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V Rising: How to Fish

Fishing is an often-overlooked mechanic in V Rising. You can use fish for a wide variety of purposes, from making powerful potions to keeping prisoners alive, and much more. Want to learn how to fish in V Rising? Our V Rising Fishing Guide will tell you everything you need to know.

Let’s get started!

How to Start Fishing in V Rising

First things first, you’ll need to get yourself a fishing pole. To do this, you’ll need to unlock the blueprint to craft one. You can unlock the fishing pole — and a woodworking bench to make it with — by defeating Rufus the Foreman.

Rufus the Foreman is a V Blood boss that resides in the Bandit Logging Camp. You’ll find it just southeast of the Forgotten Cemetery, near the center of the Farbane Woods.

Once you’ve defeated Rufus the Foreman, return to your spooky headquarters and build a woodworking bench (12 planks and 60 animal hide).

In the menu for your brand new woodworking bench, craft yourself a fishing pole using the following:

  • 8 planks
  • 4 copper ingots
  • 4 coarse thread

Equip your fishing pole through your hot bar just like you would with any new weapon. Now it’s time to find yourself some fish!

How to Find and Catch the Fish

You can find fish in V Rising at most of the bodies of water on the map. A fishing spot will appear as a small patch of bubbles in the water.

Once you find this, all you need to do is equip your pole, left click the bubbles, and wait. Once you see a large splash, left click again to pull the fish (or recipe) up onto shore and directly into your inventory.

There are several different kinds of fish in V Rising. You can find most of them in the early areas of the game, but if you’re going for a certain kind of fish, you may want to seek out specific fishing spots to boost your chances of finding them.

How to Use Fish in V Rising

Starting out, you’ll mostly be using fish for fish oil and to keep your prisoners from dying from blood loss or misery. The best fish to do this with are Fat Gobys, Rainbow Trout, and Sage Fish.

Fat Gobys

Fat Gobys will return your prisoners to 100% health. You can find them in any area of the map, but are most commonly in the Hallowed Mountains, on the southeastern side of the world.

Rainbow Trout

To keep your prisoners misery level low, you’ll want to seek out Rainbow Trout and Sage Fish. Rainbow Trout can be found in the relatively safe Farbane Woods. However, they do have a higher chance of spawning in the Dunley Farmlands and the Silverlight Hills. That is dependent on if you have the gear necessary to defend yourself from the patrols you’ll encounter.

A Rainbow Trout will only lower a prisoner’s misery by a measly 5–10%, so if you really want to keep those prisoners (and by extension, yourself) fat and happy, you’ll want to seek out the Sage Fish.

Sage Fish

The Sage fish has a tiny chance to drop in the Dunley Farmlands, and a roughly 10% chance to drop in the Silverlight Hills. Due to the abundance of water features in Silverlight, it may be worth sneaking in there to snatch a few if you’ve got prisoners with 90–100% of your favorite blood type.

If you’re simply in dire need of some fish scales and fish oil, remember, any fish can be fed to the devourer and broken down into scales, bones, and oil.

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Well, there you have it — everything you need to know to fish in V Rising and start your career as a commercial fisherman…fishervampire…fisherpire? We’ll get back to you on that. In the meantime, let us know your thoughts in the comments and subscribe to our newsletter for more content like this!

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