HyperX Pudding Keycaps Review

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HyperX Pudding Keycaps Review

As we’ve progressed in our technological capabilities, so too have our leisurely activities improved — including an abundance of refinement in the world of eSports and PC gaming. Within the past few years, we’ve seen the departure of “keyboard” as an exclusive term, in favor of more specific words like actuation, tactile feel, and aesthetics.

Today, we’ll be touching on a popular area of focus in gaming: aesthetics. And more specifically, color.

Most of us come from a time of games with limited color capabilities. But now, we routinely play games with in-depth color picking options for things as simple as character customization. It’s incredible, yes. But why should the world of color be limited only to the screen?

It was this question that HyperX sought to answer with their Pudding Keycaps.

Uncapping Potential

HGG HyperX Pudding Keycaps Close up
Aaron Scoble / HGG

The keycap market used to be limited in all the ways you’d expect from a small, plastic component. Previously, your options for customization were squarely limited to singular colors. 

You might’ve asked yourself at one point when perusing the options, “Should I invest in the orange, or the red-accented keycaps?”

Now, we have far more options to choose from — 16 million to be exact. HyperX doubles down on the RGB craze with their super transparent Pudding Keycaps. While RGB keyboards aren’t exactly what one would call a “new” invention, the simple idea of having a more transparent keycap is.

Alongside the NGENUITY App that HyperX has been developing and slowly fixing throughout the last few years, they’ve ultimately set themselves apart from the norm. I’ve had my doubts about the NGENUITY App, to be sure. But after working with it a few more times in the past couple weeks, I’ve come to appreciate the active support that HyperX is giving it. The software as come so far its almost enough for me to go back through my HyperX Alloy Origins review and update it. I would even consider giving it a higher score in that department.. alas, it’s against our policy to change the score after publishing.

HGG HyperX Pudding Keycaps Full Keyboard
Aaron Scoble / HGG

A Feather in HyperX’s Cap

Though potentially seeming as unnecessarily high praise for keycaps, the additions these Pudding Keycaps bring are far too much to overlook. 

If you’re someone looking for reliable keycaps, these puppies are given a 2-year guarantee straight out of the box. Maybe it’s the feel of the keycaps themselves that you’re concerned about? Well thankfully, they haven’t altered the tactile feel much from what the original keys were. And if you’re like most gamers wanting to adequately appreciate all the glorious RGB your keyboard can possibly emit, look no further.

After swapping these Pudding Keycaps, it’s clear how much the stock keycaps blanketed the RGB output. Even with the RGB settings maxed, there was much less light output even the Pudding Keycaps’ lowest setting. We’re talking 10 times as bright if not more!

Comparing the price points of other 104-key sets, HyperX’s new keycaps are on par or lower than what’s out there. Excellent performance for a fair price, that’s a win-win. I highly recommend these keycaps for anyone with a full-size RGB mechanical keyboard with swappable keys,

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Zoom Out: Verdict


Compounding on the already established longevity of the Double Shot PBT Keycaps, these Pudding Keycaps are bringing even more to the table. What I expected was surpassed quite easily and I don’t see myself swapping out these keycaps anytime soon. With a price point that’s hard to beat, there’s little I can do other than give the HyperX Pudding Keycaps full marks.


  • Low price
  • Explosive color
  • Easy installation


  • Can be obtrusive if sensitive to light
  • Slightly rougher texture than normal HyperX Keycaps

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