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All Ardashir Soldier Locations – Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown

Find all of Ardashir's lost soldiers with this guide!

Early in your travels through Mount Qaf, you’ll be tasked with finding the cursed soldiers led by General Ardashir and ending their misery. While fighting these soldiers may prove difficult, finding them may be even harder. If you’ve been struggling to find these warriors of Persia, then have no fear. In this guide, we’ll go over where to find every one of Ardashir’s men and the General himself.

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Hyrcanian Forest – Khosrow

The first soldier you can come across will be Khosrow, which can be found in the Hyrcanian Forest. Nestled in between the first and second Wak-Wak Trees in the area, go west from the second Wak-Wak tree, drop down, and continue west until you find a room blocked by purple vines. Destroy the vines with a charged attack and you’ll see Khosrow, ready for a fight. 

Defeat him and you’ll be rewarded with a Xerxes and an Insignia of Persepolis.

The Depths – Bijan

The second soldier you’ll likely come across is Bijan, who can be found in The Depths. Located directly west of The Scrapper Merchant and the grand elevator. Bijan will be waiting for you, but be careful! Unlock Khosrow, he’s not alone. Destroy the bug nest first to have an easier time and have at it.

Once you defeat Bijan you’ll be rewarded with another Xerxes Coin and Insignia of Persepolis.

Sacred Archives – Koorosh

The next soldier on our list can be found in the Sacred Archives after defeating the Jailer and gaining the Clairvoyance time power. This soldier is located in the jail section of the Sacred Archives to the east of the area. There are three cells stacked on top of each other. Our target is on the topmost cell. Use the Jailer key to unlock his cell and get ready for a fight.

Once defeated, like the others, he’ll drop a Xerxes Coin and Insignia of Persepolis.

Old Royal Road – Morteza

The next soldier on our list can be found directly from the Sacred Archives. Going west from Koorosh’s location, you should eventually be let out of the jail and dropped into the Lower City.

Follow the path until you hit an open area with flying enemies, and head west until you hit the Old Royal Road, the area where you first entered Mount Qaf at the beginning of the game.

Eventually, you’ll run into Morteza on the path. Defeat him, grab your well-deserved Xerxes Coin and Insignia, and you’re ready to move on.

Pit of Eternal Sands – Saman

The next cursed soldier on our hit list can be found once we descend into the Pit of Eternal Sands. Located east of the first Wak-Wak tree in the area, you’ll eventually find a split in the path that lets you go either up or down to continue. Go up and you should come face-to-face with Saman.

Just like the others you’ll be awarded a Xerxes Coin and Insignia, and be one step closer to finishing this quest.

The Depths – Reza

The next soldier, Reza, can be found in The Depths just like his brother Bijan. Now with a double jump in our repertoire of abilities, we can reach his location. The fastest way to get to him is to teleport to the Catacombs fast travel point.

Go east until you hit the multi-level room with large faceplates on the walls. Using your double jump, make your way to the top floor and follow the path west. Eventually, you’ll drop down into a large room with Reza waiting for you.

Defeat him, gather your rewards, and make your way to the next soldier.

Upper City – Masoud

The next cursed soldier on our list can be found once we receive the Fabric of Time ability. The fastest way to get to him is to go to the Night Temple fast travel point and drop down to the archer-filled area below. Masoud can be found roaming the bottom of the area. Be careful, as the archers can do some serious damage if you’re not careful.

Defeat Masoud, gather your goodies and prepare to face the last soldier.

Tower of Silence – Pirouz

The last soldier on our list can be found in the Tower of Silence. The path to him is pretty tricky, but if you take it slow you should reach him with no problem. After hitting the Wak-Wak Tree near the right wing on the map, head west until you hit a room with falling ice chunks.

Use the Fabric of Time to go up the path where the ice chunks are falling. After that continue following the path east, using Fabric of Time to pull yourself, while dodging more ice chunks. Keep going and you’ll hit a platform with our soldier waiting.

Once you defeat him you’ll gain a Xerxes Coin and Insignia. If Pirouz is the last cursed soldier you’ve defeated then you’ll also get a letter from Ardashir himself revealing his location.

Lower City – General Ardashir

With all the cursed soldiers put out of their misery, it’s time to lay their leader to rest as well. Going from The Haven fast travel point, head east and head all the way done in the area with the spinning platforms. You should hit a split with the left path leading to a closed gate. Use the Chakram to teleport through the gate and follow the path to the General himself.

Once you defeat Ardashir you’ll be given your final Xerxes Coin from this questline, his Insignia of Persepolis, and a Soma Tree Petal. Congratulations, you’ve completed the Lost Warriors quest line!


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