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V Rising: Best Base Locations

As soon as you step into the world of V Rising, you’ll need a space to call home. The game has a fairly robust building system that allows you to create the gothic castle of your dreams. Of course, the location you build your castle at goes a long way to making your life easier, so you’ll need to know what are the best possible locations for your base in V Rising.

No matter what region you’re in, what constitutes a good build location remains the same. They’re typically close to important resources and have limited access points for easier defense in PvP. If you’re able, it’s a good idea to have a forward base in a region you’re progressing in.

Here’s 10 of the best base locations in V Rising, covering most of the game’s regions.

Farbane Woods – Best Base Locations

Farbane Woods is the game’s starting region. Despite enemies and resources being strictly for the early game, the region provides plenty of solid castle territory. Multiple cave systems in the area allow for unrestricted fast travel to and from other regions. Because of this, it’s still suitable for a long-term base should you want to stay.

East of Bandit Copper Mine

Farbane Woods Base Location 1
Image: Stunlock Studios via HGG / Dominic Allain

This is one of the most central locations in the Farbane Woods, giving easy access to most of the area’s bosses and resources. There are even cave tunnels nearby for unrestricted fast travel to later areas, allowing this to work as a long-term base. The west has a one-way exit from the Gloomrot, while the east has a two-way cave from Dunley Farmlands.

Defensively, it has a single entrance that can be easily fortified. It’s likely to be hotly contested, though, so claim it as quickly as you can and hope the neighbors aren’t too jealous.

West of Bandit Armory

Farbane Woods Base Location 2
Image: Stunlock Studios via HGG / Dominic Allain

This area gives much easier access to the Sulphur Quarry and Gleaming Meadows in case you need herbs and sulphur. Additional items and recipes can be bought from the merchant’s camp, letting you stockpile on the basics. Unfortunately, any resources in the central or eastern areas will take longer to reach.

The multi-level territory gives a fair bit of build space and is incredibly easy to fortify. Once you’re ready to move on, it’s fairly close to both Dunley Farmlands and Silverlight Hills.

West of Bear Cave

Farbane Woods Base Location 3
Image: Stunlock Studios via HGG / Dominic Allain

If you’re looking for a long-term base that focuses on security over convenience, this is a solid spot to build. It’s on a corner of the map, meaning one side is practically never in danger. It also has a single entrance and is higher than any neighboring territories.

When you reach the late-game and better resources, there’s actually a nearby cave system leading to the Silverlight Hills. This easily makes up for the greater distance you’ll have to travel to get resources from early areas.

Dunley Farmlands – Best Base Locations

Dunley Farmlands is the second region and the most central on the map. It’s a great place to set up a permanent base if you want the easiest foot access to every other region.

Southeast of Cursed Iron Mine

Dunley Farmlands Base Location 1
Image: Stunlock Studios via HGG / Dominic Allain

If you plan on raiding the Cursed Iron Mine often, this is the best base location for you in V Rising. It’s in a fairly secluded part of the map with a single access point, so it’s extremely easy to fortify. Aside from iron and cotton from nearby farms, you’ll have to travel a decent amount to acquire other resources.

Another potential location is on the other side of the mines, giving similar benefits as long as you build on the taller plateau.

West of Bastion of Dunley

Dunley Farmlands Base Location 2
Image: Stunlock Studios via HGG / Dominic Allain

This central location in the Farmlands will keep you close to many different resources. The river right behind has several fishing spots, allowing you to keep prisoners well fed and happy. It’s not too long of a trek to reach the iron mines, and cotton farms are dotted all around. It’s also not too far from the Farbane Woods cave tunnel should you need a quick return to that region.

Defensively, there’s both a single entrance and multiple levels to reinforce. This gives you plenty of build space for aesthetics while still leaving a great location to protect your valuable items.

Gloomrot – Best Base Locations

If you can get past the scenery, the Gloomrot has some surprisingly good locations for bases in V Rising. You’ll need resources from the area for end game progression, so it’s not a bad idea to set up here for long-term.

East of Pools of Rebirth

Gloomrot Base Location 1 - Best Base & Castle Locations in V Rising
Image: Stunlock Studios via HGG / Dominic Allain

This is the best base location in Gloomrot if you’re looking for something central. You’re close to nearly all the major landmarks and bosses in the area, so resources shouldn’t be a problem.

While the first layer has two entrances, the second layer only has a single entrance with a decently sized build area. There is a cave entrance nearby that leads to the Farbane Woods, but it’s unfortunately one-way only.

North of Trancendum Machine Factory

Gloomrot Base Location 2 - Best Base & Castle Locations in V Rising
Image: Stunlock Studios via HGG / Dominic Allain

This may be one of the best base locations in V Rising for a large alliance. There are several territories in close proximity, so hopefully you’re on good terms with the neighbors. Otherwise, the single entrance and location at the very top of the map gives good defense on all sides.

For resources, you’re close to both the mid-level and high-level regions of Gloomrot. While iron and silver are a far distance away, you can find many other basic resources in the immediate area. You’ll also have endless stockpiles of tech scraps and radium alloys from nearby landmarks.

Silverlight Hills – Best Base Locations

Silverlight Hills is one of the highest-level regions in the game, filled with a holy military presence. This limits the territory available to claim, but the region is rich in resources. The tough enemies will also discourage raiders but may make daily travel difficult.

North of Brighthaven

Silverlight Hills Base Location 1 - Best Base & Castle Locations in V Rising
Image: Stunlock Studios via HGG / Dominic Allain

With its location deep in the Hills and on a corner of the map, you’re very unlikely to be attacked by most players. This is a blessing considering the two entrances to the territory, meaning you’ll need to split your defenses should someone attack.

For resources, you’re very close to the town of Brighthaven for trading and raiding, as well as the silver mine for end-game resources. Anything more than that will require a journey, however.

North of the Hills Waygate

Silverlight Hills Base Location 2 - Best Base & Castle Locations in V Rising
Image: Stunlock Studios via HGG / Dominic Allain

This location is closer to other areas of the game, especially the Gloomrot, meaning less of a journey for other resources. It’s still relatively close to the silver mine, so you aren’t missing out on anything there.

The single entrance and multiple levels provide amazing defense, but a limited build area. You can even jump down on your neighbors if you have issues with them.

Cursed Forest – Best Base Locations

The Cursed Forest comes with a host of problems to overcome before deciding to make a base there. Resources are limited in variety, and visibility is restricted without a certain item equipped. Still, if you can handle these challenges, you’ll be rewarded with the most defensible and expansive base locations in V Rising.

Top Right Corner of Map

Cursed Forest Base Location - Best Base & Castle Locations in V Rising
Image: Stunlock Studios via HGG / Dominic Allain

With the base’s position on the edge of the world and single bridge entrance, this is one of the most secure locations for a castle. It has a huge build area, only dwarfed by another territory in the Cursed Forest.

If you’re in the endgame with more resources than you know what to do with, this is the perfect location to build your dream castle. The biggest problem with this base is the sheer distance you’ll need to travel to bring back new resources.

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Whether you’re just starting out or you’re reached the end of progression, these base locations should serve you well along the way in V Rising. They’re easy to defend in PvP but easy to reach after your resource runs. If you plan on building there, be sure to claim the territory as soon as you can.

If you know any other great locations to build, let us know in the comments below. Don’t forget to subscribe to our weekly newsletter for more V Rising content.

Happy gaming!


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