Top 8 Most Helpful Office Accessories

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Top 8 Most Helpful Office Accessories

Over the years, we have identified a few accessories that help perfect the ultimate battle station area. Most of them were predictable disappointments resulting in a short life but a handful of them have become lifetime companions. If all is well with the gaming rig, desk setup, and office chair fine tuning is the natural next step. Blahg. Here we go with the top 8..

1. Magnetic Screwdriver


Bahco Ratchet Bit Screwdriver

Magnetic screwdriver is to gaming rig builder as lightsabre is to Jedi, as wand is to wizard as… you get the picture. If there is one constant in the hobby of PC gaming, it is the inevitable stream of upgrades to enable us to play the latest and coolest games at their best. A trusty screwdriver will save you time, reduce frustration, and prevent you from going Hulk mode and smashing something you wouldn’t want to smash. Bahco has a rubber handle magnetic screwdriver that has storage in the handle so you don’t lose any bits.

2. Additional Tools

For the PC gaming rig building enthusiast one screwdriver isn’t enough. If you’re doing custom stuff or just spend a lot of time working on your own and your friends’ rigs optimizing your forge is a worthwhile investment. The iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit has everything you need for efficient, professional quality work.

3. Back Support


Obus Forme LowBack Backrest Support

If you already have a pretty good chair, sometimes all you may need is a detachable back support to enhance the ergonomics of your chair. Obus makes backrests backed (heh heh) with scientifically proven results. Their Obus Forme LowBack Backrest Support has done wonders for many a sore back. They are spendy, but they make a huge difference and are cheaper than buying a brand new office chair. If you suffer from persistent back pain you may want to consider giving Mueller’s Lumbar Back Brace a try. It’s comfortable enough for all day wear and features flexible steel supports along the spine.

4. Wrist Support

Carpal tunnel is no joke and it is a common ailment that plagues dedicated gamers. There are now fitted wrist sleeves and computer gloves that allow full movement in the fingers while supporting the wrist. They also cushion the wrist from hard surfaces and keep the wrist in the optimal ergonomic position. Mueller’s Fitted Right Wrist Brace is the most popular, but we like Imak’s Computer Glove even better.

5. Foot Rest


Kantek Adjustable Footrest

Before you hate, we challenge you to try one. Some people swear by their footrests to relieve strain and muscle fatigue from spending long hours in a sitting position. We really like Kantek’s adjustable footrest as well as the foot cushion by Safco.

6. Electric Duster

Don’t waste your money on buying cans of dust off when you can get one of these bad boys. You’re gaming area will be dust free for good. It makes short work of keyboard, gaming rig, and other dust accumulation areas. Our favorite is the DataVac by Metro Vacuum.

7. Cable Ties


If you’ve got multiple systems and/or monitors resulting in a matrix of cables running every which way tame the beast with cable ties. Varylala has black/white/colored velcro ties that will last for life.

8. Wrist Pad

It’s never too late to call for keyboard backup. These will help prevent wrist injury and also provide a comfortable bastion during downtimes in between matches. The Grifiti Fat Wrist Pad does just the trick for most gaming applications.


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