AndaSeat and Disney are partnering to produce a new line of Avengers-themed gaming chairs. The first four characters serving as design inspiration are Spider-Man, Iron Man, Captain America, and Ant-Man. 

AndaSeat Disney Gaming Chairs

The AndaSeat Spider-Man 2020 Edition utilizes AD Alpha Linen Fabric in a spiderweb design. The head, front, back, neck pillow, and carpet all show this design element. The eye design is also meant to evoke the eyes on Spider-Man’s costume. 

The Iron Man 2020 Edition promises the same level of customizability as the AndaSeat Jungle series, albeit with a chair 25% larger than the Jungle chairs. The chair also comes with a distinctive Iron Man-inspired design of red and yellow and an arc reactor symbol featured prominently in the center. 

The Captain America 2020 Edition is made with AD Plus PVC leather and sports both the “A” and star logos, the latter of which is placed at the top to denote Cap’s status as leader of the Avengers. It also features a red, white, and blue color scheme, a shield design on the back, lumbar pillows, and a carpet outline.

The Ant-Man 2020 Edition comes in a red and black palette and features the Ant-Man logo on the front, back, and detachable head cushion. The Marvel logo is featured on the top of the chair and the lumbar pillow. 

These chairs employ the AndaSeat AD design, which reduces fatigue and discomfort while seated for hours on end, whether you’re gaming or working. The Captain America, Iron Man, and Ant-Man chairs are all made of AD Plus PVC leather, while the Spider-Man chair is made of AD Alpha Linen Fabric. Neither material contains elements in harmful amounts, and the press release promises safe use for both adults and children. 

The chairs are padded with 65Kg/M3 (60Kg for Iron Man, 55 for Ant-Man), cold-cured, high-density foam. This offers spinal support for long sessions on the computer, helping to maintain posture. The dual cushions are adjustable.

The chairs also employ a lockable synchronic-tilt mechanism and a Z-shaped design, allowing them to take on more weight than more traditional mechanisms and recline up to 160 degrees. The AD memory pillows are sensitive to heat and pressure and are designed to conform to the user’s body shape. The back and armrests are fully adjustable. 


Spider Man$549.99
Iron Man$469.99
Captain America$529.99
Ant Man$399.99

You can find all four chairs on sale at AndaSeat.

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