AOC has announced the AOC 16T2, a portable touchscreen monitor that comes with USB-C connectivity. The 16T2 haS a 39.6 cm IPS display with full HD resolution, and it connects to a laptop, desktop, or smartphone via two USB-C ports or a Micro HDMI port. With the 8000 mAh battery built into it, the 16T2 is suitable for mobile use without a power outlet. It can also potentially serve as a power bank and charge a smartphone. 

The monitor’s 16T2 Smart Cover is designed to protect the display surface from dents and scratches while on the go. The foldable cover, less than a centimeter in thickness, allows for portrait and landscape orientations, along with a VESA wall mount option. 

Additionally, the 16T2 comes with built-in stereo speakers (2x 1 W). The monitor also comes equipped with 10-point projective-capacitive touch recognition technology, which allows it to detect ten fingertips at once, and it’s certified with Windows 10 touch support. According to AOC’s press release, the 16T2 is a useful tool for “mobile business users as well as mobile gamers, students, IT administrators, small businesses, DIYers, and more.”

The AOC 16T2 is available on Amazon for $249.99.

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