Lepow 15.6-Inch USB-C Portable Monitor Review

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Lepow 15.6-Inch USB-C Portable Monitor Review

Mobile games and the Nintendo Switch have revolutionized gaming on the go. Both are accessible, feature a variety of titles, and place AAA experiences in the palm of your hand. Unfortunately, these platforms can only handle current-gen ports to varying degrees of quality. If you want the full experience on the go, you’ll need a PC, PlayStation, or Xbox — and a portable monitor.

Unlike desktop monitors, portable monitors must balance visual fidelity, portability, and compatibility, all at a reasonable price. While there are plenty of options out there, the Lepow Portable Monitor may be the best option. Not because it’s the most powerful or visually impressive model, but because it’s built to game.

Zoom In: Specs

  • Manufacturer: Lepow
  • Weight: 1.7 lbs
  • Dimensions: 14.5 x 8.8 x 0.34 in
  • Screen Size: 15.6 in
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Screen Type: LCD
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • Refresh Rate: 60 hertz
  • Port Type(s): USB-C, Mini HDMI, 3.5 MM Jack

Unboxing an Excellent First Impression

Lepow Monitor 1
Kody Wirth / High Ground Gaming

There’s something lost in the boxed presentation of today’s gaming peripherals. Cords, instructions, and the device itself are often thrown into a lackluster package with seemingly no care. However, unboxing the Lepow Portable Monitor presented the complete opposite.

Everything included with this monitor has a purpose, and the packaging reflects that. Nothing feels out of place, and the organization strangely surprises you with what’s included. As you remove each item, you’re almost encouraged to uncover the rest. Even the connection cords come with individual reusable bags, which is a plus one in my book.

The impressive presentation extends to the monitor itself. It sits inside a leather carrying case and is both incredibly thin and lightweight. The LCD screen takes up almost the entire surface of the device, and the silver and matte black colored housing further played into its elegance. 

At first glance, the folks at Lepow hit it out of the park. For such an inexpensive device, typically selling for $200 or less, it looked more professional and intuitive than other well-known brands. But would that positive first impression extend to how the monitor operates?

Quick-Start Performance

Compatability and setup with portable screens can be frustrating. Missing cords, lengthy setup procedures, and incompatible devices are issues we’ve often come to accept. The Lepow, thankfully, avoids these pitfalls. 

Lepow Monitor 2
Kody Wirth / High Ground Gaming

Everything you’ll need to connect with your PC, mobile device, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, or Nintendo Switch is included. If you’re unsure of what to use or how to set it up, the in-box user guide clearly outlines each connection for you. And luckily, all you need to do to get started is simply connect the screen to the Type-C power supply and your selected device.

There’s no setup procedure, no lag in connection, just immediate usability. Even switching between my PS4, Switch, and PC screen was a breeze. It’s this quick setup and transition between devices that quickly sold me on the value of it as a portable screen.

Now, the one thing I’ll mention is you shouldn’t expect this display to be at the pinnacle of visual fidelity. Yes, it achieves native 1080p resolution and includes a semi-usable HDR mode, but the color output and overall visuals look rough and faded. You can adjust visual settings, including the aspect ratio and preset visual output, using the radial dial, but don’t expect to see dramatically different settings with each change.

A Monitor Built for the Road

Visuals aside, this monitor is built for the road. It includes a screen protector, additional screen cover, and a convertible case to quickly set up the device anywhere and everywhere. If only the power supply supported that notion.

Lepow Monitor 3
Kody Wirth / High Ground Gaming

When using a Type-C connection, the monitor doesn’t require additional power. But when using the mini HDMI, which is necessary for most consoles, you need to be plugged into an outlet or portable power supply. Weirdly, the designers must think everyone has a portable battery because the charging cable is frustratingly short. So, be sure you can station yourself within a foot of an outlet, or you’ll be out of luck.


Those few gripes aside, the Lepow Portable Monitor is an excellent on-the-go option for a very low price. It’s easy to use, compatible with almost everything, and still hit a reasonable level of visual quality. I wouldn’t recommend buying this as your permanent second screen or core gaming monitor, but for a temporary or portable solution, it’s value exceeds the price tag.

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Zoom Out: Verdict
  • Performance - 7.5/10
  • Portability - 8/10
  • Features - 7.5/10
  • Value - 9/10


The Lepow Portable Monitor is the perfect blend of performance, portability, and value. It includes everything you’ll need to connect to any device, and setup is a breeze. While the screen resolution, weak speakers, and limited battery capabilities limit its potential, the Lepow Portable Monitor is still an incredibly impressive option at an attractive price.


  • Intuitive OSD menu with radial controls
  • Includes a convertible leather case/kickstand
  • Quickly and easily connects with Mini-HDMI and USB-C ports


  • Needs power source except when using a USB-C connection
  • In-device speakers are decent but not an ideal audio solution
  • Screen visual performance varies between devices, often washing out colors

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