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The 10 Best Games Like Angry Birds (2024)

Angry Birds is easily one of the most iconic and recognizable brands out there. The Angry Birds games are known around the world for their humor, charm, and addicting gameplay. It was many people’s favorite mobile game growing up. If you’re looking for more addicting physics-puzzle gameplay, you’ve got to check out our games like Angry Birds ranking below!

We have compiled a list of 10 of our favorite picks for the best mobile games like Angry Birds. Whether they were picked for their similar tone and art style, their familiar characters, or the gameplay, we’ll be ranking them and explaining what it is we like about them.

Top 10 Games Like Angry Birds, Ranked From Good to Best

Let’s get right into the ranking.

Devolver Tumble Time

Image: Devolver via HGG

Devolver Tumble Time is a game with characters and a tone that reminded me of the cartoonish world of Angry Birds. The actual gameplay is pretty different but shares a few similar features. This is still a physics-based puzzle game, but instead of knocking over structures, you will be matching up the heads of different characters in order to clear them out. The best part is that these are all characters from Devolver Digital games!

So if you are a fan of Hotline Miami or Serious Sam, you should certainly consider picking this game up. Not only is the game full of fun puzzle-solving, but there is a huge cast of Devolver Digital characters from some of your favorite games!

Angry Birds Dream Blast

Image: Rovio Entertainment Oyj via HGG

Angry Birds Dream Blast is a 2D physics-based puzzle mobile game like Angry Birds, but there are plenty of key differences. This time, instead of flinging birds at structures to knock them over, you will be popping bubbles in various different orders to complete levels. You can match various different bubbles together in order to summon some of your favorite characters from the Angry Birds series.

Speaking of which, many of the characters you knew and love are back in this game! While the gameplay is certainly different, the characters are back and remastered in a very pretty art style. If you loved the cartoonish charm of the Angry Birds series, then you will feel right at home when playing this spin-off title.

Fragger 2

Image: Harold Brenes via HGG

The sequel to the beloved Fragger is here! Fragger 2 shares many of the characteristics that we loved from the first Angry Birds game while managing to carve its own path and find ways to differentiate itself from Angry Birds. The game is a 2D platformer in which you play as a stick figure. You will need to use your finger to aim at your target and throw a frag grenade, which will explode and destroy everything in its path.

I highly recommend this game if you really loved the 2D puzzle-solving of Angry Birds. It manages to invoke the same feeling of satisfaction when you destroy a structure, while also shaking things up a bit and giving you a different way to experience it. I also really like the art style. It is simple, yet stylized, and it makes the game look more high quality. If you love mobile puzzle games then this is the one for you!

Stupid Zombies 2

Image: GameResort LLC via HGG

When it comes to 2D mobile puzzle shooters, it’s hard to find one more enjoyable than Stupid Zombies 2. This sequel to the well-received first game takes everything that we love about the first game and just adds a ton more content. There are more levels, more weapons, more features, more… Well, everything!

As for the gameplay itself, you play as a character armed with a gun that you will need use to kill all the zombies in a level. The bullets will ricochet off of walls, which leads to some interesting puzzles that you will need to solve. This game reminds me a lot of some of the 2D physics shooter flash games I used to play when I was a kid. If you’re looking for something to scratch a similar itch, then download Stupid Zombies 2 now on the App Store!

Crush The Castle

Image: Armor Games Studios Inc. via HGG

Crush The Castle shares plenty of similarities to Angry Birds, while also managing to feel unique and different. The game is a 2D physics-based puzzle game set in medieval times. And you are a ruler of a kingdom armed with a trebuchet. You will use a variety of different ammo types to destroy your opponents and smash enemy structures, ensuring that your rule is protected.

If you are looking for a game very similar to Angry Birds, then this is the one for you. It also features lots of other things to do besides just playing the levels. There are cosmetics you can work towards to unlock, and also a level editor for you to try out! That last bit is probably my favorite part about this game. The level editor allows for much more replayability and things to do after you’ve beaten all the levels.

Ice Breaker

Ice Breaker was one of my favorite flash games as a kid, and to this day I still find it very enjoyable to play. This is a puzzle game in which you are tasked with helping groups of Vikings get back to their ships unharmed. In each level, Vikings will be scattered around, and you’ll need to cut through the ice with your mouse in order to move them from their position to the Viking ship.

The physics-based puzzle-solving will definitely bring in fans of classic Angry Birds. But the unique gameplay and premise will surely make your stay. There are tons of levels to enjoy, and while the game starts off easy, it gets pretty difficult toward the end. I was never able to finish it as a kid. So if you are looking for a challenge, this might be your game! You can play for free on various different flash game websites.


Image: Team17 Digital Limited via HGG

A game franchise that you’ve no doubt heard of before is Worms. This is a series of games in which you are tasked with controlling a worm and using a variety of different weapons and abilities to kill your opponents and complete levels. Worms3 is a mobile game that brings the same great fun from console and PC to your mobile device. And it does so without compromising on what makes a Worms game so great.

This is probably one of the most high-quality mobile games on this list. It feels very professionally made, with a great art style and good controls. If you have never played a Worms game before, this is definitely a great excuse for you to try it out. You can download the game for only a dollar on the App Store today.

Bad Piggies HD

Image: Rovio Entertainment via HGG

Bad Piggies HD is an HD remaster of everyone’s favorite childhood game, Bad Piggies. Like the original, it is a 2D physics-based puzzle solver. But instead of destroying things, you’ll be building them! With this game, you will get to play as the bad guys, the pigs. You will use your wits and creative problem-solving to create a variety of different vehicles/contraptions using many different parts. You can make planes, helicopters, rockets, cars, and many more to solve puzzles and complete levels.

The gameplay may be different, but the humor and charm from the original game is still there. It’s really interesting getting to play the game from the pig’s perspective, as well. One thing I like about this game is that the art style is near-identical to that of the original Angry Birds. Even the UI is very similar. So if you are looking for a game that will make you nostalgic for the first game, then look no further than Bad Piggies.

Ninja Dogs: Slingshot Shooter

Image: Icestone LTD via HGG

Ninja Dogs is a game that fully embraces its inspiration from the Angry Birds series of games. It features all of the gameplay mechanics and quirks you’ve come to know and love: 2D structures for you to knock over, a giant contraption for launching projectiles, an adorable art style, and a cute cast of characters to tie everything together. It’s certainly earned the title “slingshot shooter.”

If you want something that doesn’t differ too much from the Angry Birds formula, then this is your game. It feels identical in many different ways, except for its theme and characters. It’s a great way to kick back and waste some time playing the classic Angry Birds formula, but with a new coat of paint.

Siege Hero

Image: Armor Games Studios Inc. via HGG

At spot number one, we have Siege Hero! Siege Hero is a game that looks and plays very much like Angry Birds. The game is set across five different time periods throughout history, and in each one, you will be tasked with knocking down a variety of different structures and obstacles in this physics-based puzzle game. Siege Hero features hundreds of unique levels, meaning you’ll have hours upon hours of non-stop action.

The game does not feature a giant slingshot with birds for you to throw, but instead, you fire things from a first-person perspective. This seems like a small change but it has a big impact on how you play the game. It’s always nice to see games that are similar to Angry Birds try and make themselves more unique, even if it is in a small way. You can download the game for free on the App Store today!

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