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10 Best Boomer Shooters For PC

One of the most popular and beloved genres in video games is the first-person shooter. These are combat-focused, action-packed games played from a first-person perspective, and come in a wide variety of subgenres. One such subgenre is the boomer shooter.

Boomer shooters, in fact, were largely responsible for pioneering the FPS genre. DOOM is one of the most influential games of all time, and similar games are only becoming more popular in recent years. It’s not hard to see why!

But what exactly is a boomer shooter, and what are the best ones to play? We’ll be covering those questions in today’s article on the ten best boomer shooters for PC!

What Is a Boomer Shooter?

What is a Boomer Shooter?
Image: Hyperstrange, CreativeForge Games, Running With Scissors via HGG

Before we get into the meat and potatoes of this article, we should first clarify what exactly a boomer shooter is. A boomer shooter is a subgenre of a first-person shooter. It can be either a retro FPS from the 1990s or a modern-day game that tries to emulate the feeling of games from that time period.

Boomer shooters can vary quite a bit in their visual style, tone, and gunplay. While some feature multiplayer, the majority of these games are single-player-focused. What is clear across the board is that they feel very different from modern shooters. They tend to be less realistic and much more arcade-y. For this article, we’ll be giving a mixture of both true retro games from the 90s, as well as modern-day games which call back to that old style.

Top 10 Boomer Shooters, from Good to Best

With all of that out of the way, let’s get right into this article for the top ten boomer shooters for PC!



Image: Indefatigable, New Blood Interactive via HGG

Let’s kick off our list with the fantasy first-person shooter AMID EVIL! This Heretic-inspired FPS sees you playing as a champion in a fantasy realm. You are armed with a variety of unique magic-based weapons and need to fight through hordes of enemies in order to…save the realm? I’m not sure, I haven’t played this game in over a year. You’re not here for the story, though, so it’s fine.

What’s the Gameplay Like?

AMID EVIL has pretty standard gameplay for a boomer shooter, but mixes things up with a few interesting tidbits. The weapons are all fantasy-inspired, and there are cool guns, including a mace that flings ice projectiles and a grenade launcher that fires miniaturized, explosive planets! As you kill enemies, you can collect their souls to eventually trigger a buff that overcharges all your weapons!

Welcome Back, Champion!

My favorite part about AMID EVIL is all the enemy designs and the variations between episodes. A lot of love and care is put into each level’s design and aesthetics, and you’ll find a huge variety of places to explore and fight in. My favorite episode takes place in a twisted space-like dimension filled with Lovecraftian nightmares and horrific creatures!


Postal: Brain Damaged

Postal: Brain Damaged
Image: Hyperstrange, CreativeForge Games, Running With Scissors via HGG

Postal: Brain Damaged is the most recent game to be released for the PC platform, at the time of writing this article. It’s good to see then that despite all the years since the 90s, no one has forgotten how to make a good old-school shooter. But be warned — the Postal series isn’t exactly known for being family-friendly. If you don’t mind the toilet humor and the occasional controversy, you’re in for a fun time.

What’s the Gameplay Like?

Movement in the game is buttery smooth, with a dedicated slide button that’s very satisfying to get around with. In this game, you have access to a variety of very unique weapons. There’s a reverse-vacuum cleaner that shoots out kittens at your enemies, a rapid-fire nail gun that shreds through enemies, and even a modern bow that fires CENSORED that can pierce through multiple enemies!

This Can’t Be Good for Me, but I Feel Great

In case you haven’t played a Postal game before, you should be warned — it’s not a very subtle game. The Postal series is wrapped in controversies, political satire, and offensive humor. While this entry in the series isn’t nearly as intense as past games, the humor can be a bit much at times. If that is something you’re fine with, then by all means get it! It’s an incredibly fun and arcade-y old-school shooter.


Ion Fury

Ion Fury
Image: Voidpoint LLC, 3D Realms via HGG

If you’re looking for the closest possible thing to a new true-blooded boomer shooter, you’ve found it. Ion Fury is an excellent retro shooter made in the style of a classic 90s game. This is accomplished through the use of the Build Engine, which was used to create old-school shooters like the original Blood and Duke Nukem games!

What’s the Gameplay Like?

Not only does Ion Fury look the part of your favorite 90s shooters, it plays just the same. The gameplay is always fast and intense, and there are many different creatively designed weapons for you to use. An electric baton serves as your melee weapon, and you get a crossbow with penetrating bolts that can kill multiple enemies. And then my personal favorite, a heavy-duty revolver!

Sixteen Times the Detail

Every level is hand-crafted to bring you the best possible experience. There is never a dull or disinteresting level in the game, and you get to see a wide variety of different locals. If you loved the interactivity of the maps in games like Blood, you will especially appreciate it here, as there are plenty of ways you can personally interact with the level.



Quake - Best Boomer Shooters
Image: id Software, Nightdive Studios, MachineGames, Bethesda Softworks via HGG

This wouldn’t be a true top 10 best boomer shooters for PC ranking without a Quake game! The original Quake we all know and love was first released back in 1996, and it had a tremendous impact on many shooters that came after it. The science-fantasy game takes place in the future, where you’re sent to investigate an enigmatic enemy that turns out to be an army of terrifying monsters!

What’s the Gameplay Like?

The game features many similarities to the DOOM games, albeit with several upgrades to its engine. These upgrades allow for a more immersive and atmospheric experience. Gunplay is satisfying and still holds up to this day, and its gore is great for a retro game. The designs of the monsters really add to the experience, and help it feel more like a horror experience.

It’s Better With Friends

One of the best parts of any Quake game is its multiplayer modes. The original Quake featured more ways to play with others over the DOOM games. This helped it become a smash hit in the multiplayer crowd. If you happen to have a few friends, or maybe even a Discord group that loves getting together to play old games, you should definitely plan out a date to try Quake’s multiplayer.



DOOM - Boomer Shooter PC Game
Image: id Software, Bethesda Softworks via HGG

Halfway through our list, we’ve finally reached the granddaddy of all FPS games — the original DOOM! This classic title did so much to inspire future shooter games in the industry, so it only makes sense that it takes a top spot on our list. While the game isn’t without its flaws, the gameplay still holds up all of these years later, and it’s a very enjoyable piece of history.

What’s the Gameplay Like?

If it weren’t obvious enough, this is the truest, most pure boomer shooter on this list. The gameplay is enjoyable to play and very arcade-y. It features a decent roster of classic weapons, such as the shotgun, the chaingun, and the explosive BFG. The level design can feel like a maze at times, and I’ve often found myself getting lost. However, it is still less confusing and better designed than its sequel, DOOM II.

The Only Thing They Fear Is You

It’s honestly a shame that more games don’t let you fight demons from Hell. There is so much creativity in the design of enemies, and there’s plenty of variety to be had. This means that gameplay rarely gets repetitive, and you’ll always need to be engaged in order to decide how to best handle each encounter. Anyone who considers themselves a fan of FPS games must play this classic title at least once.



Ultrakill -
Image: Arsi “Hakita” Patala, New Blood Interactive via HGG

If you love blood and guts in your video games, just wait until you see this next game on our list. Ultakill is a 2020 FPS that takes lots of inspiration from games like Quake. It keeps all of the classic features of a boomer shooter, but mixes it up with its own unique gameplay quirks to keep things fresh and interesting.

What’s the Gameplay Like?

This game takes place in the distant future. You’re a robot that uses blood to power itself. What this means in practical terms is that killing enemies and touching their blood will actually heal you! Mobility is a big part of this game. You’ll need to constantly be on the move in order to avoid taking damage and stay alive.

Blood is Fuel…Hell is Fuel

At each level, you have the opportunity to perform special combos that earn you a currency called style points. Style points are used to purchase special items in-between each level, such as weapon modifications to help you kill things more efficiently. There are only five basic different types of weapons, but that is okay — there are many different variations to unlock for each one!



Prodeus Boomer Shooter Games
Image: Bounding Box Software Inc, Humble Games via HGG

For number four on our list of the top 10 best boomer shooters for PC, we have the beloved 2020 game Prodeus! This retro sci-fi adventure features arguably the most breathtaking art style out of any other game on this list. Made by experienced creators of other FPS games, Prodeus is still in early access at the time of this article, but features more than enough content to keep FPS fans entertained.

What’s the Gameplay Like?

Combat is satisfying and crunchy, and all of the weapons feel big and meaty. There is a chaingun that can shred through everything in your path, and a quad barrel shotgun that tears through flesh like it’s nothing. Combine this with the intense heavy metal OST and you have a wonderfully entertaining FPS experience. The game even features a great level editor when you’re finished with its campaign.

No, You’re Breathtaking!

If the crunchy gunplay wasn’t enough, wait until you feast your eyes on its amazing art style. The game features a pixelated art style reminiscent of older games while taking advantage of modern-day lighting to really make things pop. The gore, blood, and explosions feel like something out of a 90s action movie and only add to the game’s already incredible gunplay.



Image: Valve via HGG

This next game is certainly unique compared to the others on this list, but I still think it counts as a boomer shooter. The timeless classic Half-Life, made by Valve, brought massive innovation to the gaming industry thanks to its story and the way the player interacts with the world. It helped many people realize that games can tell a compelling story the same way a movie can.

What’s the Gameplay Like?

I was honestly blown away when I played this game for the first time due to the way it handles combat. You’re given a wide variety of tools that you need to use to plan out each encounter. Going guns blazing is usually punished, and you’ll have to think like a scientist in order to complete each area and survive. While the gunplay may feel a little clunky, the game is still worth playing in 2022.

It’s Time to Choose

As previously mentioned, the story of Half-Life was highly praised upon its release. The tale of Gordan Freeman — the right man in the wrong place — is a fascinating tale full of interesting and enigmatic characters. I don’t want to reveal too much about the game, as it’s best experienced for yourself. But let’s just say there’s a reason why so many fans are asking for a Half-Life 3


Blood: Fresh Supply

Blood: Fresh Supply
Image: Nightdive Studios, Monolith Productions, Atari via HGG

This next game is a soft remaster of the original Blood from 1997. Featuring content from both the expansion packs in addition to the base game, as well as some visual upgrades, this is the definitive way to enjoy the classic game. It feels very similar to the classic DOOM games, but does plenty to add on to the formula and create a unique experience.

What’s the Gameplay Like?

The story sees you playing as a gunslinger on the path to get revenge on the malicious god who betrayed you. If that doesn’t sound cool enough, wait until you hear about the game itself. You’ll battle an evil and crazy cult through a huge diversity of levels. The game takes you everywhere from a dark carnival (complete with lots of interactions) to a desolate cabin in the woods.

Good, Bad, I’m the Guy With the Gun

I really love the unique weapons that can be found in Blood: Fresh Supply. There’s a Tesla cannon that can be charged up to do massive damage, a napalm launcher that rapidly fires out explosive projectiles, and even a working voodoo doll! With all of these different weapons (and like three different types of dynamite), you’ll never run out of tools to kill with.



DUSK - Best Boomer Shooter Game Overall
Image: David Szymanski, New Blood Interactive via HGG

And finally, taking spot number one on our article for the top 10 best boomer shooters for PC, it’s the 2018 game DUSK! I love this game, and you will too if you try it for yourself. This is another game published by New Blood Interactive. It’s made by David Szymanski, who you may recognize as being the creator of the upcoming immersive sim, Gloomwood.

What’s the Gameplay Like?

The game features fast-paced movement, loads of different weapons to use, lots of creative power-ups, and much more. The gunplay is very satisfying and enjoyable, and the gore and blood adds a lot to the experience. There are many different power-ups for you to take advantage of in this game. My favorite is a power-up that causes time to stop completely unless you are moving!

It Hurts to Remember…

The best aspect of this game by far is its creepy horror vibe. There are jump scares a-plenty in this game, and lots of creepy enemies to encounter. I also really love the diversity of levels and the locations where they take place in. There is an old farm controlled by a malicious cult, an ancient underground city, and a twisted lab populated by mad scientists. The whole game feels like an old horror movie!

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Happy gaming!

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