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Darkest Dungeon – Best Quirks for Each Class

Quirks are special traits that affect heroes in Darkest Dungeon, capable of amplifying them to new heights or crippling them in devastating ways. Every hero recruited from the Stage Coach will have at least one positive and one negative quirk to start, and they’ll acquire more at random through expeditions and activities in the Hamlet.

Each hero can have up to five positive and five negative quirks on them at a time. Once you reach the limit and obtain another quirk, the new quirk will replace one of your old ones at random. However, you can lock in up to three positive quirks per hero at the Sanitarium to ensure they’re never replaced.

Unsurprisingly, you’ll want to lock in the best quirks for each hero to maximize that their role in the party. But which ones are the best quirks for each class in Darkest Dungeon? In this guide, we’ll cover the best quirks for each hero down below. Let’s get started!

Best Quirks for Each Class in Darkest Dungeon

NOTE: The Color of Madness DLC added a new type of Prismatic Quirks. These quirks can only be obtained by defeating the “Thing from the Stars” mini-boss and only one hero can have each unique Prismatic Quirk at a time.

These Prismatic Quirks do not count against the five quirk limit, are automatically locked in, and each unique one cannot be obtained again until you remove them via the Sanitarium and defeat mini-boss again.

Unfortunately, which hero gets the Prismatic Quirk is completely random. However, the order of which unique quirk you’ll receive is set in stone, so you can in theory keep removing the quirk at the Sanitarium and keep killing the mini-boss until you get it on your desired hero. You can see the list and the order in which you’ll receive the quirks here.


Abomination Best Quirks in Darkest Dungeon
Image: Red Hook Studios

The Abomination’s unique Transform ability gives him a substantial damage boost, but it comes with a big Stress cost, especially over longer fights. As a result, any Stress reducing quirks are especially useful on the Abomination.

Prismatic Calm is the biggest, reducing Stress taken by 30%. A solid alternative is Photomania, which gives 20% Stress reduction as long as your Torch level is above 75. The Steady quirk gives a consistent 10% Stress reduction, and Resilient increases Stress Heals received by 10%.


Antiquarian Best Quirks
Image: Red Hook Studios

If the Antiquarian is in your party at all, it’s for her treasure finding abilities, not her combat prowess. For that reason, it may make sense to give her skills that help with Scouting, such as the Explorer or Scrounger quirks.

If you do want to improve her combat effectiveness, quirks that increase her SPD are the most useful. The Luminous quirk from the Color of Madness DLC gives +2 SPD and +5 DODGE. There’s also Early Riser for +2 SPD when your Torch light is above 75. On Guard and Quickdraw both give +4 SPD on the first round, with the former also granting +5 DODGE. Finally, there’s Quick Reflexes for a constant +2 SPD.


Arbalest/Musketeer Best Quirks in Darkest Dungeon
Image: Red Hook Studios

These two classes are effectively the same, with the Musketeer acting as a renamed and reskinned version of the Arbalest. As ranged specialists, they excel with quirks that improve their ranged damage. Eagle Eye increases ranged CRIT by 5%, and Unerring increases ranged DMG by 10%.

The Arbalest and Musketeer also make decent healers in a pinch, and if you decide to have them focus more on that role, the Hippocratic quirk from the Color of Madness DLC will increase their healing done by 20%.

Bounty Hunter

Bounty Hunter  Best Quirks
Image: Red Hook Studios

The Man Slayer and Mankind Hater quirks make the Bounty Hunter even more effective at killing Human enemies, which is already his specialty. For more general use, any quirk that improves SPD will allow the Bounty Hunter to rapidly dispatch his foes.

There’s the Luminous quirk from the Color of Madness DLC, which gives +2 SPD and +5 DODGE. Early Riser gives +2 SPD while your Torch is above 75. On Guard gives +4 SPD and +5 DODGE on the first round, and Quickdraw gives just the SPD. Quick Reflexes gives a steady +2 SPD as well.


Crusader Best Quirks in Darkest Dungeon
Image: Red Hook Studios

The Unholy Slayer and Unholy Hater quirks improve the Crusader’s already substantial damage against Unholy enemies. Because Unholy enemies appear almost exclusively in the Ruins, you may want to make your Crusader a true Ruins specialist with Ruins Tactician (+15% damage in Ruins) or Ruins Adventurer (+20% Stress in Ruins). There’s also Ruins Explorer and Ruins Scrounger for increased Scouting chance.

Outside of the Ruins, you can go for quirks that improve the Crusader’s effectiveness as a tank, like Tough (+10% HP) or Hard-Skinned (+10% PROT).


Flagellant Best Quirks
Image: Red Hook Studios

The Flagellant is exclusive to the Crimson Court DLC, and his unique abilities deal more damage when he’s at low health. As such, any quirks that improve his effectiveness at low health will be especially useful, like Clutch Hitter (+5% CRIT below 50% HP), Last Gasp (+1 SPD below 50% HP), or Second Wind (+10% DMG below 50% HP).

Alternatively, Prismatic Coagulation improves the Flagellant’s Bleed resistance, helping to reduce some of the downside of using his abilities. The Clotter quirk is similarly strong for the Flagellant, providing 15% Bleed Resist versus Prismatic Coagulation’s 25%.

Grave Robber

Grave Robber Best Quirks in Darkest Dungeon
Image: Red Hook Studios

Since the Grave Robber’s abilities are a mix of melee and ranged, it’s typically a good idea to lock in any quirks that improve both. Deadly is a great choice, providing +2% CRIT across the board.

You might also want to go for a Slayer or Hater quirk for a common enemy type, such as Eldritch or Beast. Slayer quirks grant +10 ACC and +5% CRIT and Hater quirks provide +15% DMG and -15% Stress against a particular enemy type.

Alternatively, any quirk that further improves her innate DODGE chance is appreciated. Luminous is particularly good, granting +2 SPD and +5 DODGE. Evasive is a slightly weaker, but still good quirk, granting +5 DODGE as well.

If you’re constantly using her Shadow Fade or Toxin Trickery abilities at the start of a fight to set her up, On Guard (+4 SPD and +5 DODGE on the first turn) is also up for consideration to ensure she survives long enough to do so.


Hellion Best Quirks
Image: Red Hook Studios

The Hellion’s main job is to do big, mean damage, and nothing helps that like increasing your CRIT. The Precise Striker quirk gives +5% melee CRIT, which is perfect for the Hellion since all of her abilities are melee. Deadly is a decent backup, granting 2% CRIT.

You’ll probably also want to also grab Natural Swing for a +5 ACC bonus, as the Hellion isn’t the most accurate attacker.

You can also give her the jump on her enemies with quirks that increase SPD on the first turn, like On Guard and Quickdraw. This will let her take out troublesome stressors before they can do any harm.


Highwayman Best Quirks in Darkest Dungeon
Image: Red Hook Studios

Like the Grave Robber, the Highwayman has a mix of melee and ranged abilities, and depending on how you have him kitted out, you will likely want quirks that improve both – like Deadly (+2% CRIT).

He also benefits from quirks that improve his SPD, allowing him to get his Riposte up or deal some damage before the enemy can attack.

With all that being said, the Highwayman is an excellent candidate for Prismatic Speed (+3 SPD). There are a few alternatives giving +2 SPD, including Quick Reflexes, Luminous (which also gives +5 DODGE), and Early Riser (which requires Torch above 75).


Houndmaster Best Quirks
Image: Red Hook Studios

Beast Slayer and Beast Hater further improve the Houndmaster’s specialty: damage against Beasts.

Similarly, any Warrens specific quirks may be beneficial on the Houndmaster, since that’s the dungeon you’re likely to use him in the most. There’s Warrens Tactician for +15% DMG, Warrens Adventurer for -20% Stress, and Warrens Explorer and Warrens Scrounger for +10% and +5% Scouting respectively.

For a less narrowly-focused Houndmaster, you may look for abilities that make him a more effective tank, like Tough (+10% HP) or Hard-Skinned (+10% PROT).


Jester Best Quirks in Darkest Dungeon
Image: Red Hook Studios

The Jester has a high DODGE stat, and anything that further increases this stat is especially effective for him, since he does not have very high health or any other defensive abilities.

Corvid’s Grace can be obtained by killing the “Shrieker” boss, granting +6 DODGE and 25% move resistance. The Evasive quirk is a good backup, giving +5 DODGE.


Leper Best Quirks
Image: Red Hook Studios

The Leper’s biggest problem is his abysmally low ACC, so any quirk that increases it is worthwhile. Hot to Trot from the Color of Madness DLC grants a whopping +20 ACC as well as 25% DMG and 5% CRIT, though it’s only for the first turn in each combat. But given that the Leper can easily obliterate a foe in a single turn, it can easily be worth it.

More consistent ACC buffs can be obtained through Corvid’s Eye, which requires fighting a Shrieker, and Prismatic Eye. Both quirks give +8 ACC, and Corvid’s Eye gives an extra 8% Scouting to boot. That being said, Natural Swing will be the easiest quirk to get, granting a solid +5 ACC.

You could also choose any Slayer quirk for +10 ACC and 5% CRIT against a particular enemy type – we suggest against Eldritch, as the only class with natural bonuses against Eldritch (Occultist) is usually better off in a support role.


Man-at-Arms Best Quirks in Darkest Dungeon
Image: Red Hook Studios

If you’re using Man-at-Arms to guard your other party members (and you should be), you may want him to have some extra stun resistance, because stuns cause a hero to drop Guard. Prismatic Solidity gives 25% Stun Resist. There’s also Hard Noggin, which gives 15%.

The Man-at-Arms is also a good candidate for any tanking quirks such as Tough (+10% HP) or Hard-Skinned (+10% PROT).


Occultist Best Quirks
Image: Red Hook Studios

Eldritch Slayer and Eldritch Hater will each make the Occultist even more effective at what he specializes in – dealing damage to Eldritch enemies.

You can take this even further by making him a Cove specialist (which is teeming with Eldritch enemies). If so, aim for quirks like Cove Tactician (+15% DMG), Cove Adventurer (-20% Stress), Cove Explorer (+10% Scouting), and Cove Scrounger (+5% Scouting).

If your Occultist is filling the role of healer rather than damage dealer, the Hippocratic quirk from the Color of Madness DLC can make him more effective in that role, increasing his healing done by 20%. Since his heal also has a chance to cause bleeding, Bleed Resist quirks are useful for ensuring he doesn’t put himself in danger. Prismatic Coagulation gives 25% Bleed Resist and Clotter gives 15%.

Plague Doctor

Plague Doctor Best Quirks in Darkest Dungeon
Image: Red Hook Studios

The Plague Doctor has a very strong trinket (Blasphemous Vial) that significantly increases her effectiveness, but at the cost of +25% Stress. This alone is enough reason to make Stress reduction quirks incredibly useful for her. Even more so when you consider that she’s usually best in the back row, which is often targeted by Stress attacks.

Prismatic Calm gives an incredible -30% Stress. There’s also the Photomania quirk, giving -20% Stress as long as your Torch level stays above 75. Steady gives a consistent -10% Stress.


Shieldbreaker Best Quirks
Image: Red Hook Studios

The Shieldbreaker, exclusive to her self-titled DLC, excels at avoiding direct damage with her Block mechanic – but her health is low and she has no special defense against Blight or Bleed, so defensive quirks are still quite useful for her.

Tough (+10% HP) and Hard-Skinned (+10% PROT) help make her a bit beefier, while traits like Clotter (+15% Bleed Resist) or Thick-Blooded (+10% Blight Resist) keep her from taking too much DoT damage.


Vestal Best Quirks in Darkest Dungeon
Image: Red Hook Studios

The Hippocratic quirk, added with the Color of Madness DLC, improves a hero’s healing by 20%. This is a very strong quirk for a Vestal, who most often will be performing the role of dedicated healer.

Another set of quirks to consider, if you are going to have your Vestal focus on healing, is anything that improves Stun Resist. Prismatic Solidity improves Stun Resist by a whopping 25%. A more common alternative is Hard Noggin, which increases Stun Resist by 15%.

Since some of the Vestal’s abilities provide light, your Torch level will likely always be high with her in your party. It makes sense, then, for her to have quirks which give buffs in high Torch levels. Early Riser gives +2 SPD and Photomania gives -20% Stress at high Torch levels.

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