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Pokémon Go: The 10 Best Water Type Pokémon (2024)

There’s no denying the sheer magnitude of the Pokémon universe. With hundreds of these fascinating creatures spanning across a dozen different types, it’s a world of its own. Trying to remember all of them is a Herculean task, let alone keeping track of the best ones. Below, we’ll be diving into our selection of the top 10 best water type Pokémon in Pokémon Go. Choosing the best among them is no easy feat, so hold on tight and get ready for an exciting journey through vast, virtual waters.

Water Type Pokémon Overview

Spheal in Pokemon Go
Image: Niantic, Inc. via HGG

Before we get into our ranking of the top water-type Pokémon, let’s first talk about what makes them so special and how they fare against other elements. Water-type Pokémon boast a wide array of water-based moves and attacks, often distinguished by their soothing bluish color schemes. They hold a clear advantage over fire, rock, and ground-type Pokémon, which makes them indispensable in your team lineup.

However, it’s worth noting that water types don’t fare well against fellow water types, as well as dragon and grass types. Keep an eye out for grass or electric-type opponents as they pose a significant threat to your water types. With their abilities to deal increased damage, grass-type Pokémon and electric-types can swiftly turn the tide against you. Stay vigilant and ensure you have a balanced team to overcome any challenges that come your way.

Top 10 Best Water-Type Pokémon in Pokémon Go, Ranked From Good to Best

Let’s jump right into the ranking!


Vaporeon Pokemon Go
(Image: Niantic, Inc. via HGG)

Kicking off our ranking is the timeless and iconic Pokémon, Vaporeon! This remarkable creature is one of several evolutions of Eevee, blessed with the ability to transform into various Pokémon types. Vaporeon has been a part of the game since its inception on July 6th, 2016, establishing itself as one of the most beloved water-type Pokémon among players.

Vaporean has an attack stat of 205 and an impressive stamina of 277, accompanied by a defense of 161, Vaporeon boasts exceptional durability, particularly due to its incredibly high stamina. This makes it a formidable choice for executing powerful special attacks that consume stamina. Moreover, Vaporeon’s substantial health pool allows it to excel as a resilient tank in battles. If you find yourself in need of a character capable of withstanding enemy onslaughts, I highly recommend having at least one Vaporeon on your team.

Furthermore, Vaporeon holds significance beyond its battle prowess. It is a fantastic Pokémon to have purely for the joy of having it in your collection. As one of the more iconic Pokémon on this list, adding Vaporeon to your Pokédex becomes an endeavor worthy of pursuit, whether for battle or for the sheer delight of completing your collection.


Primarina in Pokemon Go
(Image: Niantic, Inc. via HGG)

Let’s now shift our attention to Primarina, a fascinating hybrid Pokémon that combines the enchanting fairy element with the mystical power of water. Introduced fairly recently on March 1st last year, this captivating creature requires a Brionne as a starting point for evolution. By nurturing it with precisely 100 candies, your Brionne will gracefully transform into the majestic Primarina.

When it comes to stats, Primarina boasts an impressive attack stat of 232, along with a solid stamina of 190 and a defense of 195. With its above-average attack, this Pokémon excels as a formidable damage dealer. However, what truly sets Primarina apart, in my humble opinion, is its exceptional ability to employ Charm. This swift attack significantly reduces the damage inflicted by the opponent’s Pokémon for several turns. It’s a game-changer, particularly when utilized at the beginning of a battle to minimize the impact of incoming attacks. I strongly urge you to leverage this ability whenever the opportunity arises.


(Image: Niantic, Inc. via HGG)

Now, let’s turn our attention to the iconic Blastoise. This recognizable Pokémon has made appearances in the beloved anime series, featuring a magnificent giant blue turtle adorned with formidable water cannons on its back. Blastoise was among the original Pokémon introduced when the game launched in 2016, making it readily available for aspiring trainers. Obtaining one is relatively straightforward – start with a Squirtle as your chosen starter Pokémon, evolve it into a Wartortle, and then further enhance its potential by investing 100 candies to witness its transformation into the mighty Blastoise.

With an attack stat of 171, Blastoise demonstrates competence in battle. Its stamina impressively reaches 188, while its defense comfortably sits at 207. Admittedly, compared to some of the higher-ranked Pokémon on this list, Blastoise’s overall stats may seem relatively modest. Nevertheless, securing a Blastoise early on in your Pokémon Go journey proves to be a fantastic choice due to its accessibility. Remember, it originates from Squirtle, one of the game’s starter Pokémon.

Don’t be misled by its evolutionary lineage as a starter Pokémon; Blastoise is far from being anything less than formidable. I personally had a blast utilizing Blastoise in battles, and I believe you’ll share the same enjoyment if you’re patient enough to invest the time required for its evolution.


Feraligatr Pokemon Go
(Image: Niantic, Inc. via HGG)

Up next, we have the Feraligatr! This imposing creature looks like a big blue gator with red hair. They’ve been in Pokémon Go since early 2017, and ever since have been a really great pick for those looking for a water-type. If you want to get one of them for yourself, you will need to first get a Croconaw. Then you can feed it 100 candies and it will evolve into the ferocious Feraligatr.

The stats for the Feraligatr are as follows: 205 attack, 198 stamina, and 188 defense. Its stats make it pretty well-rounded, with no major drawbacks in any single area. This water-type Pokémon as a whole feels pretty balanced, making it a solid (but not overpowered) option for your team. It does have access to the Hydro Cannon, which is one of the best water moves for dealing damage to enemies.


Empoleon Pokemon Go
(Image: Niantic, Inc. via HGG)

For the next spot on our ranking, let’s take a look at the Empoleon. This is a Pokémon that looks something like a penguin (a very strange penguin). The Empoleon has been with us since the summer of 2020, and to this day is still one of the better water types in the game. If you want to add him to your collection of critters, you are going to need to first acquire a Prinpulp and then give it 100 candies. This will evolve it into the Empoleon.

It features an attack stat of 210, a stamina stat of 197, and a defense stat of 186. Its stats are pretty well-rounded overall, making it not a bad pick if those are the only things that you care about. However, that’s not the only reason why you should get an Empoleon. Being a steel-type Pokémon as well as a water-type, it gains increased resistance to many other types of enemy Pokémon that you’ll encounter. This makes it a good tanky character for your team.


Keldeo Pokemon Go
(Image: Niantic, Inc. via HGG)

Next up on our list of top water-type Pokémon in Pokémon Go is Keldeo. This adorable creature is a recent addition, joining the game in late 2022. To acquire Keldeo, complete the Something Extraordinary Special Investigation.

With an attack stat of 260, a stamina of 209, and a defense of 192, Keldeo’s strengths lie primarily in its remarkable attack power. It’s an excellent choice for aggressive gameplay and dealing high DPS.

Keldeo is both rare and stunningly beautiful. Even if you don’t plan to use it frequently in battles, it’s worth adding to your collection for its uniqueness. Personally, Keldeo is my favorite-looking Pokémon on this list.


Slowbro Pokemon Go
(Image: Niantic, Inc. via HGG)

Now, let’s dive into our next selection: Slowbro. This unique pink creature resembles a delightful blend of a platypus and a bear, complete with a captivating seashell tail. Slowbro is a fascinating hybrid of the psychic and water elements. It was introduced alongside several other Pokémon when the game debuted in the summer of 2016. To obtain this unique Pokémon, you’ll need to start with a Slowpoke and then evolve it by using 50 candies.

The Pokémon features 177 for its attack stat. It also has 216 for its stamina, and 180 for its total defense. The stamina on them is good, which allows them to use Charge Moves to do more damage. Due to the fact that this Pokémon is type psychic, it has access to the Confusion ability. This attack is really good as whenever an enemy Pokémon is affected with it, each turn it will have a chance to attack itself.


Gyarados Pokemon Go
(Image: Niantic, Inc. via HGG)

Coming up next, let’s take a minute to talk about the Gyrardos. This is a really interesting-looking creature that looks like a sea serpent with whiskers. This is one of several other Pokémon that was released on day 1 of the game back in 2016. It is one of the most expensive Pokémon to evolve in the entire game. This is because you will need to feed a Magikarp a grand total of 400 candies in order for it to evolve into a Gyrandos!

This Pokémon features a pretty high attack stat of 237. Its stamina is less impressive but still good at 216. And its defense is at 186. The good attack and stamina stats make it stand out above many other Pokémon, and while its defense could be better it’s definitely not bad. The move set of the Gyrardos is also very good, and it’s one of my favorite aspects about this Pokémon.

Even with the expensive cost to evolve a Gryardos, it is still very much worth it. I love the look and design of this creature, and it’s one that I was very happy to add to my Pokedex upon first getting it.


Swampert Pokemon Go
(Image: Niantic, Inc. via HGG)

For our next choice on this list of the Top 10 Best Water-Type Pokémon in Pokémon Go, we have the Swampert. It kinda looks like a giant blue frog with spikes coming out of the sides of its head. It was added in an update to the game in December of 2017. If you want this Pokémon, first you will need to get a Marshtomp. Then you will need to give the Marshtomp a total of 100 candies in order for it to transform into a Swampert.

The Swampert has 208 for its attack stat, as well as 225 for its stamina, and 175 for its defense. Its defense stat is a little bit disappointing, but considering its high stamina and good attack stat, I’d say it makes up for it. This Pokémon has a good DPS that makes it a solid addition to any team, regardless of who else it is fighting alongside. So at the end of the day, I’d say that its more then a solid pick for any team roaster.


Kyogre Pokemon Go
(Image: Niantic, Inc. via HGG)

Let’s wrap up our list with my overall top pick for the best water Pokémon: Kyogre! This legendary Pokémon resembles an otherworldly whale and has been a part of the game since early 2018. To obtain Kyogre, you must venture into the wild and catch it yourself. Trust me, the effort is worthwhile, as Kyogre ranks among the game’s top water-type Pokémon.

Kyogre has impressive stats like 270 attack, 205 stamina, and 228 defense; a stand out among its water-type counterparts. Its high attack makes it a formidable combatant, while its decent defense allows it to both dish out and withstand hits. Though its stamina is slightly lower, Kyogre remains an excellent choice overall.

Kyogre holds a prominent position in the metagame as a powerful water-type Pokémon. If you seek to compete at the highest level, Kyogre or a Pokémon with similar stats and moveset is a must-have.

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