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Darkest Dungeon – Curios Guide

One of the challenges you will face on expeditions in Darkest Dungeon is how to handle any curios you come across. Curios are interactive objects that can be found in rooms and corridors that can have positive or negative effects on your heroes, depending upon how you choose to interact with them.

It’s important to know what kind of curios to expect in each dungeon and what to use on each curio, so you can plan ahead when purchasing your supplies. In this Darkest Dungeon guide, we’ll tell you the best item to use on each curio and what the effect will be.

But first, a few notes about how curios work!

Interacting With Curios

Darkest Dungeon Curios Tutorial Popup
Image: Red Hook Studios via HGG / Sarah Arnold

Unlike obstacles and traps, which must be dealt with before you can pass them, you can usually opt to ignore a curio altogether. However, heroes with certain traits will sometimes take the decision out of your hands. For example, a hero with the Kleptomaniac quirk may decide to steal an item from a curio before you get a chance to interact with it.

On the other hand, if you have an Antiquarian in your party, you should always use them to interact with curios as they will be able to loot extra treasure from them. Keep in mind that any effects of the curio – positive or negative – will apply to the hero who does the interacting.

Forced Curio Interactions

Darkest Dungeon Curio Quirk Forced
Image: Red Hook Studios via HGG / Sarah Arnold

Below is a table of quirks, diseases, and afflictions that force curio interactions. Any curio of the associated type will have a chance to trigger the quirk, causing the hero to interact with the curio without your prompting. Doing so will trigger the default effect of the curio, and you will not be able to interact with it again. The hero may also steal any loot for themself, leaving nothing for you to keep.

Some default curio interactions are always negative, so it may be prudent to remove certain obsessions from your characters as soon as possible.

Corvid’s AppetiteQuirkBody33%No
Corvid’s CuriosityQuirkAll27.5%No
Crimson CurseDiseaseCrave10%/25%No
Dark TemptationQuirkUnholy40%No
Guilty ConscienceQuirkWorship35%No
Tape WormDiseaseFood60%Yes

Curios by Dungeon/Region

Now let’s go through all the curios in Darkest Dungeon! We’ve divided them up by the dungeon(s) they appear in.

Common Curios (Everywhere)

Darkest Dungeon Curio Book Negative
Image: Red Hook Studios via HGG / Sarah Arnold

There are some curios that can appear in any dungeon in the game. You should always plan to have some supplies on hand to deal with these – a few extra Torches, some Skeleton Keys, and a Holy Water or two.

Heirloom Chest comes in two different versions that look identical. A Skeleton Key will open either one.

Shambler’s Altar will summon a boss when you use a Torch on it. The Shambler is one of the toughest enemies in the game and you should not activate this curio if you aren’t confident you can defeat it.

CurioTypeItem EffectsDefault Effects
Ancient ArtifactTreasureSkeleton Key: Collector Trinket/Puzzling Trapezohedron x3Gold/Gems x3 (100%)
CrateTreasureHeirloom x1 (75%)
Nothing (25%)
Discarded PackScrounging
Supplies x1 + Gold/Gems x2 + Journal Entry (60%)
Scouting (20%)
Nothing (20%)
Eldritch AltarHaunted
Holy Water: Purge Negative QuirkNothing (50%)
Stress +25 (40%)
Purge Negative Quirk (10%)
Heirloom ChestTreasureSkeleton Key: Heirloom x4
Antivenom: Heirloom x3
Heirloom x2 (75%)
Bleed (12.5%)
Blight (12.5%)
Heirloom ChestTreasureSkeleton Key: Any Loot x3
Shovel: Any Loot x2 (66.6%) / Nothing (33.3%)
Any Loot x2 50%
Blight 25%
Bleed 25%
SackScroungingGold (75%)
Nothing (25%)
SconceScroungingTorch x1 (100%)
Shambler’s AltarTorch: Summon ShamblerNothing (100%)
Stack of BooksKnowledgeTorch: Stress +100Nothing (16.7%)
Journal Entry (16.7%)
Random Negative Quirk (11.1%)
Light -25 (11.1%)
Throbbing CoccoonsBattle a Gatekeeper and a Manservant, Supplicant, or Sycophant
Unlocked StrongboxTreasureAny Loot x2 (75%)
Blight (25%)

Old Road Curios

Darkest Dungeon The Old Road Bandit's Trapped Chest Curio
Image: Red Hook Studios via HGG / Sarah Arnold

There are a few curios that only appear in the Old Road (the tutorial level). We’ve listed them here for completion’s sake, but you will only see them once at the very start of a new game.

CurioTypeItem EffectsDefault Effects
Bandit’s Trapped ChestSkeleton Key: Trinket x2Blight (100%)
Brigand’s TentScroungingAny Loot x2 (100%)
Transcendent TerrorStress +100 (100%)

Ruins Curios

Darkest Dungeon Ruins Holy Fountain Curio
Image: Red Hook Studios via HGG / Sarah Arnold

When venturing into the Ruins, it’s usually wise to bring some extra Holy Water. Medicinal Herbs and Skeleton Keys will also see plenty of use.

CurioTypeItem EffectsDefault Effects
Alchemy TableKnowledgeTorch: Light +100
Medicinal Herbs: Gold/Gems x2
Blight (50%)
Gold/Gems x1 (25%)
Nothing (25%)
Altar of LightWorshipHoly Water: DMG +30% Until CampDMG +20% Until Camp
BookshelfKnowledgeNothing (20%)
Journal Entry (20%)
Scouting (20%)
Stress +15 (20%)
Positive Quirk (13.3%)
Negative Quirk (6.7%)
Confession BoothWorship
Holy Water: Stress -30Stress +15 (50%)
Gold/Trinket x6 + Journal Entry (25%)
Purge Negative Quirk (25%)
Corrupted Altar(Quest)Consecrated Essence: Quest Progress
Decorative UrnHaunted
Holy Water: Gems/Trinket x2
Shovel: Guilty Conscience Negative Quirk
Gems/Trinket x1 + Gems x2 (44.4%)
Nothing (22.2%)
Blight (22.2%)
Creeping Cough Disease (7.4%)
Random Disease (3.7%)
Holy FountainFountain
Holy Water: Stress -20 + Cure Status Effects + Health +12Stress -10 + Cure Status Effects + Health +5 (50%)
Gold/Gems x2 (50%)
Iron MaidenHaunted
Medicinal Herbs: Any Loot x2Any Loot x2 (40%)
Nothing (20%)
Claustrophobia Negative Quirk (20%)
Tetanus Disease (13.3%)
Random Disease (6.7%)
Locked Display CabinetTreasure
Skeleton Key: Gold/Heirlooms x3 + Gold/Gems x2
Shovel: Gold/Heirlooms x2 + Gold/Gems x2
Bleed (50%)
Blight (50%)
Locked SarcophagusHaunted
Skeleton Key: Gold/Heirlooms x2 + Gold/Trinket x1
Gold/Heirlooms x1 + Gold/Trinket x1
Bleed (50%)
Blight (50%)
Reliquary(Quest)Quest Progress (100%)
Gold/Heirlooms x2 (60%)
Nothing (20%)
Thanatophobia Negative Quirk (20%)
Suit of ArmorHaunted
PROT +15% + DODGE +10 Until Camp (75%)
Ruins Adventurer Positive Quirk (12.5%)
Ruins Tactician Positive Quirk (12.5%)

Warrens Curios

Darkest Dungeon Warrens Pile of Bones Curio
Image: Red Hook Studios via HGG / Sarah Arnold

Your expeditions into the Warrens would benefit mostly from some extra Medicinal Herbs.

CurioTypeItem EffectsDefault Effects
Animalistic Shrine(Quest)Pick-Axe: Quest Progress
Bone AltarUnholy
DMG +15% ACC +10 CRT +5% Until Camp + Cure Status Effects (100%)
Dinner CartBody
Medicinal Herbs: Food x3 + Gold/Trinket x1Food x1 + Gold/Trinket x1 (37.5%)
Nothing (25%)
Blight (25%)
The Black Plague Disease (12.5%)
Foodstuff Crate(Quest)Quest Progress (100%)
Makeshift Dining TableDrink
Medicinal Herbs: Food x2 + Gold/Supplies x1Food x1 + Gold Supplies x1 (25%)
Nothing (25%)
Blight (25%)
Tapeworm Disease (25%)
Moonshine BarrelDrink
Medicinal Herbs: DMG +30% Until CampFood x1 + Gold/Supplies x1 (33.3%)
Blight (33.3%)
Nothing (22.2%)
Tippler Negative Quirk (11.1%)
Occult ScrawlingsUnholy
Holy Water: DODGE -20%Random Positive Quirk (33.3%)
Nothing (25%)
Stress +25 (25%)
Random Negative Quirk (16.7%)
Pile of BonesBody
Holy Water: Any Loot x2Any Loot x2 (25%)
Nothing (25%)
Random Disease (25%)
Bloodthirsty Negative Quirk (25%)
Pile of ScrollsKnowledgeTorch: Purge Negative QuirkScouting (28.6%)
Nothing (28.6%)
Journal Entry (14.3%)
Stress +15 (14.3%)
Random Positive Quirk (9.5%)
Random Negative Quirk (4.8%)
Rack of BladesScroungingBandage: Golf/Gems x2 + Food x1Gold/Gems x1 + Food x1 (40%)
Bleed (40%)
Nothing (20%)
Sacrificial StoneUnholy
Stress +50 (50%)
Purge Negative Quirk (25%)
Warrens Explorer Positive Quirk (12.5%)
Warrens Scrounger Positive Quirk (12.5%)

Weald Curios

Darkest Dungeon Weald Curio Shallow Grave
Image: Red Hook Studios via HGG / Sarah Arnold

Parties sent into the Weald would do well to bring plenty of Antivenom and maybe a couple Holy Waters.

CurioTypeItem EffectsDefault Effects
Ancient CoffinHaunted
Gold/Heirloom x2 (50%)
Nothing (33.3%)
Weald Adventurer Positive Quirk (8.3%)
Weald Explorer Positive Quirk (8.3%)
Beast CarcassBody
Medicinal Herbs: Food x2Food x1 (42.9%)
Random Disease (19%)
Nothing (14.3%)
Zoophobia Negative Quirk (14.3%)
Rabies Disease (9.5%)
Chirurgeon’s Satchel(Quest)Quest Progress (100%)
Eerie SpiderwebBandage: Gold/Gems x2 + Gems/Trinket x1Gold/Gems x1 + Gems/Trinket x1 (40%)
Nothing (40%)
Slow Reflexes Negative Quirk (10%)
Slowdraw Negative Quirk (10%)
Infected Corpse(Quest)Potent Salve: Quest Progress
Left LuggageTreasure
Skeleton Key: Any Loot x3
Antivenom: Any Loot x3
Any Loot x4 + Journal Entry (50%)
Blight (50%)
Mummified RemainsBody
Bandage: Gold/Trinkets x2Gold/Trinkets x1 (40%)
Blight (40%)
Nothing (20%)
Old TreeScroungingAntivenom: Any Loot x3Any Loot x2 (50%)
Nothing (25%)
Blight (25%)
Pristine FountainFountainHoly Water: Stress -30Stress -20 (100%)
Shallow GraveBody
Shovel: Gems/Heirlooms x3Blight (50%)
Random Disease (50%)
Traveler’s TentScroungingGold/Supplies x4 + Gold/Heirlooms x4 + Journal Entry (37.5%)
Scouting (37.5%)
Nothing (12.5%)
Stress +25 (12.5%)
Troubling EffigyUnholy
Holy Water: Random Positive QuirkNothing (25%)
Random Positive Quirk (18.8%)
Random Negative Quirk (18.8%)
Bleed (18.8%)
Blight (9.4%)
Stress +15 (9.4%)

Cove Curios

Heirloom Chest Curio in the Cove
Image: Red Hook Studios via HGG / Sarah Arnold

When delving into the Cove, you’ll definitely want to bring along some extra Shovels and Medicinal Herbs.

CurioTypeItem EffectsDefault Effects
Barnacle Crusted ChestTreasureShovel: Any Loot x3Any Loot x2 (50%)
Nothing (25%)
Bleed (25%)
Shovel: Stress +100Random Positive Quirk (66.7%)
Random Negative Quirk (22.2%)
Random Disease (11.1%)
Brackish Tide PoolDrink
Antivenom: Health +5 OR Stress -6+33% Blight, Bleed, Disease, Debuff Resistances Until Camp (75%)
Random Disease (25%)
Eerie CoralKnowledgeMedicinal Herbs: Purge Negative QuirkStress -10 (50%)
Nothing (25%)
Stress +25 (25%)
Fish IdolUnholy
Holy Water: DMG +19% Until CampDMG -25% ACC -10 Until Camp (50%)
DODGE -12 Until Camp (50%)
Fish CarcassFoodMedicinal Herbs: Gem/Trinkets x2 + Gem/Gold x1 + Supplies x2Nothing (50%)
Gem/Trinkets x1 + Gold/Gem x1 + Supply x1 (16.7%)
The Red Plague Disease (16.7%)
Blight (11.1%)
Bleed (5.6%)
Giant OysterTreasure
Shovel: Gold/Trinkets x3
Dog Treats: DODGE +25
Gold/Trinkets x2 (40%)
Bleed (40%)
Nothing (20%)
Protective Ward(Quest)Pineal Gland: Quest Progress
Shipment Crate(Quest)Quest Progress (100%)
Ship’s FigureheadReflectiveStress -25 (66.7%)
DMG +20% SPD +4 (33.3%)

Courtyard Curios

Thronging Hive Curio in the Courtyard
Image: Red Hook Studios via HGG / Sarah Arnold

The Courtyard was added to the game with the Crimson Court DLC. The most useful supply item in this area is The Blood, followed by Shovels.

Some of the curios in the Courtyard have a chance to give The Blood along with any loot you find.

Be aware that interacting with Throbbing Coccoons will initiate a fight with some Bloodsucker enemies.

CurioTypeItem EffectsDefault Effects
Shovel: Gems/Heirlooms x2 (66.7%) / Any Loot x1 (33.3%)
The Blood: Nothing
Holy Water: Stress +15
Stress +15 (38.5%)
Scouting (23.1%)
Any Loot x2 + The Blood (15.3%)
Nothing (15.3%)
Tetanus Disease (5.1%)
Random Disease (2.5%)
Damned FountainDrink
Holy Water: Stress -30
Torch: Stress +5
Bleed (60%)
Crimson Curse Disease (20%)
Any Loot x2 + Bleed (20%)
Disturbing DiversionUnholy
Shovel: Heirlooms x3Stress +25 (40%)
Nothing (20%)
Random Positive Quirk (15%)
Random Negative Quirk (15%)
Any Loot x2 + The Blood x2 (10%)
Forgotten DelicaciesBody
Medicinal Herbs: Food x2 + Gold/Supplies x1Gold/Supplies x5 + The Blood (20%)
Nothing (20%)
Stress Eater Negative Quirk (20%)
Blight (20%)
Crimson Curse Disease (13.3%)
Random Disease (6.7%)
Forgotten Strongbox(Boss Quest)Quest Progress (100%)
Hooded ShrewHaunted
The Blood: Trinket x2Stress +15 (42.8%)
Any Loot x1 (28.5%)
Nothing (14.2%)
Random Disease (7.6%)
Wizened ShrewHaunted
The Blood: Trinket x3Nothing (58.3%)
Scouting (50%)
Random Disease (7.6%)
Pile of Strange BonesUnholy
Bandage: Any Loot x1 (50%) / The Blood (50%) / Summon a Supplicant, Sycophant, & EsquireBleed (50%)
Nothing (20%)
Any Loot x2 + The Blood (20%)
Crimson Curse Disease (10%)
Throbbing CoccoonsKnowledge
Torch: Stress -30Summon a Supplicant, Sycophant, & Esquire (75%)
Nothing (12.5%)
Any Loot x3 + The Blood (12.5%)
Thronging HiveKnowledge
Pitch-Soaked Torch: Quest Progress/Any Loot x3 + The BloodAny Loot x2 + The Blood (75%)
Bleed (25%)
Trinket Chest(Boss Quest)Skeleton Key: Any Loot x2Trinket Set x1 (100%)
Wine CrateDrink
Antivenom: Stress -30
Shovel: Firewood
The Blood x2 + Any Loot x1 + Gold/Supplies x4 (41.7%)
Tippler Negative Quirk (16.7%)
Crimson Curse Disease (16.7%)
Scouting (8.3%)
Bleed (8.3%)
Nothing (8.3%)
Winemaker’s Reserve(Quest)The Blood x3-5 (100%)

Farmstead Curios

Celestial Cornerstone Curio in the Farmstead
Image: Red Hook Studios via HGG / Sarah Arnold

The Farmstead was added to the game by the Color of Madness DLC. There are no corridors here, just room after endless room. This dungeon is also the only place where you can find Comet Shards.

The only item you may need to interact with curios here is Skeleton Keys. There are no negative effects from curios here – every single one offers a buff or loot with no downside.

CurioTypeItem EffectsDefault Effects
Gleaming ShardsComet Shards x5-15 (100%)
Fresh HarvestHealth +90% (100%)
StockpileSkeleton Key: Food x6-12 + Any Supplies + TrinketLaudanum/Medicinal Herbs/Food (66%)
Nothing (33%)
Rotted FareStress -100 (100%)
Miller’s HearthCamp (100%)
Corrupted HarvestParty Stress -60 (100%)
Plentiful BountyParty Health +65% (100%)
MildredMildred’s Locket Trinket (100% first time only)
Any Trinket/Comet Shards (100% after first time)

The Darkest Dungeon Curios

Book Curio Negative Effect - Darkest Dungeon
Image: Red Hook Studios via HGG / Sarah Arnold

There are a few special curios that only appear in The Darkest Dungeon. Two of them are quest curios.

Ancestor’s Knapsack can also appear during the Wolves at the Door event. It doesn’t require any items to loot it.

CurioTypeItem EffectsDefault Effects
Ancestor’s KnapsackTreasure
Gold/Gems x5 + Ancestral Trinket x1 (100%)
Iron Crown(Quest)Hand of Glory: Quest Progress
Locus Beacon(Quest)Quest Progress (100%)

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