Stellaris: How to Beat The Game and All Victory Conditions

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Stellaris: How to Beat The Game and All Victory Conditions

Stellar strategies to thoroughly obtain victory

Stellaris is one of the BEST strategy games out there. It’s a 4X real-time strategy game that lets you create the interstellar empire of your dreams, allowing you to spread your influence throughout the stars… Either through peace or through “aggressive negotiations.”

Regardless of how you choose to play, you are going to need to know what each of the victory conditions are if you want to win. Here in this guide, we’ll be going over each one and providing what we think is the best strategy for achieving said win condition.

#1 – Score Victory

The “default” win condition in Stellaris is a simple score victory. The game will end at year 2,500 if you have not met any other win condition. At this year, all of your accomplishments in-game will be tallied up to give you a final score. Whichever empire has the highest score will win the game. This score takes into consideration many different things. Below is a list of all the most notable ones:

  • Economic power (greatly increased by the number of alloys and consumer goods you own)
  • Fleet power
  • Technologies researched
  • Federation status (if you are in one, and if so, how many members it has)
  • Colonies you own
  • Vassal states you have
  • Relics you’ve collected
  • Crisis ships destroyed (these are enemy ships spawned by the end-game crisis factions)

Getting a high enough score to win a game is very difficult, and it’s not something you should expect to get in your first few games. It’s best if you plan for how you are going to rack up a high score before you even create your empire. Speaking of which, how exactly can you rack up a high enough score to win?

In my experience, the best way to do so is through your economy. As mentioned in the list, having a high amount of alloys and consumer goods will increase your economic power, and therefore your score. So when you start your game, it’s best if you begin building mining stations to produce as many minerals as possible. You can then construct Industrial Districts on your worlds to convert these minerals into alloys and consumer goods.

#2 – Domination Victory/Galactic Purge

There is only one other win condition in Stellaris besides the score victory. To achieve this victory type, you will need to either conquer every other empire in the galaxy, or you will need to purge every other species (there’s some overlap between these two conditions, which is why they’re grouped together). This is a pretty difficult victory type to get, so it’s best you don’t go for it on your first play-through.

If you want to go for this victory, I’d recommend you build your empire around the fanatic militarization trait. You should then build up your fleet early game. Make sure to construct Anchorages in each of your starbases to increase your naval capacity. Research technologies that unlock new ship types and components. Speaking of components, make sure that each ship has a balance between armor and shields, as well as a balance of each of the weapon types.


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