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The 10 Best Gaming Earbuds

Let’s face it — gaming headphones, with their bulky headbands and tight-fitting earcups, can be mighty uncomfortable. But what’s there to do when your ears complain ever-louder, and there’s no relief in sight? Don’t worry. The best gaming earbuds are here to the rescue!

Powerful sound drivers, ergonomic form factors, and sleek designs — these are but a few of the top benefits found in gaming earbuds. They’re also highly portable and perfect for mobile gaming, LAN parties, and listening to your favorite tunes on the go.

This article walks you through the top earbud options on the market and gives you the inside scoop on the top perks behind these small audio accessories. Ready to rock ‘n roll with the pros? Grab a pair of the best gaming earbuds, and let’s start making waves.

Zoom Out: A Comparison Table of the 10 Best Gaming Earbuds

We’ll begin with a simple overview of the best earbuds for gaming ranked from our top #1 pick to our last pick. For a closer look at each option, check out the Zoom In section below.

1. Razer Hammerhead Wireless Gaming EarbudsWireless13mm
2. MINDBEAST EarbudsWired10mm
3. HyperX Cloud EarbudsWired14mm
4. Master & Dynamic MW07Wireless10mm
5. Turtle Beach Battle BudsWired10mm
6. HP Gaming EarbudsWired10mm
7. Enhance Gaming EarbudsWired6.5mm
8. Sony MDR EarbudsWired12mm
9. Bose QuietComfortWirelessUnlisted
10. Klim Fusion EarbudsWired9mm

Zoom In: A Closer Look at the 10 Best Gaming Earbuds

Now, let’s take a closer look at the earbuds from the table above.

1. Razer Hammerhead Wireless Gaming Earbuds

Razer Hammerhead Wireless Gaming Earbuds

The best gaming earbuds overall

Brand: Razer | Type: Wireless | Drivers: 13mm | Microphone: In-line | Colors: 3 | Price: 💰💰

Razer is known for creating stellar gaming gear, and the Hammerhead Wireless Gaming Earbuds are no exception.

These are the ultimate wireless gaming earbuds, with stellar sound quality and a 60ms input latency that responds to in-game actions in real-time. These earbuds also come with a built-in mic for comms, and touch controls for audio adjustments on the fly. Oh, and the best part? The Hammerhead Wireless Gaming Earbuds feature a similar design to Apple’s Airpods, meaning they’re insanely comfortable for long periods, and they look fantastic too.

Due to their extreme versatility, these are probably the best earbuds for PC gaming and console on the market. A great buy at a great price.

  • Crystal clear 13mm drivers
  • Slim design and charging case à la Apple
  • 60ms response provides instant audio feedback
  • No RGB
  • Touch controls are finicky
  • Holds just 3 hours (or so) of continuous charge

2. MINDBEAST Earbuds


The best budget gaming earbuds

Brand: MINDBEAST | Type: Wired | Drivers: 10mm | Microphone: In-line | Colors: 1 | Price: 💰

Looking for an affordable pair of earbuds for gaming? The MINDBEAST earbuds are the way to go!

Despite their low price, the MINDBEAST Earbuds are quite feature-rich, with quality audio performance and decent noise isolation. They’re also incredibly comfy, thanks to silicone ear tips and a weight profile of just 18 grams. We highly recommend these for mobile gaming and casual play on a budget.

  • Affordable, under $20
  • Comes with an attractive leather carrying pouch
  • Universal compatibility works with all your devices
  • No wireless option
  • Some users complain of mic echo
  • Noise-isolating, but not noise-canceling

3. HyperX Cloud Earbuds

HyperX Cloud Earbuds

The best wired gaming earbuds

Brand: HyperX | Type: Wired | Drivers: 14mm | Microphone: In-line | Colors: 1 | Price: 💰💰

If you’re seeking a wired pair of earbuds for mobile or console play, you can’t go wrong with the HyperX Cloud Earbuds.

The HyperX Clouds feature everything you need for clear, immersive gaming. It all starts with a 14mm neodymium driver that runs the sound gamut and pumps out surprisingly decent bass. From there, you’ve got the shell and silicone ear tips, followed by a convenient tangle-free cable with in-line mic. Oh, and it’s all packaged together in a cute ‘lil carrying case.

  • Thick, flat cord that doesn’t tangle
  • Comes with three sizes of patented silicone ear tips
  • Powerful bass and clear tones deliver quality gaming audio
  • Music quality is lackluster
  • No in-line volume controls
  • PC use requires a single audio in/out

4. Master & Dynamic MW07

Master & Dynamic MW07

The best wireless gaming earbuds

Brand: Master & Dynamic | Type: Wireless | Drivers: 10mm | Microphone: In-line | Colors: 5 | Price: 💰💰💰💰

Master & Dynamic’s MW07s are the best wireless gaming earbuds on the market thanks to their Bluetooth 5.0 technology, 10-hour battery life, and 100-foot range. Users also love their rich and expansive sound profile, which comes courtesy of bespoke 10mm Beryllium drivers that rival expensive headphones. 

While the MW07 wasn’t created with gaming in mind, you can absolutely enjoy their godlike craftsmanship and sleek design while playing on PC and other Bluetooth devices. The major downside? You’ll have to shell out a small fortune, as these quality earbuds cost upwards of $200. Settle for a different colorway at a lower price if you’re looking to save.

  • Offers up to 10 hours of battery life
  • Contouring ear tips complement deep, rich tones
  • Noise-canceling mic is ideal for gaming with friends
  • Quite pricey
  • No standalone app
  • Takes a minute or two to sync up

5. Turtle Beach Battle Buds

Turtle Beach Battle Buds

The best gaming earbuds for Switch

Brand: Turtle Beach | Type: Wired | Drivers: 10mm | Microphone: Detachable | Colors: 2 | Price: 💰💰

The Battle Buds by Turtle Beach are exceptionally versatile gaming earbuds designed to work on PC, mobile, and console platforms. That said, we’ve found them particularly enjoyable on the Switch, with pairs well with their portable and cordless design.

In terms of tech, the Battle Buds feature 10mm speakers, a detachable mic, and multifunction in-line controls. Together, these offer crystal clear audio in all your favorite titles (including Fortnite). A quality, affordable option made specifically for gamers.

  • Works on all devices
  • Detachable mic w/ quality in-line controls
  • Sleek blue & white or black & white design
  • Mic prone to echo
  • Doesn’t seem to fit everyone ear
  • Becomes uncomfortable after 2-3 hours

6. HP Gaming Earbuds

HP Gaming Earbuds

The best gaming earbuds for PS4 and PS5

Brand: HP | Type: Wired | Drivers: 10mm | Microphone: Detachable | Colors: 1 | Price: 💰💰

HP is better known for their computers and laptops than their gaming accessories, so it may come as a surprise to see them on this list. But don’t worry. Although new to the gaming scene, HP put their best foot forward with the HP Gaming Earbuds — so much so that they’ve quickly become some of the best options on the market!

What makes these gaming earbuds special? First of all, they feature solid sound quality, with top-notch 10mm drivers and copper wires that combine to deliver rich tones. They’re also very versatile, working with nearly every gaming platform imaginable. That said, they really excel on the PS4 and PS5, where you can easily plug and play.

So what are you waiting for? Attach the mic, slip on the headset, adjust the in-line volume controls, and hop into action!

  • Sleek, compact design
  • HP quality craftsmanship
  • Extremely comfortable for long-term wear
  • Lacking bass
  • Mic is not flexible
  • Only one color option

7. Enhance Gaming Earbuds

Enhance Gaming Earbuds

The best gaming earbuds for Xbox

Brand: Enhance | Type: Wired | Drivers: 6.5mm | Microphone: In-line | Colors: 1 | Price: 💰

Are you an avid gamer on the Xbox One or Series X|S? If so, the Enhance Gaming Earbuds are our top pick for you!

These earbuds boast a number of cutting-edge features, including genuine bass vibration feedback (matching the game controller) and a generous frequency range from 20Hz-20KHz. It also incorporates exceptionally durable materials, including metal driver housings and a top-notch TeamSpeak-certified mic with built-in controls.

Our favorite part about these earbuds may just be the accessories. They come with multiple ear tips, a carrying case, and a splitter that provides flawless audio on PC. Now you can put your Xbox Game Pass to work everywhere you play!

  • Sleek black and blue design
  • Tactile Reality Engine for vibrational feedback
  • Includes a PC channel splitter for audio on every platform
  • No mic mute feature
  • Some users find them uncomfortable
  • QC issues, with broken earbuds upon arrival

8. Sony MDR Earbuds

Sony MDR Earbuds

The best earbuds for gaming and music

Brand: Sony | Type: Wired | Drivers: 12mm | Microphone: In-line | Colors: 3 | Price: 💰💰

Looking for powerful 12mm dome drivers that knock out the competition? The Sony Sony MDR Earbuds are the answer.

With the MDRs, you can expect rich tones and deep bases alongside best-in-class dome drivers and neodymium sound magnets. The lightweight design and hybrid silicone earbuds ensure long-term comfort, while five ear tip sizes all but guarantee the perfect fit for every gamer.

The MDR Earbuds also come with a mic (which is nice), but it’s quiet, and the sound is somewhat tinny. That said, if you rarely use comms, this is the best option around.

  • Lightweight at just 8 grams
  • Comfortable hybrid silicone earbuds 
  • 12mm dome drivers w/ exceptional bass
  • No volume control
  • Subpar mic sound quality
  • Cord tangles despite “tangle-free” design

9. Bose QuietComfort

Brand: Bose | Type: Wireless | Drivers: Unlisted| Microphone: Earpiece | Colors: 2 | Price: 💰💰💰💰💰

If you need superb noise cancellation and a noise-rejecting microphone, we suggest splurging on these incredible earbuds from Bose. The QuietComfort earbuds offer hi-fidelity audio and the best noise cancellation from any audio company. You can control the levels of noise allowed through, and volume settings all by tapping or swiping across the earbuds themselves.

Wireless earbuds were laughed at initially, but have become increasingly popular and the competition has improved them. The battery life on the Bose QuietComfort set is 6 hours, with the quick-charging case providing twice that.

  • Charges via USB-C or Qi
  • Weather and sweat resistant
  • Noise-cancellation on audio and mic
  • Volume isn’t loud enough
  • Don’t fit all ears comfortably
  • Extremely expensive for ear buds

10. Klim Fusion Earbuds

Klim Fusion Earbuds

The most comfortable gaming earbuds

Brand: Klim | Type: Wired | Drivers: 9mm | Microphone: In-line | Colors: 8 | Price: 💰

If you like to game for hours on end (who doesn’t?), the Klim Fusion Earbuds are an excellent choice for keeping comfortable the entire time.

What makes them so ideal for long-term gameplay? A couple of things.

First, these come with memory foam ear tips that fit your ear canals like a glove. Not only is this incredibly comfortable, but it serves as a noise-isolating mechanism that keeps outside sounds… well, out. The audio and mic quality are also nothing to sneeze at, and you can expect crystal clear audio the whole play through. 

Lastly, the in-ear weight is just 20 grams — AKA, you’ll hardly even feel them!

  • Rich audio quality for under $20
  • Durable construction with a 5-year warranty
  • Memory foam ear tips offer unbeatable comfort
  • Too quiet for some
  • Ridiculously long cord (66 inches)
  • Not as comfortable for smaller ears

Gaming Earbuds Guide Part I: What are Gaming Earbuds?


Gaming earbuds, also known as gaming earphones, are tiny in-ear headphones that fit into the outer ear canal to provide immersive audio. They’re uniquely designed to offer gamers a convenient and portable option without the need for bulky headphones. 

The top gaming earbuds can enhance your entire gameplay experience, often incorporating the same features you find in full-fledged headphones. This includes specs like Hi-Fi sound with a vast audio range, powerful drivers for booming bass, and built-in in-line controls for audio adjustments on the fly.

How Do Gaming Earbuds Work?

earphone components

Gaming earbuds work much like standard earphones, utilizing electrical signals to transmit sound from the audio source to the wearer’s ear. However, the internal mechanics of gaming earbuds are different, with a focus on immersion. To that end, gaming earbuds feature special sound drivers for enhanced clarity and adjustable controls for fine-tuned gaming.

Plus, compared to traditional gaming headphones, gaming earbuds offer several unique advantages. 

Gaming Earbuds Guide Part II: Top Benefits of Gaming Earbuds

Earbuds for gaming offer many unique benefits to enhance your gameplay and make you more competitive:

  • Comfort. Hardcore gamers often play for hours at a time, and standard headphones can be very uncomfortable when used for extended periods. Gaming earbuds fill the void with ergonomic pads that conform to your ear canal for maximum comfort and immersion.
  • Portability. Given their small size, gaming earbuds are fantastic options for gaming on the go. Whether you have a portable console, or you want to make waves at the next LAN party, gaming earbuds are a solid choice.
  • Immersion. Audio plays a significant role in modern gaming, and premium sound drivers are a must. From breathtaking soundtracks to radar pings and more, gaming earbuds offer total immersion for pleasure and competitive play.
  • Multi-platform Support. While standard earbuds are compatible with standard auxiliary jacks, gaming earbuds take the experience to the next level. That’s because gaming earbuds tend to feature quality sound drivers and microphones that work on just about every platform, ensuring a feature-rich experience no matter where you choose to play.
  • Affordability. Compared to traditional gaming headphones, gaming earbuds are a much more affordable option. While you might spend $100 or more on a nice set of gamer headphones, quality gaming earbuds start at under $20.

There are clearly many reasons to pick up a pair of gaming earbuds. But how can you narrow down the features to find the perfect fit?

Gaming Earbuds Guide Part III: Considerations for Choosing Gaming Earbuds

Best Earbuds

What should you look for when choosing a pair of gaming earbuds to enhance your game? Well, there are a few things to consider when making your choice:

1. Compatibility

Do you specialize in a specific gaming platform? Many of the earbuds on our list are designed to work well with gaming on specific platforms, like PC, console, or mobile. Others take a universal, one-size-fits-all approach. Try to find one that can match your talent and enhance your particular gameplay.

2. Style

Earbuds for gaming come in all shapes and sizes, and there are many sleek options to choose from. To make it personal, look for colors and graphics that match your style or other gaming gear. Also, consider choosing durable materials like ABS or metal for better performance, and memory foam or silicone tips for maximum comfort. 

3. Brand

There are a ton of great brands out there, from HyperX to Razer and more. Pick an option from an iconic brand for guaranteed performance and beautiful sound, or try a smaller brand for a great deal.

4. Technology

Are you an audiophile? Consider picking a pair that matches your passion. From powerful 10mm (and larger) sound drivers to broad frequency responses, take a close look at each listing’s specifications table to find a pair that meets your expectations.

5. Cost

Prices start under $20 and go up to $100 and more. Consider all your needs and find the sweet spot between cost and desire to maximize your budget.


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omg thank you! i’ve been looking for the type of earphones i once had that fit snugly into my tiny ears. Great quality, long lasting but I couldnt remember the name brand. With your pic, I’ve found that it was the RAZER. the newer version i reckon is hammerhead but so, so glad I can now go explore the Razer earplug earphones. thank you!

Thanks for the kind comment, Tech_Dogg! Glad we could help 😉

Ravi | Chillygadgets

I have enhance mobile gaming earbuds and they are really great. The sound quality they provide is beyond this world. It is a real pleasure to play games using them. I used to think that these are very good earbuds, but looking at this list, I find that they are also one of the best gaming earbuds.


I have found the right gaming headset for my smartphone. Your list has helped me a lot. Thanks again.

Curious panda

Which of these has inline mic mute switch?

Hey Curious Panda!

The Turtle Beach Battle Buds have an inline mic mute switch 🙂


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