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Disney Dreamlight Valley: Companion Roles Guide

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a Disney character accompany you while you do your chores? In the new cozy adventure game, Disney Dreamlight Valley, you can! One of the unique features of Disney Dreamlight Valley is the “companion roles” feature, which allows your favorite characters to join you on certain activities, like fishing or mining, and help you further your yield. 

Although it may seem like companion roles are just a fun addition to the game, they have more benefits than you may realize! We’ll make sure to cover everything you need to know in our guide.

Let’s get started!

How to Choose Your Companion Roles

Goofy's friendship rewards. - Disney Dreamlight Valley Companion Roles
Goofy sure is a generous soul. | Image: Gameloft via HGG / Aliya Hall

As you unlock characters and invite them to your realm, you will have the opportunity to start building a friendship with them. You can build your friendship by talking with them and gifting them items that they like around the valley. 

(Looking for info on how to level up friendship fast? See our friendship guide here.)

After you increase your friendship with a character to Level 2, you’ll be prompted to choose a role for them. Any character can do any role! Once you’ve assigned your chosen role, you’ll get the new “Let’s hang out!” option when talking to them. Selecting this option lets the character follow you around the valley and help you out with activities.

Types of Companion Roles and Benefits

Scar probably won't betray you... maybe.
Don’t worry, there are no cliffs nearby. | Image: Gameloft via HGG / Aliya Hall

There are five types of activity roles that your character can choose from. Although some players prefer to match a character with a role that seems like it would make the most sense for their character — such as Moana and fishing — there’s no added benefit to doing that. 

Along with receiving added bonuses for doing tasks, companion roles will also help you upgrade your friendship levels and unlock more rewards in Disney Dreamlight Valley. The roles are as follows:


This role involves planting and harvesting crops. When your companion character accompanies you on this task, you will receive an extra vegetable each time you harvest. This task also gives you the most significant boost to your friendship, so consider which character you would like to bond with quickest.


Fish are a valued commodity in Dreamlight Valley and sell high at Goofy’s market stand. That means assigning a companion role to this task is especially lucrative. When you take your companion with you, you might be able to get another fish of the same variety you just caught.


This task involves collecting the wild crops and natural resources that can be found around the valley. These include, wood, berries, wild crops, herbs, garlic, and fruits from trees. Many of these items will beneficial for you to either sell or use for cooking purposes. By taking your companion, you have a chance of gaining another resource of the same type.


There are two main purposes to digging: creating holes for farming and uncovering buried resources and materials. You can dig anywhere in the ground, but you’ll occasionally run across places marked by blue magic.

Digging here occasionally nets you buried treasure or something else of value. Most of the time, however, you’ll use this to collect materials like soil, clay, sand and Dream Shards. Your companion character may drop a duplicate of that material, which is often helpful in completing tasks. 


Unlike the other roles, mining can only be done in very specific places. You can only mine the black rocks that are on the edge of the landscape. When you’re mining, you will get multiple drops of resources like ores, gemstones, rocks and coal.

When you bring your companion character with you, you have a chance to double a part of your haul, as the character will mine a duplicate of the last item dropped from the broken rock.

While most of the resources you mine will be normal, it is possible for you to unearth rare gemstones! This is another positive benefit to taking your companion character with you, because it’s another opportunity to receive a rare item. 

Which Characters Can Be Companions

Wall-E tending the garden with you. - Companion Roles in Disney Dreamlight Valley
It’s more beautiful than Wall-E could have imagined. | Image: Gameloft via HGG / Aliya Hall

Most of the characters that live in the Valley have the option to be a companion. The only two who can’t be assigned a role are Ursula and Ariel, because they live in the water. 

As of the most recent update, the current Disney Dreamlight Valley companions list is as follows:

  • Merlin
  • Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Goofy, Donald Duck
  • Prince Eric
  • Elsa, Anna, Kristoff
  • Remy
  • Moana, Maui
  • Wall-E
  • Buzz Lightyear, Woody
  • Stitch
  • Scar

Other Important Things to Know

Goofy has many roles as a companion in Disney Dreamlight Valley. One of them is judging you while you fish.
All companions are set in their roles! | Image: Gameloft via HGG / Aliya Hall

There are a few important things to note when it comes to companion roles. The first is that, at this point in time, you cannot reassign companion roles. Once a role is assigned, that character will always have that role. It’s important that you think through who you want to have as a companion for each task!

Secondly, companion roles are an active part of the game. You won’t receive any benefit from your companion character unless you ask them to accompany you on your tasks. The game won’t prompt you to hang out with your companion character, so it’s up to you to find the character assigned to the task if you want to gain those benefits. It’s easy to activate, though — all you have to do is ask your companion character to “hang out.” You can stop hanging out with the character at any point.

Lastly, characters can be assigned to multiple roles; however, it is recommended to have at least one character assigned to each task so that you don’t miss out on any perks from the roles. 

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