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Sonic Frontiers: All Collectibles Explained

If you love 3D platforming and searching for collectibles, then you’re sure to love Sonic Frontiers. It’s a fast-paced game full of great platforming, lots of different enemies to fight, and a huge amount of items to find and collect! To help you out, we’ve put together this guide on every collectible in Sonic Frontiers. This includes a rundown of each item, as well as how you can collect them throughout the game.

Every Collectible in Sonic Frontiers and How to Get Them

With that introduction out of the way, let’s get right into our Sonic Frontiers collectible guide!

Basic Collectables

First up, we have the basic collectibles. These take a front and center stage in Sonic Frontiers, and you’ll need to collect them in order to progress the story.


Image: Sonic Team, SEGA via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

Rings are the most basic and abundant of all collectibles in Sonic Frontiers. They’re used to guide the player to other collectibles. as well as to platforming challenges. In cyberspace levels, you need to collect a certain number of rings to 100% complete the level. In the open world, they act as a health bar.

If you take damage from an enemy, you’ll lose some of your rings. Take damage while carrying no rings and you’ll die! If you collect the maximum number of rings, you’ll gain a speed boost. This allows you to get across the map much faster!

If you want to collect a lot of rings quickly, use your Cyloop ability to create a tiny circle on the ground. As soon as your circle is complete and rings pop out, make another small circle. There’s no cooldown period for Cyloop, so you can do this in rapid succession to get a lot of rings very fast!

Memory Tokens

Memory Tokens
Image: Sonic Team, SEGA via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

Up next, we have memory tokens. These are special items that look different depending on the island you’re on, as they correspond to the character on the island (Amy, Knuckles, and Tails, respectively). On the first island, they look like pink hearts. On the second, they’re war medals. And on the third, they’re tools.

These items are needed in order to talk to certain NPCs and trigger cutscenes that can provide lore, trigger a mission, and/or continue the storyline. Simply collect the right amount and interact with an NPC shown on the map to trigger the cutscene.

The best way to collect memory tokens is to complete platforming challenges and find holograms in the open world that look like blue chests. Do a cycloop around them, and they’ll sometimes spawn a bunch of memory tokens.

Chaos Emeralds

Chaos Emeralds
Image: Sonic Team, SEGA via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

Lastly, we have the Chaos Emeralds, another classic collectible that’s been in the Sonic franchise since day one. Chaos Emeralds are found in various locations throughout most of the islands you visit. You need to collect them in order to progress the story and become Super Sonic, which lets you initiate major boss fights.

Speaking of which, one Chaos Emerald will always be guarded by the island’s respective boss (the game will only let you fight the boss if you have all of the other emeralds). The other emeralds are all locked away behind strange containers scattered throughout the island. You’ll need a certain amount of vault keys to unlock the containers, which you’ll most commonly get by completing cyberspace levels (more on that shortly). Once you have enough keys to unlock a container, a colorful beacon will appear in the sky to guide you to the container’s location.

Cyberspace Collectables

Next up in our guide to every collectible in Sonic Frontiers are the cyberspace collectibles! These important items are all related to the various parts of cyberspace that you can visit. Most of these items are also needed to progress the story.

Portal Gears

Portal Gears
Image: Sonic Team, SEGA via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

Portal Gears are items that look like strange, glowing, stone gears. These collectibles are unique to Sonic Frontiers. You need these items in order to access the cyberspace levels scattered throughout the different islands. The most common way to find them is by beating some of the side bosses.

Check your map for red crossed-sword icons and head there to automatically trigger a boss fight. The bosses vary greatly and what you’ll need to do depends on who you’re fighting. Regardless of the type of boss you face, once it’s defeated, it will drop one Portal Gear. Then you just need to bring it to a cyberspace entrance, which looks like a massive stone chair with red lights emanating out of it. Interact with it to use the Gear.

Red Star Rings

Red Star Rings
Image: Sonic Team, SEGA via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

Once in the cyberspace level, you’ll likely encounter Red Star Rings. These are other iconic items found in previous Sonic games. They look a bit like the regular rings, but are slightly bigger, red, and have a star in the center.

You can also only find them inside cyberspace levels. There are five in each level, and if you collect all of them, you’ll receive a Vault Key! Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for them, as they’re often hidden pretty well. Some levels have alternative paths that you’ll need to take to collect one. Don’t worry — you don’t need to get every one on the same run to get the Vault Key.

Vault Keys

Vault Keys
Image: Sonic Team, SEGA via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

Vault keys are silver with a slight green aura. They look like regular keys, but with their ends in the shape of a gemstone. These items are needed to continue the story, as they are required to open up the vaults containing Chaos Emeralds.

The best way to reliably get Vault Keys is by 100% completing the cyberspace levels. You’ll get one Vault Key for each objective completed in the level — if you complete all four, you’ll get three additional keys as a reward. This means that 100% completing a level will give you seven keys in total!

Upgrade Collectables

Now we have what I like to call upgrade collectibles in Sonic Frontiers. These are all items that let you upgrade Sonic’s powers and give him access to new move sets.

Skill Points

Skill Points - Sonic Frontiers Collectibles
Image: Sonic Team, SEGA via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

The first and easiest to understand are the Skill Points. These blue diamonds are collected in groups, not individually. You will need them in order to upgrade Sonic’s skill tree, giving you a variety of new abilities and powers to make combat easier and more creative.

In my experience, the best way to farm them is by defeating enemies. You can find baddies all throughout the islands, and most are very easy to take down. Simply approach them and fight them, and they’ll drop Skill Points upon defeat. You can also get them by breaking open destructible boxes scattered around the maps.

Red Seeds of Power

Red Seeds of Power
Image: Sonic Team, SEGA via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

Red Seeds of Power are — as you can guess — red in color and have a heart shape to them. These seeds also give off a glow that makes them hard to miss. Once you collect one, you can take it an NPC called the Hermit Koco. In return, he’ll increase Sonic’s attack damage. Very handy in boss fights!

You can find these seeds in many different ways, most commonly through platforming segments. Doing challenges that reveal parts of the map will always give you either a red seed or a blue seed upon completion.

Blue Seeds of Defense

Blue Seeds of Defense
Image: Sonic Team, SEGA via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

Speak of the devil, next we have Blue Seeds of Defense. They have a light blue color and an organic seed-like shape to them, and they give off a cyan glow. They can also be given to Hermit Koco, this time to increase Sonic’s defensive power! In practice, this means he’ll lose fewer rings when hit.

Blue Seeds of Defense can be found in more or less the same way red seeds can be found…at the top of platforming segments, for example, as well as rewards for completing map challenges. If you’re really desperate for some, you can use Cycloop on the empty ground for a chance at getting a red or blue seed!


Kocos - Sonic Frontiers Collectibles
Image: Sonic Team, SEGA via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

Onto our fourth and final collectible for this category, we have the Koco! The Koco are the most adorable collectable in the entire game. They look like small stone statues with plants from their native island growing atop their head. Koco have cute eyes and make high-pitched noises whenever you are near.

If you collect enough Koco, you can bring them to the Elder Koco, an NPC who has been looking for them. Once you give them to him, he will reward Sonic by upgrading your choice of either his speed or his maximum ring capacity. Koco are scattered pretty evenly across the island, so be sure to keep an eye out for them wherever you go. Remember to listen for the unique noises that they make!

Fishing Collectables

Lastly, in this guide for every collectible in Sonic Frontiers explained, we have fishing collectibles. These items are — you guessed it — exclusively related to the fishing minigame that can be found in Sonic Frontiers.

Purple Coins

Purple Coins - Sonic Frontiers Collectibles
Image: Sonic Team, SEGA via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

The first and also most important collectible in this category is Purple Coins! These items look exactly the way their name suggests. They’re usually hidden around corners and in hard-to-reach parts of the map. I’ve seen quite a few spawned by or around entrances to cyberspace levels, so be sure to look around there and any other high-up or hidden locations.

Once you have a small amount, you can take them into a fishing spot. Fishing spots look like regular cyberspace portals, but they glow purple instead of red. Inside, you’ll meet Big the Cat, who will let you borrow his fishing rod in exchange for a small amount of Purple Coins. Borrowing his rod allows you to fish at the spot and get all kinds of unique collectibles!

Treasure Tokens

Treasure Tokens - Sonic Frontiers Collectibles
Image: Sonic Team, SEGA via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

The most common fishing collectible is Treasure Tokens. These special items are white in color and display a fish icon. They cannot be picked up physically in the world like most of the other collectibles. Every time you get some, they’ll be displayed in the upper left corner of your screen. These items are used to purchase other collectibles in the game from Big the Cat’s Shop.

All you need to do to collect them is catch some fish! The fishing minigame is very easy to do. You can very quickly rack up a lot of Treasure Tokens just by spending a few brief minutes at one of the game’s fishing spots.

Gold Cards

Gold Cards - Sonic Frontiers Collectibles
Image: Sonic Team, SEGA via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

Our next item is Gold Cards, which look a little more like gold tickets. You have a chance of getting one every time you fish at a fishing spot. If Sonic collects a treasure box, he will be rewarded with one of these Gold Cards.

Once you’ve obtained a card, it can be used to get any one item in Big the Cat’s Shop for free! I recommend using it to pick up an Egg Memo, as they are the most expensive item in the shop.

Egg Memos

Egg Memos - Sonic Frontiers Collectibles
Image: Sonic Team, SEGA via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

Last but most certainly not least, we have Egg Memos! These weird little gizmos are audio logs that can be listened to at any fishing spot. Egg Memos act as recollections of Dr. Eggman’s thoughts and emotions when he was trapped in cyberspace. They are a great way to learn more about what Eggman did in cyberspace, as well as get some interesting lore about the world of Sonic Frontiers.

Each Egg Memo costs exactly 15 Treasure Tokens, making them pretty spendy. The only way to get them is to grind the fishing minigame to get as many tokens as you can, as fast as you can. Many players will neglect these collectibles as they’re not useful outside of lore, instead going for seeds or Koco.

While I can understand this, the game is already pretty easy as-is, even on hard mode. I always exclusively buy Egg Memos with my Treasure Tokens as I love listening to them, and they’re the only item from Big’s shop that cannot be found anywhere else in the game.

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