Creative T50 Wireless Bluetooth Speakers Review

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Creative T50 Wireless Bluetooth Speakers Review

Creative has delivered another high quality audio product with their GigaWorks 2.0 T50 Wireless Speakers with NFC. They are a great option for a home, office, or personal room setup. The Bluetooth capabilities expand its offerings to not only enhance your computer audio, but also allow for tablet or phone connectivity at the click of a button. The future is cords free, and these Creative wireless speakers are ready to make that a reality for you.

Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll find in this review: We’ll take a look at what comes with these 2.0 speakers, the visual appeal, the setup, capabilities, audio quality, functionality and practicality. That’s a lot of -ly’s to cover, so I’ll try not to get too caught up on the little things so that you can get to ordering and enjoying your own set.

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  • Wireless Bluetooth 2.0 Speakers
  • 12.4 X 3.6 X 7.3/6.9 lbs
  • 3 Driver MTM configuration
  • One-Touch Pairing: NFC-enabled devices
  • 3.5 mm headphone jacks

Unboxing The Creative Wireless Speakers

Inside, you’ll find two tall black speaker units. They are larger than average computer speakers, being roughly a foot tall, and over half a foot deep (12.4 X 3.3 X 7.3). Thankfully, they take up a bit more space, but look good while doing so. The sleek black look with gold accents will improve the visual appeal of any space they are in. Creative speakers have a reputation of looking good and these are clearly no different. If you are looking for a tall, thin speaker this will be perfect. They essentially will fit more sound into a smaller space.

The wireless Bluetooth speakers are equipped with attachable bases, a long power cord, generous fixed audio cord (Left plugs to Right), optional aux cable, and an RCA to 3.5mm adapter.

The right speaker has the hookups for the cables, as well as the power, Bluetooth, bass, treble, and volume controls. There is also a headphone jack located on the front for convenience factor. The right speaker is heavier as it contains the main audio components. The difference in weight is not extremely noticeable. However, both are light and tall enough that they are prone to tipping- though with less cables around, this is less likely to occur.

Connecting The Bluetooth Speakers


The T50 Wireless Creative Bluetooth speakers are fairly simple to set up. After the bases are attached, they can plug into each other and then into the wall. There have been some complaints about sparking during the initial hookup- Creative support has stated this is normal and non-damaging. I did not experience this when connecting, but to best avoid it, plug the 8 ft cable into the speaker before giving it power. The Left-to-Right fixed audio cord is 5 feet long, which is more than enough for most setups.

Power and Bluetooth:

Both the power and Bluetooth buttons light up when activated. As is common with most Bluetooth capable products, the Bluetooth button must be held down until it flashes when first connecting to a device. It will stay lit upon activation and successful connection.

One of the only frustrating factors was the sleep mode. I got over excited and didn’t read all of the instructions like I am sure most of you responsible consumers will do- and missed the part about the sleep mode during my initial set up. Once the speakers connected to my iPhone I played some music, had a private dance party, and then paused the music in order to get some other work done.

I did not notice when the power light dimmed, but the speakers entered sleep mode after several minutes of no activity. After a short panic that I somehow broke the speakers, I pressed the power button again in order to re-connect. I have had this issue with a few portable wireless speakers, and was surprised that it would be an issue for speakers that are not battery operated and rely on connected power to run. I am not aware if other wireless desktop speakers have the same feature, but it is common for Bluetooth sepakers, Creative is just on trend with this feature.

Sound Quality of Creative Computer Speakers

As far as personal speakers go, these Creative Labs Bluetooth speakers are no joke. They have beyond decent bass quality for their size and purpose. The flashy gold accents on the fiber drivers bounce to the beat to add a bit more pizazz. The range on the Bluetooth connectivity for sound quality purposes was pretty decent. I tested them by walking around about 50 feet away from the speakers and even a few rooms away to see if the audio quality would falter. The only time I had any issues was when I went out of that range into a cement room, but it was beyond the distance that most would be using the speakers with a portable device.


While I mentioned I held my own private dance party while enjoying the bass of these speakers (a la Ratatat), but if you are looking for something to host an actual dance party, you are not going to be able to enjoy the depth of the audio quality or Right-Left sound separation in a big room. Being close to the Creative wireless desktop speakers is key to getting the most out of them.

The same goes for enjoying audio from a show or movie. It will be a huge step up from anything your personal computer, tablet, or headphones can offer- but it’s not quite going to cut it for movie night unless you are in quite compact an area.

For more information about the Creative T50 Wireless Speakers, go to the Creative website.

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  • Visual Appeal - 9/10
  • Sound Quality - 8/10
  • Price - 8.5/10
  • Movies - 7/10
  • Gaming - 9/10
  • Music - 9/10


Overall, the T50 Wireless Creative Bluetooth Speakers are a great mid-price range product for your office setup. They are a great option for gamers, movie and music lovers, and for anyone looking to boost their setup and upgrade to wireless speakers for a computer or laptop. Creative speakers can range pricewise, bit you are getting a bang for your buck and finding a good quality 2.0 speaker system. The look, Bluetooth capabilities, and sound quality is enough to sell me. I personally will be keeping my Creative wireless speakers in my living room for whistle-while-you-work purposes (or of course, more impromptu personal dance parties).


  • Great speakers from a brand that knows audio
  • Balanced sound
  • Bluetooth streaming is easy


  • Some users report Bluetooth is spotty
  • No mic input
  • Adequate bass

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