Soma Tree Architect Puzzle – Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown

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Soma Tree Architect Puzzle – Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown

Find and solve the Soma Tree Architect Puzzle with this quick guide!

During your travels through Mount Qaf, you’ll be faced with many traps and puzzles sooner rather than later. None are more head-scratch-inducing than the Architect Puzzles that grant juicy rewards to players willing to solve them. If you’ve been struggling to solve, or even find these puzzles then have no fear. In this series of guides, we’ll be going into where to find every Architect Puzzle and how to solve them.

Soma Tree Architect Puzzle

The seventh Architect Puzzle can be found in the Soma Tree portion of the map. The fastest way to get there is to head west from the Soma Tree fast travel point. Keep heading west, dodging exploding purple growths as you go, until you reach a supposed dead end. Dispel the illusionary wall with a couple of attacks and you’ll be led to the next puzzle room.

Ubisoft / Justin Moniquette
Ubisoft / Justin Moniquette

Compared to the other Architect Puzzles, this one is a bit more complex. Surrounding the plate where the chest spawns are three pedestals that can be moved; some of which have statues on top. Looking around the room, you’ll also find statues that can be grabbed with Dimension Claw and placed on the pedestals, as well as a stone tablet giving you the riddle needed to solve this puzzle.

The solution for this puzzle is to position and place the statues in the correct spot on the pedestals regarding the riddle on the stone tablet. The first thing you want to do is grab the small, colorless statue on the leftmost pedestal with Dimensional Claw and put it somewhere where it won’t get in your way. This statue is unnecessary for the puzzle and is more of a red herring.

After that, you want to collect the medium and large statues in the area. Be careful not to cross the purple walls while you have the statue captured or they will be thrown out of your Dimensional Claw. The medium statue can be found at the bottom of the area, whereas the large statue can be found all the way at the top. Don’t forget you can launch whatever item you have captured onto different levels and platforms.

Ubisoft / Justin Moniquette
Ubisoft / Justin Moniquette

Once you have every statue in the area, put the largest statue on the leftmost pedestal, the medium statue on the middle pedestal, and the small statue on the rightmost pedestal. Now, according to the riddle, turn the largest statue so it faces the right, the medium statue so it also faces the right, and the smallest statue so it faces the left.

Ubisoft / Justin Moniquette

Once that’s done a chest should spawn on the plate.


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