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How to Pick the Best Servants in V Rising

You’re a strong, independent vampire on the up-and-up. You can teleport, turn into a bat, build gothic castles with your mind, and more! Why would you need some squishy humans to do your bidding? The answer is because, despite all your powers, you can’t be in two places at once. Other than protecting your castle and adding some much-needed hustle and bustle to your dingy hallways, servants can be sent out on missions to collect loot and supplies without you ever needing to lift a bony finger.

Naturally, you want the best servants V Rising has to offer to help you do the job. We’re here to get you started, with this guide on how to get the best servants in V Rising.

Let’s get started!

How to Get New Servants in V Rising

To unlock the ability to enthrall servants, you first need to unlock the servant coffin structure. You can do this by completing the main quest objectives in the top-right corner. These include building a castle and binding to a stone coffin.

Once you’ve unlocked the servant coffin and placed one in your castle, you’ll unlock the Dominating Presence ability. This behaves similarly to the various “forms” you can transform into, replacing your abilities with a new moveset. Just head to the radial menu where you find your blood healing and transformation abilities to get started.

In your Dominating Presence form, use “Vampire’s Kiss” on an enemy you’ve reduced below 30% health. This will enthrall them and turn them into your new servant. Keep in mind that this move takes several seconds to complete, and you’re still vulnerable to attacks during this time.

Assuming you did all of this without issue, all you need to do is get home. This can be tricky, because enemies can now target your new friend, and you can’t use defensive spells while in your Dominating Presence form.

The easiest way to get your servant home safely is by bringing a horse along. Just ride like the wind back home — your servant can run at inhuman speeds to keep pace. When you get home and shut your door behind you, your new servant will teleport into your castle (as long as they’re still under your thrall). From there, just put them in the coffin and wait for them to be fully converted!

Once they’ve woken up from their Mandatory Orientation Nap™, you need to outfit them with some gear. Thankfully, their gear score works almost exactly like yours. Make sure to equip them with the best gear you have to make them as strong as possible!

Types of Servants in V Rising

There are five total types of servants you can “employ” in V Rising. The servants you’ll want on your staff will largely depend on what you want them for, so there’s no single type that’s necessarily better than the rest.

An important mechanic to keep in mind, however, is blood quality. The higher blood quality percentage a servant has, the higher their Expertise stat will be. This increases the effect of their weapons and armor by 15–26%. This may seem small, but at higher levels, it can mean the difference between a successful hunt or an injured servant.

In short, you don’t really need to focus so much on the type of servant you enthrall so much as the quality of that servant. With that said, let’s get into the various servant types so you can see what’s on the proverbial menu.


Tenacious Strength: Reduces mission difficulty by 100 when hunting in harsh environments.

This perk sounds nice, but “harsh environments” only refers to the Hallowed Mountains region in the eastern area of the map. Since there aren’t many places to send them for loot, Brutes are best used as prisoners to give you a consistent supply of blood. High-level Brute blood grants both attack speed and life steal, which can be invaluable if you’re the type of vampire that likes to get in close.


Tracking Expertise: Reduces mission difficulty by 100 when hunting in areas inhabited by creatures and undead.

Rogues are the best servant class for securing scourgestones (more on that later). They’re also well-suited to hunting in the Cursed Forest, since most of the locations there are populated by demons and the like. Since you can gain even more loot from the rare human patrols in this area, Rogues are handy to have on your team.


Military Tactics: Reduces mission difficulty by 100 when infiltrating a fortified area.

This perk can be useful, as fortified areas often contain challenging enemies and difficult-to-craft items like whetstones, thread, scrolls, and schematics.


Humble Appearance: Reduces mission difficulty by 100 when infiltrating settlements.

Settlements often contain farms, which in turn contain bulk quantities of ingredients that are otherwise time-consuming to grow. They’re often guarded by a perimeter of garlic, so having some Workers on hand can be a great way to save some time and effort collecting resources like cotton and cloth. You’ll need this — you go through these materials quickly when outfitting your servants!


Sacred Resistance: Reduces mission difficulty by 100 when inflitrating areas protected by the elements.

In your case, “protected by the elements” means cathedrals and other sacred spaces that are decidedly not vampire-friendly. Having a couple Scholars around is by far the easiest way to secure massive amounts of quartz, jewelery, and imperial thread — all necessary ingredients for creating a formidable castle and a formidable vampire.

Best Servants in V Rising

The best servant in V Rising is going to depend on which kind of loot you’re after. In the mid- to late-game, that loot is very likely to be scourgestones. These are used for everything from flashy decorations to the production of siege golems, so you’re going to want plenty on hand.

Best Servants for Expeditions

To start, the best place to gather scourgestones is The Church of the Damned, an undead fortress in northern Dunley Farmlands. The best servant for this mission will be a Rogue from the Dunley Farmlands faction.

This is due to the Rogue’s Tracking Expertise perk. The Church of the Damned is chock-full of undead, the Rogue’s specialty. Because it’s located in the Dunley Farmlands zone, any servants originally from that zone will also get an increase in loot gained from missions in that area. Once you’ve sent them on the hunt, all you need to do is wait for those delicious scourgestones to be all yours.

Once you’re full on scourgestones, you may want to diversify your wealth and try out some other missions. Or, maybe you’re just tired of hunting for your own treasures and want to spend your time lurking about your castle and waxing poetic about your long lost love, or how much you miss garlic bread (understandable).

For any other kind of servant mission, just make sure you have a servant with the relevant blood type and stats, as well as some quality weapons and armor. You’ll be rolling in free loot in no time!

Best Servants for PVP

Your Vampire-Industrial Complex is now humming away, so now it’s time to defend it. Thankfully, servants are quite useful for defense in PVP servers. Picking the correct servant for a PVP defense scenario is a hotly debated subject among established vampires in the community, and can be quite a complex puzzle to solve. But there are a few combinations that have risen to popularity, and for good reason.

The strongest combination in my experience is a combination of Clerics, Paladins, and Lightweavers.

You may notice that none of those three names fit into our neat list of servant types. Within the five main types, there are several “subclasses” that can vary by region. The only difference between these subclasses are what they look like and how they fight.

In this particular instance, Clerics are Brutes, Paladins are Warriors, and Lightweavers are Scholars. All three of them can be conveniently found in the Silverlight Hills region in the northwestern part of the map.

This trio is the pinnacle of home defense due to the way they work together when placed in a defensible choke-point. Clerics can heal and shield their allies while snaring enemies. Paladins get in their enemies’ faces and refuse to be ignored until they’re downed. Most impressively, Lightweavers fill your opponent’s screen with deadly projectiles that overwhelm even the most agile intruders. Pair this with a castle that ensures this fight happens in tight quarters, and you’re set.

Join the High Ground

Congratulations! You’re now the proud owner of a hoard of wealth that would make even the most self assured of dragons jealous, along with a motley trio of former holy men making sure only your cold dead hands can touch it. Let us know what other V Rising tips you’d like covered, and subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date on more content like this!

Happy gaming!

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