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15 Best Gaming Headset Stands

As gamers, our battle stations often become cluttered with swanky gaming accessories. Fortunately, some basic utility equipment goes a long way towards keeping the space clean and organized. Enter the best headset stands.

The best gaming headset stands help you stay organized while effortlessly showcasing your elegant pair of headphones in style. And even more importantly, headset stands keep your high-quality gaming gear safe from any potential damage. On this page, we discuss the basic design of headphone stands and look at the top options on the market. Let’s get started.

Zoom Out: 15 Best Headset Stands

We’ve curated the best headset stands starting out with out #1 top pick and moving down to our last #15 pick. For a more in-depth look at each model, head to our Zoom In section further down the page.

1. NZXT PuckMountedSilicone3.5" inches3💰💰
2. LUXA2 E-One Aluminum Headphone StandDesktopAluminum10" inches4💰
3. Razer Base Station ChromaDesktopPlastic8" inches3💰💰💰💰
4. Havit Dual Headphone StandDesktopAluminum10" inches2💰💰💰💰
5. Turtle Beach Ear Force HS2DesktopPlastic11" inches1💰💰
6. The AnchorMountedSilicone2" inches3💰
7. Audio Technica Headphone HangerMountedPlastic2" inches1💰💰
8. AmoVee Headphone StandDesktopAcrylic10" inches3💰
9. New Bee Headset HolderDesktopAluminum10" inches2💰
10. Brainwavz HengjaMountedMetal2" inches1💰
11. Lamicall Headphone Desktop StandDesktopAluminum10" inches2💰💰
12. Wooden Omega Stand with Walnut FinishDesktopWood10" inches0💰💰
13. ENHANCE Gaming Headset StandDesktopPlastic11" inches1💰💰
14. Satechi Aluminum Headphone StandDesktopAluminum10" inches2💰💰💰
15. Wrightmart Stand & OrganizerDesktopAluminum12" inches1💰💰💰💰

Zoom In: 15 Best Gaming Headset Stands

Let’s take a closer look at some of the best options out there.

1. NZXT Puck


Best headset stand overall and most exceptional design.

Manufacturer: NZXT | Type: Mounted | Material: Silicone | Size: 3 x 3 Inches | Style Options: 3 | Features: Unique Magnet Design | Price: 💰💰

NZXT makes some of the best accessories on the market, and the NZXT Puck is no exception. This innovative headset holder features powerful magnets that clamp to your metal desk or side table for convenient mounting and next-level cable management.

Available in 3 colors, this simple yet versatile model boasts an intuitive design and incredibly clean look. Moreover, the polished and stunning colors will match any look you’re going for in your gaming setup. Overall, the NZXT Puck lives up to its name, with a durable silicone build that’s strong enough to withstand a hockey stick.

  • Perfect option for small desks or minimalists
  • Separates for cable management
  • Color options will help your PC case pop
  • Material holds onto dust
  • Wears on the headphone padding gradually
  • Some complain of price but it seems they have lowered it

2. LUXA2 Aluminum Gaming Headset Stand

LUXA2 E-One Silver

The best metal gaming headset stand.

Manufacturer: LUXA2 | Type: Desktop | Material: Aluminum | Size: 10 Inches | Style Options: 4 | Features: 1-Year Warranty | Price: 💰💰

If you dig the aluminum look, LUXA2’s stand may be the one you’re seeking. After all, it looks like it’s straight out of Apple’s labs. LUXA2 claims this aluminum is cut using a diamond cutter. It’s a little pricey, but the silver tone looks spectacular with a pair of white headphones. If you’ve got a black set, they also offer a black color option. It is universally compatible and features rubber feet that keep this headphone stand glued to your desk.

  • Pre-assembled
  • Can handle heavy headphones without tipping
  • Nice metallic finish or black matches other hardware
  • Too short for large headphones
  • Flat rest can mess up memory foam
  • The base isn’t heavy enough/prone to tipping

3. Razer Base Station V2

Razer Base Station V2

The best headphone stands with RGB.

Manufacturer: Razer | Type: Desktop | Material: Plastic | Size: 11 Inches | Style Options: 3 | Features: LEDs | Price: 💰💰💰💰

Razer develops the best gaming accessories in the business, and the Station Chroma is no exception. This stand delivers next-level coolness thanks to its sleek universal design and built-in RGB lighting. Plug in your accessories using the 2-port USB hub, and jump into the game with flying colors. Backed by stellar customer reviews and durable build quality.

The Razer software, Synapse, will allow you to easily sync this headphone stand with your other RGB Razer products.

  • Tall height
  • Will not tip over even with heavy headsets
  • Minimalist design is an upgrade from the V1
  • Cord is too short
  • Expensive
  • Some wish it was metal for the price

4. Havit RGB Gaming Headset Stand

Havit RGB Headphone Stand

The best dual headphone holder.

Manufacturer: Havit | Type: Desktop | Material: Plastic | Size: 10.5 Inches | Style Options: 2 | Features: Dual Design, RGB | Price: 💰💰💰💰

A recent but worthy addition to our list comes from Havit. If you’re looking for a high-quality headphone stand that can stylishly display one or two headsets, then you really should have it.

The RGB lighting, phone stand, and USB ports are just bonus features on this unit. It’s an extremely stable stand with a non-slip base that can hold two headsets for you and your gaming buddy. You can hang just one headset long-ways on the stand, as well. The cable length is plenty long enough to adapt to most gaming setups.

If you really want the biggest bang for your buck, Havit also offers this same headphone stand with one of their headsets for only a slightly higher price.

  • Ideal weight for sturdiness
  • Perfect height for almost all headphones
  • Bottom and middle lights are bright and fun
  • Cord holder is flimsy
  • Some of the lights were faulty
  • USB ports not compatible with all chargers

5. Turtle Beach Ear Force HS2

Turtle Beach Ear Force HS2 Stand

Best classic gaming headset stand.

Manufacturer: Turtle Beach | Type: Desktop | Material: Metal | Size: 10.5 Inches | Style Options: 1 | Features: Rubber Feet | Price: 💰💰

If you’re a fan of Turtle Beach products, or if you enjoy black matte finishes, you should definitely consider this stand.

The Earforce HS2 is and upgrade to their past pick- it is a solid headset stand that holds your favorite peripherals with ease. It’s also a less expensive alternative to Just Mobile’s HeadStand below. It’s not nearly as robust as the HeadStand, but it gets the job done just the same. That said, if you have a large headset, the HS2 isn’t as heavy as some other stands. Fortunately, the rubber feet along the base make up for some of this deficiency.

  • Simple design
  • Sturdy and won’t tip over
  • Heavy enough to handle large headphones
  • Pricey “paying for a logo”
  • Cushion needed for the hook

6. The Anchor

The Anchor

The best under-desk mounted headphone stand.

Manufacturer: Elevation Lab | Type: Mounted | Material: Silicone | Size: 4 x 2 Inches | Style Options: 3 | Features: Flexible, Holds 2 Headsets | Price: 💰

Secure your headset with The Anchor by Elevation Lab. This mounted headset stand keeps your headphones out of sight and easy to reach. It’s crafted from durable silicone and mounts directly to the underside of your desk via 3M adhesive reinforced by steel pins.

The best part? This clutter-clearing model can hold two sets of headphones and creates an optimized gaming workspace.

  • Won’t clutter your PC gaming setup
  • Can carry a lot of weight with two hooks
  • Flexible material is gentle on headphones
  • Sticky pad stretches out over time
  • Adhesive can warp in heat/humidity
  • Hooks are too small for wide band headsets

7. Audio Technica Headphone Hanger

Audio-Technica Headphone Hanger

The best mounted gaming headset holder.

Manufacturer: Audio-Technica | Type: Mounted | Material: Plastic | Size: 2 Inches | Style Options: 1 | Features: 360° Rotation | Price: 💰💰

The Audio-Technica Headphone Hanger is another excellent storage solution that can be mounted to the edge of a TV stand, component rack, or desk. The leather feeling cushion is an excellent material to rest the band of a pair of nice headphones on. The clamp is easily adjustable to mount to thicker surfaces, as well. Mounted horizontally, the holder is designed so the top of your headset hangs slightly lower than the surface of the object the holder is clamped to.

  • Adjustable height
  • Excellent clamping force
  • Full rotation to fit any gaming setup
  • Not the best aesthetic
  • Clamp wasn’t tight enough
  • Less sturdy than metal options, too flexible

8. AmoVee Headphone Stand

AmoVee Headphone Stand

Headset stand with the best shape.

Manufacturer: AmoVee | Type: Desktop | Material: Acrylic | Size: 10 Inches | Style Options: 3 | Features: Aesthetically Pleasing | Price: 💰💰

This curved headset display from Amovee is a modern approach to desktop stands. Constructed from the highest grade acrylic, it’s uniquely designed to be extra sturdy and stable, and it boasts a thickness of roughly .25 inches.

As for height, this headset stand measures approximately 10″ tall, making it universally compatible with today’s most popular models, including headphones by Sony, Philips, Astro, and more.

  • Minimalist design looks cool
  • Good quality for a lower cost
  • Updated version is thicker and more stable
  • Prone to tip over
  • Sticky wears off fast for some
  • Not a good choice for heavier headsets

9. New Bee Headset Holder

New Bee Headphone Stand

The best gaming headset stand on a budget.

Manufacturer: New Bee | Type: Desktop | Material: Aluminum | Size: 10 Inches | Style/Color Options: 2 | Features: Lightweight | Price: 💰

If you’re seeking an affordable yet stylish headset holder, then this model by New Bee is a great option. It’s constructed from pure aluminum and TPU rubber for exceptional durability and style. It also measures around 9″ high, making it compatible with today’s top models, including headphones from Sennheiser, Beats by Dre, Hyper X, and more. A sturdy and affordable option.

  • Very sturdy
  • “Deceptively stable”
  • Easy assembly and fits on any desk
  • Flat stand is a little wobbly
  • Too short for some corded headsets
  • Low cost means cheaper construction

10. Brainwavz Hengja

Brainwavz Hengja Mounted Headphone Stand

Sturdiest mounted gaming headset holder.

Manufacturer: BRAINWAVZ | Type: Mounted | Material: Metal | Size: 5 x 2 Inches | Style Options: 1 | Features: Rotatable for Mounting | Price: 💰

Make some (sound)waves with the Brainwavz Hengja Mounted Headset Holder. This mount is constructed from pure, high-quality metal that’s tough enough to hold the sturdiest of headsets.

It’s also incredibly easy to use, as it clamps on to your desk with no glue, mess, or fuss of any sort. Moreover, the design is fully adjustable and rotatable, ensuring its compatibility with all different styles of headphones and desks.

  • Extremely sturdy
  • Frees up desk space
  • Good for humid or hot climates since it doesn’t rely on stick
  • Too thin for many desks
  • Hook doesn’t have a lip
  • Not great for expensive headsets in case they fall

11. Lamicall Headphone Desktop Stand

Lamicall White Headstand

The best headphone stand for Xbox gamers.

Manufacturer: Lamicall | Type: Desktop | Material: Aluminum/Plastic | Size: 11 Inches | Style Options: 2 | Features: Curved Rest | Price: 💰

It doesn’t get much sleeker than the Lamicall Headphone Stand. This white and silver headset mount is constructed from sturdy aluminum and finished with a custom matte coating.

Designed to sit atop your desk or console table, the Bluelounge Posto measures 11″ high, ensuring a small footprint that’s big enough to hold all your favorite audio peripherals. The white design also looks beautiful alongside the Xbox One, making this the best headphone stand for Xbox gamers.

  • Easy to assemble and sturdy
  • Contoured hanger protects headsets
  • Heavy bottom with rubber backing for sturdiness
  • Fragile if dropped
  • Larger headphones are hard to balance
  • Not cat proof! Pets and kids will easily tip

12. Wooden Omega Headphone Stand

Wooden Omega Headphones Stand

The best wooden headphone stand.

Manufacturer: Casanuva | Type: Desktop | Material: Wood | Size: 11 Inches | Style Options: 0 | Features: Walnut Finish | Price: 💰💰

If you want a headset stand that epitomizes elegance, this posh Omega Headphone Stand is up to the task. Nothing shouts you’ve got that bankroll like a polished, walnut wood headphone stand. It also comes in bright red and green colors. If you’ve got those Beyerdynamic headphones and want something clean and professional to compliment them, this would be the perfect match.

  • Gorgeous finish and design
  • Wide enough that is doesn’t tip
  • A cheaper version of a name-brand that does the job
  • Finish can be sticky
  • Had to move and re-apply the bottom pads
  • Some complaints of the layer wood splitting

13. ENHANCE Gaming Headset Stand

Enhance Gaming Headset Stand

The best USB gaming headset hub.

Manufacturer: ENHANCE | Type: Desktop | Material: Acrylic/Metal | Size: 11 Inches | Style Options: RGB LED | Features: 4 USB Ports | Price: 💰

Enhance your gaming experience with this space-saving acrylic headset stand. The Enhance Stand is a desktop model that boasts 7 different LED color modes, 4 built-in USB ports, and a flexible neck that’s strong enough to mount your most precious of audio peripherals.

For just a little more in price than some of the simpler stands, you can get quite the upgrade. This model boasts rave reviews, as well as a full 3-year warranty that guarantees overall quality and peace of mind.

  • Looks very cool
  • USB ports add convenience
  • Customizable LEDs are fun and add some life to any desk
  • Easy to knock over
  • Plastic isn’t sturdy enough
  • Some say that the USB ports quit working

14. Satechi Aluminum Headphone Stand

Satechi Aluminum USB Headphone Stand

The best headphone stands for Mac users.

Manufacturer: Satechi | Type: Desktop | Material: Aluminum | Size: 11 Inches | Style Options: 2 | Features: USB Ports | Price: 💰💰💰

Aluminum construction? Check. Multiple USB 3.0 ports for charging your devices? Check. Cable management system and universal compatibility? Check and check!

This model by Satechi is a secure desktop headset stand that’s built to house your favorite audio accessories. It’s crafted using high-grade aluminum and rubber, ensuring a sturdy solution that grips your desk with unrivaled force. Simply mount your headphones, organize your cables with the backside hook, and jump into the game.

  • 3 USB Ports
  • Cable management on the back
  • High quality aluminum in space gray looks sleek
  • Audio output available
  • Grip holds the stand and keeps it from falling
  • The ports might not be strong enough to charge phones

15. Wrightmart Headphone Stand & Organizer

Wrightmart Headphone Stand

The best headphone stand with desk organizer

Manufacturer: Wrightmart | Type: Desktop | Material: Acacia | Size: 12″ | Style Options: 1 | Features: Phone Stand & Tray | Price: 💰💰💰

Just Mobile is the king of stylish-looking office and mobile accessories. The JustMobile HeadStand is beautifully designed and constructed with high-quality aluminum. It comes in a brushed silver or black color and is compatible with all headphones and headsets. If you have a wired headset, no problem⁠ — Just Mobile includes an integrated cable wrap slot along the bottom of the stand for an extra-tidy look. Just Mobile’s headset stand is the perfect complement to your high-quality headphones or headset.

  • Stylish design and practical
  • Made with real acacia wood
  • Storage bowl & phone slot
  • Requires assembly
  • Some do not like its traditional look
  • One reviewer said it arrived “crooked”

Headset Stand Guide Part I: General Thoughts on Headset Stands

A headset stand is a straightforward product. It’s simply a place to perch your headset after you’re done using your computer or console.


Think about it. Ears come in all shapes and sizes, and not everyone can handle 8 hour-long sessions with ears cupped. A dedicated stand is great for those times when you need to give your ears a rest and switch to external speakers. Moreover, having a designated location to place your headset will help you locate them when you’re ready to switch back. It also cuts down on cord tangling if you have a wired set.

Aluminum, wood, and plastic are the most commonly used materials seen in these stands. Obviously, metals, alloys, and wood are going to be heavier than those constructed from plastic. They will also run slightly higher in price.

Perhaps the most important factor is the style and appearance of the headset stand. After all, you’ll need something that looks good with the rest of your setup and perhaps even matches your headphones. Other than appearance, some stands incorporate different design elements. For example, The Just Mobile Headset Stand is unique in that it offers what the manufacturer calls an “integrated cable tidy,” which allows you to conceal the cable by wrapping it around the notched base. Elevation Lab also creates a neat solution with their “Anchor” headset hanger featured below.


Time to crank up the light show? For some extra pizzaz (and extra money), you can showcase your headset in the limelight with backlighting. The new products from Corsair and Razer feature dynamic RGB lighting. This lightning is synchronized with other peripherals and controlled with Razer Chroma and Corsair iCUE technology. This software enables users to have granular control over their lighting experience. With 16.8 million colors to choose from, you’ll have the ability to create a unique color palette.

Corsair Gaming ST100 RGB Premium Stand

In addition to the features mentioned above, some headset stands go the extra mile and offer things like USB 3.0 ports and built-in 3.5mm analogs that enable 7.1 surround sound (checkout Corsair’s latest offering).

Headset Stand Guide Part II: Types of Headset Stands

There are two primary types of headset stands. Let’s take a look:

Desktop Stands

New Bee Headset Holder

Desktop stands are the most common. True to their name, they sit atop your desk or console table and feature an area for your headset to rest. Simply place your headphones on the stand and grab them when you’re ready to game.

Mounted Stands


Mounted stands sit below or to the side of your desk. There are many different styles of mounted stands, but they’re all designed to attach to a surface and hold your headphones safely and securely.

Headset Stand Guide Part III: Will the Stand Fit My Headphones or Headset?

Most of the stands on our list are developed to fit a wide range of headsets and headphones. This said, bulkier headsets may look silly on smaller stands. If you have a bigger or heavier pair of headphones, it may be worth paying a little extra for a sturdier stand. That will reduce the risk of knocking it over, and it just plain looks better.

If you’re worried, look at the product dimensions, and particularly the unit’s height. This will help you understand how much clearance from the desk’s surface your headphones will have when placed on the stand. Product weight is also an excellent indicator of how stable a stand is.


Another great option when weight or size is an issue is the mounted stand. Mounted stands can typically hold all different styles since clearance isn’t as big an issue. Take a look at all the specs, and find what works best for you.

Headset Stand Guide Part IV: NZXT Puck Review

The NZXT Puck is a silicone headset stand with a magnetic mount and cable management system. It’s an innovative take on the headset stand and insanely popular among consumers.

If you’re interested in snagging one of the best gaming headset stands, check out the NZXT Puck review by HardwareCanucks over on Youtube. He goes over the stand and shows you how to get the most from the unique design. Enjoy!

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