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The 15 Best Co-Op VR Games (2024)

Virtual reality, or VR has opened up new vistas in every aspect of our lives. Nowhere is this more true than in the video game industry. In this list, we review 15 of the best co-op VR games to play. From fun party pastimes to suspenseful adventures with friends, there’s a game on this list for every social situation. Some of them are even a great choice for a workout!

Still haven’t tried VR gaming? Don’t go it alone! The 15 best co-op VR games are coming up next. 

Best Co-Op VR Games, Ranked Good to Best

While all the games on this list are great, we’ll be working our way down to our number one pick!


Cook-Out: A Sandwich Tale 

Cook-Out: A Sandwich Tale - Best Co-Op VR Games
Image: Resolution Games via HGG
  • Everyone
  • Single user, multiplayer, co-op
  • Sitting, standing, roomscale, player modes

In the first co-op VR game we reviewed, Cook-Out: A Sandwich Tale, you’ll play one of four cooks in the kitchen. Working together, you’ll prepare food for customers who just happen to be fantasy creatures gathered together in a fairy-tale forest.

One of the many hungry denizens of the world.
Image: Resolution Games via HGG

Still, those customers are hungry, and their orders are coming in fast. As the levels progress, things become just that much more challenging. Add increasingly angry customers to that, and this food service experience — though whimsical — is complete. 

As we found out, the more players you add, the more difficult the game gets. The Easter eggs in the different kitchens are also a really nice touch. Teamwork is important to successfully complete the challenges, and don’t miss the “Make it Your Way” feature in recent upgrades. It’s simple to create your own character, with new skins and customizations available in the “House Party” update.


Sam & Dan: Floaty Flatmates 

Sam & Dan: Floaty Flatmates - Best Co-Op VR Games
Image: Pelican Party Studios via HGG
  • Everyone
  • Up to 2 players
  • Co-op and versus mode available

The world is flooded in the next co-op VR game on our list, Sam & Dan: Floaty Flatmates. As the game starts, you’ll be trapped alone in your apartment. But across the street, there’s another survivor wondering how they’ll survive this watery apocalypse! Soon, you’ll make contact and devise your plan to not just escape, but survive — just look out for the really big sharks while doing so. 

Just you and your flatmate.
Image: Pelican Party Studios via HGG

Play Floaty Flatmates in either co-op or versus mode as you scavenge for supplies. Or instead, play in versus mode, where you’ll discover and construct weapons, bridges, and methods of transportation — everything you need to find and defeat the other players in the game.

The game is short at only about an hour long, but there are Easter eggs to search for once primary gameplay is complete. Sam & Dan is a memorable experience, and it’s free. What’s not to like?


Cards & Tankards

Cards & Tankards - Best Co-Op VR Games
Image: Divergent Realities, LLC via HGG
  • Teen 
  • Blood, violence
  • Cross-platform multiplayer

Mixing aspects of multiplayer VR gaming with collectible card games, Cards & Tankards is the next pick in our list of the best co-op VR games to play. Available cross-platform, you’ll be in one of four factions, competing either against each other or against the computer.

Players gathered for drinks and a game of cards.
Image: Divergent Realities, LLC via HGG

Set in a fantasy world, decks are customizable from up to 160 different cards, unlockable as gameplay goes on. There are also outfits and different types of gear to customize your character avatar just the way you want it. 

Fans of Cards & Tankards comment how strong the community is in this free-to-play game. Many respond that once joining, you can simply observe until you get the hang of things, and otherwise play at your own comfort level. There really are no pay-to-win workarounds, with mechanics similar to Magic: The Gathering and Hearthstone. The overall atmosphere is a lot like your local card shop. New cards get added on the regular to keep things interesting. 


Racket: Nx 

Racket: Nx - Best Co-Op VR Games
Image: One Hamsa via HGG
  • Everyone
  • Standing, roomscale player mode
  • Cross platform multiplayer support

In our review of the next co-op VR game, Racket: Nx, you’ll find yourself playing racquetball inside a glass dome that’s akin to a pinball machine. The game supports cross-platform multiplayer for up to two players, where speed and accuracy are essential. If you hit the ball just right, it can destroy everything in its path, among other special functions. Plus, don’t miss the tractor beam effect that allows you to pull the ball back to you.

Launching the racquetball.
Image: One Hamsa via HGG

Aside from the aforementioned features, the game’s soundtrack and sound effects are impressive. There are two player modes to choose from: campaign and endless runner. The physics in the game are superb, providing a lifelike haptic feedback experience.

Some players have described it as a VR version of ping pong, but with the added competitive element and excellent online play, it’s still a fantastic game. As an added bonus, it’s also a great workout!


IronWolf VR 

IronWolf VR - Best Co-Op VR Games
Image: Ionized Studios via HGG
  • Teen
  • Mild violence
  • Front-facing, 360° tracking modes

Crafted specifically for a VR experience, IronWolf VR is the next co-op game we reviewed, where you become part of the crew in a submarine, exploring the depths and fighting against other vessels. You’ll also have to track and fight off the enemy, both in the water and in the air.

Do your best not to flood the submarine.
Image: Ionized Studios via HGG

IronWolf is playable solo, online, or via local co-op, making it one of the best co-op VR games to play with friends. Additionally, the game provides realistic submarine control and operation, which is a bonus for fans of traditional submarine games.

Another notable aspect of the game is the realistic rendering of all the different compartments inside the sub. Moreover, the missions and modes are varied enough to keep things interesting, and the atmosphere both below decks and aboveboard is well rendered. The game also features realistic gauges and dials, making you feel like you’re truly in control of the submarine. Some players have expressed a desire for more types of submarines to choose from, however.



BallisticNG - Best Co-Op VR Games
Image: Neognosis via HGG
  • Fully compatible with SteamVR
  • Many game modes and challenges
  • Add as many as 16 racers 

BallisticNG is a racing game for up to 16 racers, fully compatible with SteamVR and another great co-op VR game to play with friends. You can choose from a variety of tracks and content, including standard, drag drift, and small vehicles. We particularly enjoyed using assists such as anti-gravity, but if you prefer, you can pick a weapon from the game’s expansive arsenal and blast your way to the finish line. The game also offers configurable custom races and different levels of difficulty depending on your experience.

Zooming through the racetrack.
Image: Neognosis via HGG

Furthermore, the game offers modding potential, including custom race campaigns. If you feel like most racing games are becoming repetitive these days, BallisticNG puts a twist on the formula. Based on feedback, it’s a bit like Wipeout from studio Liverpool with mods and VR. The anti-gravity racing experience is especially noteworthy. The game also includes extensive achievements, and you shouldn’t miss out on the online leaderboards.


Walkabout Mini Golf VR

Walkabout Mini Golf VR - Best Co-Op VR Games
Image: Mighty Coconut via HGG
  • Everyone 
  • Single user, multiplayer
  • Games with up to 8 players

Mini golf is a great game to adapt to the world of VR, and Walkabout Mini Golf VR offers more than just a traditional mini golf experience. With eight included courses for up to eight players, each 18-hole course offers a number of gravity-defying obstacles and challenges. The real-world mini golf physics are accurate, and there are a number of DLC courses to add. Have you ever thought about playing mini golf while flying? With Walkabout Mini Golf VR, you can.

Explore the landscape as you golf and meet friends.
Image: Mighty Coconut via HGG

Some players have commented that they’ve made actual (VR) friends in this cross-platform game. Hunting for the nearly 200 custom balls hidden throughout the courses and unlockable special putters keeps things interesting. While some players say it’s a bit too easy to accidentally tap the ball, that’s the only real complaint we’ve seen. Between the realistic mini golf in VR to more fantastical experiences, Walkabout Mini Golf VR is as good as it gets from everything we’ve seen.


Among Us VR 

Among Us VR - Best Co-Op VR Games
Image: InnerSloth LLC, Schell Games, Robot Teddy via HGG
  • Teen
  • Violence
  • In-game voice chat with proximity chat

For fans of Among Us, definitely one of the best co-op games, VR adds a whole new dimension to the experience. In Among Us VR, which accommodates up to 10 players, the goal is much like the standard version: you’ll play crewmembers on a spaceship working together to prepare for departure and survive in space. However, one of you is an imposter, and uncovering which player it is can have life or death consequences.

Even more wild flailing and panic than before!
Image: InnerSloth LLC, Schell Games, Robot Teddy via HGG

Gameplay begins with a murder, so it’s important to find answers before other players get killed. When the lights go out and the ship starts to shake, the VR experience is like no other. Unfortunately, the online community in the game gets mixed reviews, with toxic behaviors reported among all ages. That said, there are a number of great VR exclusive features, and overall, the gameplay is fun. Reports overall tell us that voice chat was a welcome addition. If you like Among Us, then Among Us VR won’t disappoint you.


Gorilla Tag 

Gorilla Tag - Best Co-Op VR Games
Image: Another Axiom via HGG
  • Everyone
  • Sitting, standing, roomscale player mode
  • Quest, Quest 2, Meta Quest Pro supported platforms

Up next on this list of co-op VR games is Gorilla Tag. In this game, you will experience what it’s like to be a gorilla while playing – surprise, a game of tag. However, this is not just any game of tag, as there are six different levels to explore while you struggle to master the moves of your new gorilla bod.

A rare moment of gorilla society captured on camera.
Image: Another Axiom via HGG

Alternatively, you can gather a group of gorilla friends and hang out with your “gorilla selves.” There are also four different multiplayer game modes available in this cross-platform game, including the Paintbrawl mode for fun gorilla combat using slingshots.

Fans particularly like the recently added basement level. Learning the moves was a challenge for some players, but most assure you that you will get the hang of it with some practice. However, negative aspects of the online community were a somewhat frequent complaint. Otherwise, Gorilla Tag is a major step forward in the world of VR according to fans of the game.


Star Trek: Bridge Crew 

Star Trek Bridge Crew - Best Co-Op VR Games
Image: Red Storm Entertainment via HGG
  • Everyone
  • Fantasy violence
  • Playable both VR and non-VR

Listen up, Trekkies! The next co-op VR game we reviewed is Star Trek: Bridge Crew, which will help you experience a Star Trek story like never before. You’ll be part of the crew on The Enterprise D from Star Trek: The Next Generation, complete with authentic TNG uniforms. Other Federation vessels from the Star Trek universe are also available, including the classic U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701. In this adventure, you’ll face off against Romulans, The Borg, and Klingons, depending on the storyline.

Two crew members chatting and praying they survive.
Image: Red Storm Entertainment via HGG

All the familiar bridge crew positions you know and love from the Star Trek franchise are present and accounted for, with customizable avatars, updated missions, and more. Like the best Star Trek stories, Bridge Crew is immersive, with cooperation and strategy required to be successful. It’s available for up to four players in co-op mode, but we found out that there’s plenty of fun to be had in single player mode too.


Tetris Effect: Connected 

Tetris Effect: Connected - Best Co-Op VR Games
Image: Resonair, Monstars, Stage Games via HGG
  • Everyone
  • Sitting player mode supported
  • More than 30 stages, more than 10 game modes

If you’re addicted to classic Tetris — and who isn’t? — you’ll love the next pick on our list, Tetris Effect: Connected. In the game, you can experience Tetris in single-player, co-op mode, and competitive – both online and local. Cross-platform play and spectator mode are also available. Unlike the Tetris you’re familiar with, in this game, the familiar shapes move like never before, with lighting effects and even explosions.

Tetris but more beautiful than ever.
Image: Resonair, Monstars, Stage Games via HGG

All the levels have unique backgrounds and different themes, adding further visual interest to gameplay. Feedback tells us that this might be the best version of Tetris ever. The game is refined, with stunning visuals, and even the music stands out. The overall experience is fun and relaxing. Story mode offers a whole new challenge to Tetris, making it one of the most captivating VR experiences out there. However, it is a bit pricey for what you get.


Arizona Sunshine 

Arizona Sunshine - Best Co-Op VR Games
Image: Vertigo Games, Jaywalker Interactive via HGG
  • Mature
  • Intense violence, blood and gore
  • Drug reference, strong language

The next VR game we reviewed is Arizona Sunshine. It’s a zombie apocalypse experience with up to three other players. This VR first-person shooter is set in the heart of the Grand Canyon state, Arizona, and has a strong storyline. There are more than 25 weapons to both attack and defend yourself with. We liked the free-roaming nature of the game, with the freedom to take things in small chunks or all at once.

Nothing like decaying moving corpses in the blistering heat.
Image: Vertigo Games, Jaywalker Interactive via HGG

Like any zombie story, supplies, weapons, and food must be scavenged while remaining constantly on the lookout for the undead. When powered by an Intel Core i7 processor or equivalent, the VR experience is like no other.

Fans comment on the replayability of the game, with multiple maps, a great story, and realistic landscape rendering. The mechanics are easy to get the hang of, thanks to the realistic physics. We found the Horde mode especially challenging, but incredibly fun.


Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes 

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes - Best Co-Op VR Games
Image: Steel Crate Games via HGG
  • Sitting, standing, roomscale player modes
  • Puzzle-solving and communication skills required
  • 2 or more players required

Breaking into the top three of our list of the best co-op VR games is Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes. Based on the popular board game of the same name, this VR game for two or more players requires strong communication skills and cooperation between players. The objective is to figure out how to defuse a bomb, with the twist being that only one player is trapped in the VR room with the bomb, while the others are bomb experts outside the VR experience.

Better hope the person reading the manual knows how to communicate.
Image: Steel Crate Games via HGG

Additionally, the instructions on how to defuse the bomb must be deciphered and then relayed to the experts, so players need to think fast! A free Bomb Defusal Manual is required to play, which can be viewed as a PDF or as a hard copy once printed. Perfect for parties and playable with a friend who’s not local, this game requires only one Oculus headset. Feedback tells us that this game is a blast and it will really have you on the edge of your seat.


Beat Saber 

Beat Saber - Best Co-Op VR Games
Image: Beat Games via HGG
  • VR rhythm game
  • Global leaderboards
  • Add-ons available

The second-to-last co-op VR game we reviewed is Beat Saber. It’s a VR rhythm game that can be played alone or in multiplayer mode, featuring a good selection of music and frequent add-ons with the best pop songs. Players will move, swing, and dance their way across levels, each rendered in great detail. The more you practice, the better you’ll get. As a single-player, you can rise up the global leaderboards, or choose multiplayer mode and complete challenges with friends.

Swing to the beat and cut through the notes.
Image: Beat Games via HGG

We learned that Beat Saber might be the best choice for both a great VR experience and a good workout. There are different difficulty settings for each level, so you can start easily and increase the challenge as your skills improve. While there are both custom songs and familiar hits from TikTok, they are sold separately, which some players didn’t like. However, there’s also a huge amount of modding available to build and customize levels just the way you like them.



Phasmophobia VR - Best Co-Op VR Games
Image: Kinetic Games via HGG
  • PC Gamer, Best Co-Op game 2020
  • Full voice recognition
  • 10 different haunted locations

What better way to experience VR than in a haunted house? That’s just what you can do in Phasmophobia, the best co-op VR game we reviewed. With up to four players, you’ll explore any of the 10 haunted locations and utilize all the equipment that supernatural investigators are known for, including EMF readers, spirit boxes, and night vision cameras. You can even use your voice to speak with spirits from beyond via Ouija Boards and EVP Sessions.

You don't have outrun the ghost, just your friend!
Image: Kinetic Games via HGG

There are four different levels of difficulty in the game, or you can create your own game to be as scary or challenging as you’d like. Some players say it’s not so much scary as suspenseful, especially as the ghost becomes more aggressive with time. Ultimately, it boils down to identifying and tracking the type of ghost you’re after, all while trying to avoid said ghost when it starts hunting your team.

Feedback tells us that this is a must-play game, great in multiplayer mode but also a thrill to play alone. It doesn’t overly rely on jumpscares, and the suspense builds with repeated gameplay.

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