A headphone or headset stand is a helpful addition to any set up. Not only will it help you stay organized, a stand will showcase your elegant pair of headphones. Chronic cord entanglement is a condition that must be taken seriously. Your mouse may be tangled with your keyboard cord, your headset cord has found its way to intertwine itself among the two, and monitor cables have found a way to weave in between the tangles in quite a ludicrous fashion. There must be some sort of conspiracy plot behind the madness of it all.

As gamers sometimes our battle stations can get pretty cluttered with all that swanky gaming gear. This time we are going to be looking at an often overlooked accessory, the gaming headset stand.

It’s always nice to have a clean desk space that not only looks good but also is efficient and functional. Some basic utility equipment goes a long way towards achieving these goals. Furthermore, a headset stand will aid in keeping your high quality gaming gear safe from any potential damage. A few companies have developed stands that look sexy and will make for a lifelong headset companion. On this page, we discuss the basic design of stands, include a table of the top selections, then take a closer look at the best eight headset stands and find out why they are so popular.


15 Best Headset Stands of 2019

We’ve organized, rated by popularity, and sorted the headset stands by price ascending for easy viewing. This is our compiled table of the best headset stands. For HGG’s top 7 picks, head to our section further down the page.

AmoVee Headphone StandPlastic (Acrylic)10" inches
Brainwavz HengjaMetal2" inches
The Anchor Under-Desk Dual Headphone MountSilicone2" inches
Bluelounge Posto Headphone StandAluminum10" inches
Sound Blaster Headset StandPlastic10" inches
Ear Force HS1 Headset StandPlastic11" inches
Jokitech Double Headphones StandAluminum11" inches
Audio Technica Headphone Hanger (Japan Import)Plastic2" inches
Thermaltake eSports Gaming Headphone CradlePlastic11" inches
LUXA2 E-One Aluminum Headphone StandAluminum10" inches
Wooden Omega Stand with Walnut FinishWood10" inches
Satechi Aluminum Headphone Stand with USB PortsAluminum10" inches
Just Mobile HeadStandAluminum12" inches
Razer Base Station ChromaPlastic8" inches
Corsair Gaming ST100 RGB Premium Headset StandAluminum10" inches

General Thoughts on Headset Stands

A headset stand is a pretty straightforward design. It is simply a place to perch your headset after you’re done using your computer. A stand is also great for those times when you need to give your ears a rest and switch to external speakers. Switching between audio sources can happen pretty frequently. Some headset stands go the extra mile and offer things like USB 3.1 ports, RGB lighting, cable management, and even built in 3.5mm that enables 7.1 surround sound (checkout Corsair’s latest offering).

Ears come in all shapes and sizes, and not everyone can handle 8 hour long sessions with ears cupped. Having a designated location to place your headset will help you locate them when you’re ready to switch back. It also cuts down on cord tangling if you have a wired set. Aluminum, wood, and plastic are the most commonly used materials seen in these stands. Obviously, metals, alloys, and wood are going to be heavier than those constructed from plastic. They will also run slightly higher in price.

Probably the most important factors for most folks will be the style and appearance of the headset stand. You’re looking for something that looks good with the rest of your setup and perhaps even matches your headphones. Other than appearance, some stands incorporate different design elements. For example, The Just Mobile Headset stand is unique in that it offers what the manufacturer calls an “integrated cable tidy” which allows you to conceal the cable by wrapping it around the notched base. Elevation Lab created a pretty cool solution with their “Anchor” headset hanger featured below.


Anchor Headset Hanger by Elevation Lab

Time to crank up the light show? For some extra pizzaz (and extra money) you can showcase your headset in the limelight with backlighting. The new products from Corsair and Razer feature dynamic RGB lighting. This lightning is synchronized with other peripherals and controlled with Razer Chroma and Corsair iCUE technology. This software enables users to have granular control over their lighting experience. With 16.8 million colors to choose from, you’ll have the ability to create a unique color pallete.

Corsair Gaming ST100 RGB Premium Stand

Corsair Gaming ST100 RGB Premium Stand

Will the Stand Fit My Headphones or Headset?

Good question. Most of these stands are developed to universally fit a wide range of headsets and headphones. This being said, some bulkier headsets may look silly on smaller stands. If you have a bigger or heavier pair of headphones it may be worth paying a little extra for a sturdy stand. That will reduce the risky of knocking it over and just plain look better. Some, like the Razer stand below, fit nearly all headphones and headsets.


Razer Headphones Stand Universal Fit

If you’re worried, look at the product dimensions, particularly the unit’s height. This will help you understand how much clearance from the desk’s surface your headphones will have when placed on the stand.  Product weight will generally help you understand how stable the stand is. Keep in mind, many stands have rubber feet that prevent slippage.

7 Best Gaming Headset Stands

Let’s take a closer look at some of the best options out there.

1. Corsair Gaming ST100 RGB Premium Headset Stand

Corsair Gaming ST100 RGB Premium Headset Stand

If you like RGB and money is no issue Corsair just made a new really snazzy looking product called the ST100 Premium Headset Stand. This stand will happily hold your headset with style. Corsair’s stand is a thick, aluminum stand that weighs about one and a half pounds. The stand measures about 10 inches tall. It looks sharp with a pair of bright colored gaming headphones mounting it.

This stand is absolutely unique from all other headset stands currently on the market. That’s because it has a built-in 3.5mm analog input that enables full range Stereo or 7.1 surround sound. This feature helps it beat Razer’s new stand, which does offer RGB, but has no such audio features and is at the same price point of $60. This puppy will sync up with iCUE software — joining the team of Corsair’s RGB devices.

2. Wooden Omega Headphone Stand


If you want a headset stand that epitomizes elegance, this posh Omega Headphone Stand is up to the task. Nothing shouts you’ve got that bankroll like a polished, Walnut wood headphone stand. It also comes in bright red and green colors. If you’ve got those Beyerdynamic headphones and want something clean and professional to compliment them, this could be the perfect match.

3. Turtle Beach Ear Force HS1


If you’re a fan of Turtle Beach products and own a Turtle Beach headset (matching is fun!), you can pick this up to match your gaming headset. Perhaps you may just like the chromed out black matte finish of this headset stand. This stand displays your headset gear in fine fashion. This is a less expensive alternative to Just Mobile’s HeadStand below. It’s not nearly as solid as the HeadStand, but it gets the job done. However, if you have a large headset it isn’t as heavy as other stands. The rubber feet along the base make up for some of this deficiency.

4. Just Mobile HeadStand


Just Mobile is one of the kings of stylish looking office and mobile accessories. The JustMobile HeadStand is beautifully designed and is constructed with high-quality aluminum. It comes in a brushed standard silver or black color. It is compatible with all headphones and headsets. If you have a wired headset, no problem, Just Mobile included an integrated cable wrap slot along the bottom of the stand for an extra-tidy look. Just Mobile’s headset stand is the perfect complement to your high quality headphones or headset.

5. Audio Technica Headphone Hanger


The Audio-Technica Headphone Hanger is another excellent storage solution that can be mounted to the edge of a TV stand, component rack, or desk. The leather feeling cushion is a great material to rest the band of a pair of nice headphones. The clamp is easily adjustable to mount to thicker surfaces as well. Mounted horizontally, the holder is designed so the top of your headset hangs slightly lower than the surface of the object the holder is clamped to.

6. Joketech Dual Headphones Stand

JOKItech Premium Aluminum Metal Twin Headphone Stander

If you have more than one headset, such as those of us who own both a headset and traditional headphones, Jokitech has created a stand that eloquently holds two pairs with ease. Its about 9 inches high so it will hold all but the bulkiest of head wear. The bad news is assembly is required. The good news is that its only two screws so it should take max 2 minutes to put together. This beautiful aluminum headphone stand comes in spacegrey, silver, rose gold, gold, and black. It looks like they took a page out of Apple’s playbook. Who are we to judge? These polished and stunning colors will match any look you’re going for in your gaming setup.

7. LUXA2 Aluminum Gaming Headset Stand


If the Just Mobile stand isn’t doing it for you, but you dig the aluminum look, LUXA2’s stand may be the one you are looking for. It looks like it’s straight out of Apple’s labs. LUXA2 claims this aluminum is cut using a diamond cutter. It’s a little pricey, but the silver looks spectacular with a pair of white headphones. If you’ve got a black set, they also offer a black color option. It is universally compatible and features rubber feet the keep this headphone friend glued to your desk.