Halo Infinite: 7 Best Armor Coatings

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Halo Infinite: 7 Best Armor Coatings

343’s decision to rework how you color your armor was an interesting choice, to say the least. In past games, you could choose your primary and secondary color out of a whole rainbow of options! This led to some cool combinations that made really interesting looks when paired with the right armor.

In Halo Infinite, however, we saw the introduction of armor coatings, which work in a similar fashion to the skins in Apex Legends. Say what you will about this change, but there’s no denying that some of these coatings look exceptionally good.

That’s why, in today’s article, we will be ranking the best armor coatings in Halo Infinite! Let’s not waste any time and hop right in!


Cosmic Corruption

Cosmic Corruption Armor Coating Halo Infinite
Image: 343 Industries via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

Let’s begin our ranking for the top 7 armor coatings in Halo Infinite with something simple. Cosmic Corruption is an epic-level armor coating that can only be acquired by purchasing the “Cosmic Goblin” bundle from the store. It will cost you 400 cR to obtain. This skin is sadly only available for the Mark VII armor core.

This armor coating features a beautiful shade of reddish-purple with gray and black highlights around the body. It’s a unique color that can make a very unique Spartan! While I would prefer the highlights to be solid black, gray still goes very well with the primary color. If you love purple, I’d say this cosmetic is a must-have!


Imperial Court

Imperial Court Armor Coating Halo Infinite
Image: 343 Industries via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

Next up, we have a more unique-looking cosmetic item. I am, of course, talking about the Imperial Court legendary armor coating! You can pick up this beautiful set of colors for 700 cR from the shop by buying the “Imperial Stance” cosmetic bundle. It is exclusive to the Yoroi armor core.

Where to begin with this one? The primary color is a battle-won shade of dark red. Gold highlights cover the body, with black undertones to make it feel more visually cohesive. The details on this thing are just incredible! Say what you will about Samurai Spartans being lore-friendly, but the small details on the armor definitely give it a sense of realism.


Wild Kovan

Wild Kovan Armor Coating Halo Infinite
Image: 343 Industries via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

For spot number five, we have the Wild Kovan epic armor coating! I remember seeing this one in the multiplayer trailer a while back, and couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. This skin can be obtained only through playing the campaign. To the north of FOB Delta, you can find an armory locker containing the skin. You can only apply it to the Mark VII armor core, unfortunately.

This is probably one of the few armor coatings in the game that would make sense for a real-world military unit. The most striking feature of this skin is the forest camouflage covering most of the armor. Underneath this is a sage green color that blends the whole thing together. If you are looking for a cosmetic that makes sense for a soldier, then this is the perfect one for you!


Vermillion Wrath

Vermillion Wrath Armor Coating Halo Infinite
Image: 343 Industries via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

Up next, we have one of the first-holiday event skins to ever be added to the game. I’m referring to the Vermillion Wrath legendary armor coating! I didn’t play much of the Winter Contingency event, so I missed out on this skin, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get your hands on it.

I’ve seen it in store rotations occasionally, so you still might be able to pick it up! It can only be unlocked for the Mark V armor core, but the Vermillion Flame skin can be acquired for the Yoroi core if you want something that looks similar.

This is a shiny metallic armor coating with red as its primary color and gold as its secondary color. It is a Christmas-themed skin (although I’ve seen a lot more comparisons to Iron Man than to Christmas). As is the rule in gaming, any cosmetic item looks great if it comes in gold! There is some minor distress on the armor to make it look more slightly battle-worn, which is a nice touch.


G2 eSports

G2 Esports Armor Coating Halo Infinite
Image: 343 Industries via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

Now for number three on our top 7 armor coatings in Halo Infinite, we have the G2 Esports epic armor skin! This armor coating is based on the G2 Esports team and can be purchased at any time from the store under the HCS Offers tab. It can be purchased for exactly 1,000 cR, and is only available for the Mark VII armor kit.

The skin is a beautiful mix of black and gray, with red highlights all around the armor (specifically, on the arms and legs). Red and black make a great combination, and the dark color palette makes this armor coating look very intimidating. It is a great alternative to get if you don’t have the Watchdog skin. You don’t need to watch esports to appreciate such a fine-looking cosmetic!


Expressive Soul

Expressive Soul Armor Coating Halo Infinite
Image: 343 Industries via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

This is one I’ve seen a lot in public lobbies lately, and it isn’t hard to see why it’s so popular. The Expressive Soul epic armor coating is available only for the Yoroi armor core. You can obtain it for 1,000 cR by buying a bundle called “Meditative State” from the game’s cosmetic shop.

This is by far my favorite armor coating for the Yoroi armor core! Its base color is a beautiful shade of marble white, with brushed gold highlights and soft green for the helmet and parts of the upper chest. This skin goes perfectly with the east-Asian-inspired armor core and makes a great pairing with any of the armor pieces found in the set. If you’re a fan of this aesthetic, I highly recommend this one for you!


Spacestation Gaming

Spacestation Gaming Armor Coating Halo Infinite
Image: 343 Industries via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

For our number one armor coating in all of Halo Infinite, we have the Spacestation Gaming epic armor coating! This is another skin based on an existing eSports team, Spacestation Gaming. It can also be bought from the HCS Offers tab on the store for 1,000 cR. You can only use it for the Mark VII armor core.

Man oh man, is this a great-looking skin. It is a dark gray and yellow mix, which is one of the best color combinations you can get. The whole thing looks very clean, and it goes great with just about any armor parts in the game! It’s a shame that you can’t use this skin on other armor cores, but it’s not that big of a deal.

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Armor Coatings Outro
Image: 343 Industries via HGG

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