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10 Best Games like Little Nightmares

One of my personal favorite horror games out there is Little Nightmares. This is a stylized, puzzle-platforming game in which you play as a little girl running through the bowels of a big ship, trying to survive against a variety of horrifying and grotesque creatures. The game did well and received a sequel some years ago, but no third game has been released (yet). If you’re like me and are looking for a game to scratch that Little Nightmares itch, then you’ve come to the right place! Here in this ranking, we’ll be going over the 10 best games like Little Nightmares.

10 Games like Little Nightmares, Ranked from Good to Best

With that introduction over and done with, let’s hop right into the ranking!

Neverending Nightmares

Games like Little Nightmares | Neverending Nightmares
Image: Infinitap Games via HGG

Neverending Nightmares is a game that’s pretty similar to Little Nightmares, both in name and — to a certain degree — gameplay. This is a 2D horror game with a stylized art style. In the game, you will have to play through a variety of nightmares set across different locations, from insane asylums to dark forests, all the while sneaking past horrifying monsters.

The game is pretty simplistic in its gameplay, and it can feel a bit slow at times. But still, it’s a fun game that is definitely worth the purchase if you love 2D horror games with interesting stories. Speaking of stories, the game features multiple different endings for you to get that depend on the actions you do during your playthrough. This gives you some replayability, which I really appreciate in smaller indie games like this one.

Fran Bow

Fran Bow
Image: Killmonday Games AB via HGG

Fran Bow is spooky point-and-click adventure game set across several strange and bizarre levels. In the game, you play as a little girl who goes by the name of Fran. She was recently orphaned after the loss of her parents and now finds herself living in a mental institution while she recovers from her mental illnesses. It’s definitely got a dark premise, so if you like horror games, look no further than Fran Bow.

Many of you may dislike the fact that this is a point-and-click game instead of a 2D platformer, which is fair. This type of game isn’t for everyone, and I personally am not a huge fan of these kinds of games. Still, it’s fun to play and it’s got some great puzzles to solve. There are even a few minigames for you to complete as well.


Image: Corentin Haot via HGG

Up next is Obusite. This is a free-to-play game that you can download on Itch.io. Out of all the games on this ranking, this one definitely takes the most influence from Little Nightmares. The game sees you playing as a little kid trying to sneak their way out of a strange and creepy mansion, all while being hunted down by an even creepier man.

It’s a 2.5D game, just like Little Nightmares, so the gameplay is incredibly similar. The overall atmosphere and tone of the game is very similar to Little Nightmares as well, so it really shouldn’t come as a surprise that it made this list. If you finished Little Nightmares I and II and are looking for more, then this may be a good way for you to scratch that itch.


Image: Coldwood Interactive, Electronic Arts via HGG

Next is Unravel, a strangely wholesome game where you play as Yarny, a strange creature made entirely out of yarn. This is a puzzle platforming game in which you will need to travel across someone’s backyard while navigating over difficult terrain and obstacles. The game reminds me a lot of Little Big Planet. You are playing as a very small creature in a normal-sized world, where the obstacles are things like puddles of water and the platforms are sunflowers.

This is definitely not a horror game, so if you were looking for something to scare you, you might want to skip to the next game on the list. Still, family-friendly games can be very fun, and Unravel is no different. It’s a unique premise for a game that shares some similar gameplay elements to Little Nightmares but with a few unique twists on its own, such as using your yarn-body to navigate through the world.

White Shadows

White Shadows
Image: Monokel, Thunderful Publishing, Mixtvision via HGG

White Shadows is a 2D puzzle-platforming game set in a spooky, dystopian society of animals. The game will see you running and jumping past dangerous obstacles to reach your objectives while you navigate through a black-and-white world devoid of color. The landscape is industrial and full of dangerous machines that you’ll need to avoid.

The gameplay is more similar to something like Limbo than Little Nightmares, but both games are already similar in a lot of ways. If you like games that delve into political commentary, then this is definitely one you should consider adding to your library.

Among the Sleep

Games like Little Nightmares | Among the Sleep
Image: Krillbite Studio via HGG

Among the Sleep is probably one of my personal favorites on this list of the best games like Little Nightmares. In the game, you play as a very young child exploring their house in the dead of night. Things quickly take a turn for the supernatural as you find yourself exploring otherworldly environments while on the run from a terrifying and dangerous monster…

The game has this aesthetic of childishness mixed with horror that works very well together. Some of the environments are inspired by children’s playground equipment. And at some parts of the game, you will be guided by a sentient teddy bear. It definitely leads to a very unique experience that is hard to find in most other games.


Image: Atmos Games, Armor Games Studios via HGG

Pinstripe is a creepy 2D platformer that looks like it was taken straight from a Tim Burton movie. The game sees you venture into the depths of Hell as you try to track down and rescue his child. Pinstripe is an interesting game on this list as its one of the few where you can fight back against your aggressors. You are given a slingshot that can not only solve puzzles but shoot at baddies.

The art style of this game is probably my favorite part. It looks pretty similar to the game Little Inferno. Another thing I really love about this game is the antagonist, Mr. Pinstripe. His design is incredibly creepy, and he makes an already great story even better. If you loved the intriguing story of Little Nightmares and the spooky settings, then you should buy this game ASAP.

Bendy and the Dark Revival

Games like Little Nightmares | Bendy and the Dark Revival
Image: Joey Drew Studios via HGG

Bendy and the Dark Revival is the long-awaited sequel to the much-loved Bendy and the Ink Machine. This sequel takes everything that we loved about the first game and improves on it in basically every way. The game sees you being trapped inside of an old animation studio, while you are being hunted down by ink creatures that have come to life!

The first thing you’ll notice about the game is its beautiful art style that is inspired by hand drawn animation. Unlike Little Nightmares, this is a first-person game. And while there are times you’ll want to run away from monsters, you are also given tools that you can use to fight back and win against certain enemies. So while it is definitely different in a lot of ways, it’s also similar in all the ways that matter.


Image: Playdead via HGG

Limbo is one of the most iconic games on this list. First released back in 2010, the game has since been regarded as one of the best atmospheric 2D puzzle-platformer games out there. It takes place in a strange, misty world inhabited by terrifying monsters. You play as a young boy on the search for his sister. You must journey through this strange land and overcome dangerous obstacles to reach her.

It shares some of the same spirit as Little Nightmares. You play as a small, vulnerable child in a scary and hostile world. The game is definitely not as scary as Little Nightmares, but it’s still a lot of fun. The platforming and puzzles are great, so if you are looking for a good 2D platformer this may be your game. The story can be confusing, but hey, that’s part of the charm!


Games like Little Nightmares | Inside
Image: Playdead via HGG

Inside is a 2D platformer puzzle game. It is set in a dark, dystopian world full of strange science and even stranger creatures. You play as a young boy on the run, trying to navigate through a dangerous and mysterious world. You’ll march through abandoned farms and creepy underground labs in order to make it away from your pursuers.

The game is still a horror, but it’s more of a psychological horror. The atmosphere and world-building is really top-notch, and it really helps sell the fact that you are in a dystopian world. To be honest with you, I actually like this game more than Little Nightmares. Not only is it a really fun game with great puzzles to solve, but the story and world that the game presents to you is…memorable, to say the least.

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