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14 Best Sports Games for PS5 in 2024

From the gridiron to the baseball diamond, and even games that only exist in your imagination, the best sports games for PS5 add a whole new dimension to physical competition. If you’ve always wanted to play pro sports or engage in new kinds of extreme sports like ultimate fighting, these games are a great way to make those dreams come true — with much less sweating!

Start the clock, because here are the fourteen best sports games for PS5, ranked in ascending order.

14 Best Sports Games for PS5

Nothing, of course, beats real exercise and actual competition. Regardless of which sport you prefer, play any one of the best sports games for PS5 we reviewed, and you may not know the difference.


Tennis World Tour 2 

Image: Breakpoint, BIGBEN Interactive via HGG
  • Everyone
  • Users interact
  • Up to 4 online players with PS Plus

Tennis World Tour 2 is the first on our list of the best sports games for PS5. In this game, you’ll pick from well-known tennis players or create one of your own as you play both singles and doubles, either local or online. Overall, gameplay is realistic, recreating the fast pace of pro-tennis. You can play just for fun, or in ranked mode for more serious competition. We also like how well the entire pro-tennis experience is recreated in career mode, such as equipment and sponsor management, among other aspects of off-court life.

Fans of Tennis World Tour 2 say the game has the best tennis animation available. Moves from well-known players like Roger Federer are faithfully recreated, and serve mechanics are updated,. The game can’t live up to Top Spin 4, some say. But otherwise, it’s a great game with good ball movement, and it’s even better online for up to four players with PS Plus. It’s an especially good choice for those new to tennis, based on feedback. 


MXGP 2021 — The Official Motocross Video Game 

Image: Milestone via HGG
  • Everyone
  • In-Game Purchases, Users Interact
  • Up to 16 online players with PS Plus

For fans of motocross racing, MXGP 2021 is the next game on our list. Noted for its realism, MXGP 2021 gives you the full experience of motocross racing, from season bikes and teams to sponsors, accessories, and more. In this version of the game, create your own team or join an already-existing one.

There are more than forty riders to choose from, and races take place on a number of classic tracks like Ottobiano in Italy, the Ernee in France, or Leon in Mexico. You can even customize one of your own with the track editor. There’s a high level of customization available in general, including brands, bikes, and riders.

What’s also notable is that multiplayer mode allows for online races of up to sixteen friends with PS Plus. Fans of this well-reviewed game call it fun and addictive, and an improvement over previous versions. Both new and retro are awesome, we found out, but it just doesn’t live up to Monster Energy Supercross 4, in some player’s opinion.


Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2 

Image: Vicarious Visions, Neversoft via HGG
  • Teen
  • Users interact
  • Up to 8 online players with PS Plus

If you played Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater back in the day, you’re in for a treat. The Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2 now comes in a new HD bundle. New pro skaters are added to the classic roster, including the man himself, Tony Hawk. There are also all the trick combos you remember and then some. We like the freedom to create your own park or skater profile of your very own. With PS Plus, the game can now also be played online with up to eight friends. Or, if the classic experience is what you’re after, all the original game modes are still available. 

Moving back and forth between Pro Skater 1 and 2 is made easy and convenient, we found out. And overall, the well-reviewed game is as fun and addictive as ever. The soundtrack is solid, of course, and the game still features free skate mode and a strong tutorial for those just starting out. Glitches were encountered by some players, though, while others wished gameplay simply lasted longer.


MLB The Show 22 

Image: San Diego Studio, Sony Interactive via HGG
  • Everyone
  • In-game purchases optional
  • Stadium Creator mode added

Next up in our ranking of best sports games for PS5 is the MLB The Show 22. As always, The Show faithfully recreates the Big League experience. Play for your favorite team, or create a player or team of your own. Stadium Creator mode, a long-time fan-favorite, has also returned. Otherwise, play with up to eight players online with PS Plus, with cross-platform play adding even more versatility. 

For an honest-to goodness MLB experience, The Show 22 holds up well, fans say. Lag is minimal over the course of nine innings. Graphics look excellent, and of course, the sound of the ball as it’s hit is spot on. Bugs are real, according to feedback, but nothing that might make you “rage quit,” we learned. The mechanics are great, and the commentary is better than ever. 


Riders Republic 

Image: Ubisoft via HGG
  • Teen
  • In-game purchases, users interact
  • Supports up to 64 online players with PS Plus

Offering an open-world setting and both team vs. team and PVP competition, Riders Republic is the next game in our list. When we say team vs. team, we mean it — Riders Republic accommodates up to sixty-four players online with PS Plus. The game’s not just limited to bike racing, either. It also offers snowboarding, wingsuits, and skiing, among other options. If it goes downhill fast, chances are, Riders Republic lets you race it. We also like that scenic environments such as Yosemite and Bryce Canyon are recreated.

Fans call the game fun to play, even for those who don’t typically enjoy racing or snowboarding games. The overall game community also receives good feedback. Bikes and skis feel real, we found out, but the jetpack feels clunky. So, too, do some of the collision mechanics, according to one report. This well-reviewed game is perfect for fans of extreme sports, and has outstanding trick animations. 


NHL 22

Image: Electronic Arts via HGG
  • Everyone 10+
  • Mild violence
  • In-Game Purchases (Includes Random Items), Users Interact

From the slopes to the ice, NHL 22 is the next PS5 sports game we reviewed. With NHL 2023 expected sometime in October 2023, NHL 22 has more than enough to tide hockey fans over. For up to four players (or as many as twelve online with PS Plus), NHL 22 recreates the pro-hockey experience. Adding to the authenticity are Superstar X-Factors to account for the little things exceptional players bring in the rink. Otherwise, the graphics are powered by Frostbite, adding even more realism to the on-ice experience as you and your team work their way through the NHL season.

Fans of the game say that if you’re familiar with previous versions from EA Sports, there’s a lot to like about NHL 22. There’s a huge jump forward in graphics and the line strategy issue with generated draftees is now fixed, we found out. Also, updates have solved many bugs and glitches some players experienced early on. 


EA Sports UFC 4 

Image: Electronic Arts via HGG
  • Teen
  • Blood, Language, Mild Suggestive Themes, Violence
  • 2 online players with PS Plus

UFC 4, also from EA Sports, is next up in our list of he best sports games for PS5. We liked career mode, which gives you the experience of building your fighter’s career from the ground up. Supporting two online players with PS Plus, the clinch-to-strike combinations are smoother than ever. There are also new locations in which to fight, such as The Backyard or The Kumite. You can also engage in Blitz Battles or the Online World Championships. Stand-up gameplay is now more responsive, with new takedown and mechanics in all phases. 

Positive feedback on UFC 4 says the graphics, gameplay, and physics are all great. The striking is natural and fluid, and the submissions are challenging. The selection of new locations also get good reviews. The ground game in this latest version of the game is mixed, we found out, but reports say the hand-to-hand combat, grappling, and progression system are all well done.


Lonely Mountains: Downhill 

Image: Megagon Industries via HGG
  • Everyone 10+
  • Mild blood
  • DUALSHOCK 4 vibration

Like Riders Republic, Lonely Mountains: Downhill is a great pick for the two-wheel enthusiast. Recreating some of the most idyllic places to mountain bike, the physics in the game are top notch, whether you drop from boulder to boulder or slide through mud. Backdrops to ride in are rich and varied, some tranquil while others are rugged and remote. With both on-road or off-trail extreme mountain biking available, the DUALSHOCK 4 vibration system creates the sensation that you’re actually out there in the wilderness on rough terrain.

The ability to build your own bike and play online with friends are also nice features. Normally, no soundtrack at all might be a drawback, but with realistic sound effects, Lonely Mountain effectively creates the illusion you’re out there on your own. This game is truly a challenge, but don’t give up too soon, fans say. Stick with it for excellent graphics and super tracks. Reports of freezing concern us, though.


WWE 2K22

Image: Visual Concepts, 2K Games via HGG
  • Teen
  • Blood, Language, 
  • Mild Suggestive Themes, Violence

With the WWE 2K23 release date still a ways off, WWE 2K22 is the next sports game for PS5 we reviewed. Through a redesigned gameplay engine, choose from classic WWE stars like The Rock, and Stone Cold Steve Austin, among others. Another cool feature is MyGym, a chance to build your own WWE roster and compete in Raw, Smackdown, and more. Play as a GM or superstar, your choice. We also like how MyRISE adventures lets you customize your own WWE career, while MyFACTION lets you assemble your very own posse of WWE legends. Typically for up to four players, WWE 2K22 supports up to eight players online with PS Plus. 

An improvement over 2K19 and 20, 2K22 has good controls and great graphics, fans say. It’s polished and plays smoothly, with MyGM and MyRise two particularly popular features. With over a thousand match types, there’s always something to do. If you’ve played before, you may find the mechanics have changed too much for your liking, though.



Image: HB Studios, 2K Games via HGG
  • Everyone
  • Up to 4 online players with PS Plus
  • In-Game Purchases, Users Interact

Kicking off the top five of our list of the best sports games for PS5, we have PGA Tour 2K21. With the release date of PGA Tour 2K23 still up in the air, there’s plenty to tide golf fans over in this previous title. In this version of the game, there’s PGA Career Mode and a number of big names in the sport to tee-off against, like Justin Thomas and others. Like any golf experience, it’s sometimes all about the beautiful surroundings — PGA Tour 2K21 recreates some of the tour’s best courses to play on, including TPC Sawgrass East Lake Golf Club, among others. Or instead, build a course of your own with Dream Course. 

Speaking of customization, there’s also MyPlayer, allowing you to create your player from the ground up, from apparel to preferred golf equipment. As far as the difficulty of gameplay, 2K21 also lets you adjust how hard or easy the course is, according to your skill level. Some swing mechanics are lacking, though, based on feedback. 


Madden NFL 23 

Image: Electronic Arts, EA Sports via HGG
  • Everyone, Mild Lyrics
  • Up to 6 online players with PS Plus
  • In-Game Purchases (Includes Random Items), Users Interact

With the sad passing of football great John Madden in late 2021, the Madden namesake video game, Madden NFL 23 has arrived. New to this version of the game is the FieldSENSE Gameplay System for even more realism. There are position-specific mechanics and player-focused cameras to bring you closer than ever before to the action. Across all the different editions of Madden NFL 23, there’s your choice of two elite players, All Madden gear, and one Madden strategy item. 

Fans with early access to Madden NFL 23 say graphics have improved over the 2022 edition and it’s perhaps the best Madden game in quite a while. In the past, NFL fans have enjoyed the freedom to manage their team, including equipment customization and editing draft classes. Also notable, there are free agency and trade logic updates. We hope the interception problem on every deep pass is fixed, though.  


FIFA 23 

Image: Electronic Arts via HGG
  • Everyone
  • Up to 22 online players with PS Plus
  • In-Game Purchases (Includes Random Items), Users Interact

FIFA 23 is another all-time great sports game getting an update in 2023. Women’s club teams are now added, and here’s also HyperMotion2 Technology for an even more realistic experience. This game supports up to twenty-two players online with PS Plus, and the 11v11 match capture is powered with machine learning technology to keep the experience fresh and new every time you take the pitch. Two different versions for PS5, both standard and ultimate, offer a FUT ambassador loan player pick and career mode homegrown talent. 

We also like how the ultimate version has 4600 FIFA Points and FIFA World Cup FUT Hero, among other features. Otherwise, there are 19,000 players and more than 700 teams represented in 100 stadiums from more than 30 leagues. Fan feedback on FIFA 23 is limited for far, but if it’s anything like FIFA 22, expect an amazing amount of content with technical tactics, great players roles, and a good amount of data to analyze, both for your team and your opponents.


Knockout City 

Image: Velan Studios, Electronic Arts via HGG
  • Everyone 10+
  • Online play required
  • Fantasy violence

So far, we’ve covered video game versions of competitions that also exist in the real world. Coming in near the top of our list is Knockout City, a sort of hyper-competitive dodgeball game. Played online only with up to eight players, Knockout City is an imaginative game in which characters team up to knock out opponents with balls. Gameplay takes place in seasons, and each one is on a different map with different rewards for winning. Some ball options available for teams to use are realistic, while others are creative. Yet another option is to put players themselves up in balls that can then be used against opponents. 

The characters and teams, called “crews” in the game, are both highly customizable. Fans call Knockout City easy to pick up and to play with an added layer of complexity just beneath the surface. Each match gets your heart pumping, we found out. It takes dodgeball to the next level, one review said. One player did call the controls “wonky,” which did keep the game off the top of our ranking.


NBA 2K23

Image: Visual Concepts, 2K Games via HGG
  • Everyone
  • In-Game Purchases
  • Up to 10 online players with PS Plus

Coming in at the top spot on our list of the best sports games for PS5 is NBA 2K23. In the latest version of the popular game, today’s most well-known players can ball against legends from the NBA past. The gameplay now has added realism like better attack off the dribble. The game also offers a chance to become a GM in the league, or a commissioner in MyLeague mode. Use MyCareer to build your player up, both on and off the court. Another really cool feature is the retro recreation of different NBA eras, which allows you to play against stars from different eras in the game. Or instead, test your skills strictly against players from the present. 

The level of detail in MyNBA eras even includes pre-expansion team alignment, period-correct uniforms, and two refs instead of three pre-1989. Many players called NBA 2K22 the best version in quite awhile. If 2K23 builds on that success, we should be in for quite a ride.

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Happy gaming!

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