers clicks with no fuss.

The switches are rated for a 20 million click lifespan, and I can believe it! The mouse compresses beautifully with a small bounce upon release. The noise is also very nice with a soft and delicate register. It sports 130 IPS (inches per second) tracking which is perfect for competitive gaming and will get you the functionality you need.

Additionally, the DPI or dots per inch comes out to 5000! Combined with the unbelievable 30G acceleration, the mouse and cursor will zoom across the screen with speed and precision. Super impressive in such an affordable offering. It also comes with 8 fully programmable buttons, all of which click and function beautifully. The software download, which I’ll get to soon, provides plenty of custom macros and other options. Overall, you can expect incredible performance from the Torque.

Starship or a Gaming Mouse?

The lighting on the Torque is pretty sweet. The way it looks is just too cool, and it gives off a total sci-fi glowing spaceship vibe. Not only that, but the LED lights are featured in several different areas. You’ve got the pulsing logo, the shining scroll wheel, and a sweet line of LEDs wrapping around the base of the mouse.

Tecware Torque Competition Grade Gaming Mouse Review 5
Lighting Back

Open up your quick start guide and you’ll see a list of several different LED modes including:

  • Rainbow wave
  • Fixed color
  • Breathing
  • 2 way comet
  • Blended
  • Rainbow
  • Blinking
  • Reactive
  • Charging
  • Pixel
  • Comet

No kidding! And they all look really nice! But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The software download allows for even more options and control over the lighting customizations. I’ve configured the Torque to match the rest of my setup with a breathing LED pattern, and I’m honestly stoked to have it as part of my gear collection. The RGB LED effects are simply brilliant.

Tecware Torque Competition Grade Gaming Mouse Review 4
Lighting Front

Not the Deathadder, but Close

I feel a little uneasy about the Torque’s lifespan, and I’ll tell you why. I mentioned before that the mouse weighed a little less than I felt comfortable with. While that does spark some hesitation, it’s not the main reason.

I’ve been using the Torque for only 2 weeks, and the mouse feet have already worn down considerably. This is a red flag in my department. Judging from the looks of things, I’d expect to get about 3-6 months of gameplay out of the mouse before needing to replace the feet. Fortunately, Tecware includes an extra set of feet in the package. A huge bonus and a saving grace. But it’s still something to note.

Tecware Torque Competition Grade Gaming Mouse Review 7
Feet May Wear Down Quickly

In terms of the other parts of the Torque, the components seem comparable to other mouses in this price range. The braided cord is thick and durable, and I’d feel comfortable transporting the mouse to LAN events without a second thought. The Torque also features Omron switches that last 20 million clicks. Heck yeah. Overall, pretty standard components with some concern about the Torque’s longevity.

Generally speaking, the Tecware Torque is a fine mouse for casual and competitive gameplay. Boasting powerful performance and an incredible light show, it’s both effective and fun. It feels great resting in my hand, and I never had any trouble with precision or functionality during my testing.

Tecware also offers a free software download to complement the mouse. It offers button profiles, sensitivity adjustments, LED customization, full macro support and more! What a wonderful addition to the Torque! While most companies nowadays are offering downloads to go along with their accessories, Tecware really stands above the crowd.

The durability of the mouse does worry me a little, but the rest of the mouse is spot on. Additionally, the price is so affordable that my concerns are nearly offset. Tecware packs tremendous value into the Torque competitive gaming mouse, and I wholeheartedly recommend it for folks looking to level their game on a budget.

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Zoom Out: Verdict
  • Ergonomics - 8/10
  • Controls - 8/10
  • Lighting - 9/10
  • Durability - 5.5/10
  • Value - 7/10


An attractive gaming mouse from a lesser-known brand. At its price point, the Torque is a standout and reminds me of a budget friendly alternative to the Razer Deathadder.


  • Sleek, formidable design
  • Inexpensive gaming-grade mouse
  • Top-notch PixArt Sensor & Omron Switches


  • Hard to find
  • Durability may pose an issue
  • Spend a bit more, and you’d get a Deathadder

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